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Communication between 2 instances of Teraterm (2019-03-30 00:09 by saul_martinez #82756)

Hello guys,
I have used other terminal emulators and I have seen at least 2 of them that have the possibility to exchange commands or information between them for example one of those emulators has buttons scripts linked to those buttons, so if I have 2 instances opened and running in the same computer, for example instance1 connected to x host and instance2 connected to a different host, I can send a command from instance1 to instance2 to instance2 execute or press the button in instance2, I was wondering if in Teraterm exists the feature to communicate between 2 instances of Teraterm? I want to use Teraterm for this because Teraterm has a feature that the other 2 emulators don´t have.
Please give me some ideas.

Re: Communication between 2 instances of Teraterm (2019-05-29 01:24 by betamine #83030)

I usually use teraterm to communicate with 2 RS232 ports (sometimes 3) and I know that Teraterm allows you to do the kind of thing you want:
1: In a macro (* .ttl) executed by the instance connected to the RS232 A channel (or another protocol), you can send a string of characters to send in the RS232 B channel with "sendmulticast".
You must set the multicast name of each channel with "setmulticastname" or by running teraterm with the following command line:
>> run "C:\Tterm\ttermpro.exe" /C=<port_number> [other options ...] /MN=<terminal_name> [other options ...]
For more help :
- Command line to run teraterm :

For a manual use, you can use "Control>Broadcast Command" and send a string onto 1 or more channels in the same time.

2- You can survey the answer of channel B with "wait4all" :

I hope I've answer to your question.

Now, allow me to use this post to ask a supplementary question :
Those solutions permit to send a string to the host connected to another instance.
But it does not permit to control the other instance : change baud rate, start log, write comment in log file, close log, etc.
I want to control my instance "channel B" with the macro file executed by "channel A".
Do you know if it is possible?
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