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2019-12-05 13:36
Hi, that is a feature request. It could be, that someone before me, already requested it, but I can not read the me...
2019-12-04 13:40
It would be very useful to have the timestamp displayed in the console while we can monitor all the information in "r...
2019-11-29 22:29
Both xmodem and ymodem repeat the initial packet of a transfer even though the initial packet is acknowledged. In th...
2019-11-29 22:27
1) Begin a Ymodem download to a embedded system. 2) Wait for the the remote system to send 3-4 0x43('C') characters(...
2019-11-29 22:21
I am using TeraTerm version 4.93 on a PC running Windows 8.1. I have a macro that will send commands through a seria...

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2019-11-01 23:20

Better than putty when Tera Term connects to a serial device as some file tr....

2019-07-21 23:49

top software end very util tools

2019-07-09 19:25

We love the HyperTerminal! Now It's back on Win10_64

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