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The 'SIE' is an opensource SVG Animation rendering engine written in JavaScript for Edge and IE 11. It's lightweight, about 11kb (gzipped). SVG is a web standard language for drawing a vector graphics used in Inkscape, Illustlator and so on.

The SIE project is a community developing the SIE.

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Publicado: 2012-03-02 23:20
sie 0.95 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

SIE0.95 has been released, and supports a 'letter-spacing' property (attribute). Thanks.



2012-3-2 version 0.95 (Commit:96916a32c3860f6191b6b78dfa9575d5436212e8)

1, SVGTextContentElement interface is lightened
2, A comment of the SVGTextPositioningElement interface is added
3, The ticket #27490 'not supporting letter-spacing property' is fixed
4, SVGTextPositioningElement interface is lightened
5, A removeChild method is supported

2012-3-2 version 0.95 (Commit:96916a32c3860f6191b6b78dfa9575d5436212e8)

1, SVGTextContentElementの軽量化
2, SVGTextPositioningElementにコメントを追加
3, チケット #27490 「letter-spacingプロパティの未実装」を修正
4, SVGTextPositioningElementのdeterminantを変数に格納して軽量化
5, removeChildメソッドを使ったときに、絵の表示を消して反映するように改良