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Is there some code lost in "readmidi.c" (2006-08-27 03:06 by Anónimo #24564)

Is there some code lost in "readmidi.c" since 2.13.0? It make some midi files play incorrectly.

/* Second method: specify them one SYSEX event at a time... */
else if(len >= 8 &&
val[0] == 0x43 && /* Yamaha ID */
val[2] == 0x4C) /* XG Model ID */
uint8 p, dp, note; /* Channel part number [0..15] */
int ent, v; /* Entry # of sub-event */

ctl->cmsg(CMSG_INFO,VERB_NOISY,"Unsupported XG SysEx. (ADDR:%02X %02X %02X VAL:%02X)",val[3],val[4],val[5],val[6]);

/* parsing GS System Exclusive Message...

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