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Univalent GNU/Linux (UVGL, /jùːnəvéilənt/) is Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution. The operability is very similar to MS-Win.You can also easily install it with the Calamares installer. Of course, you can also start it live from USB or DVD. Because we use the Arch repository, we always have the latest software available.

The name "univalent" is associated with the philosophy of "developing with a single code branch". The logo represents a leaf that grows.

System Requirements

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Publicado: 2022-08-06 07:00
LXQt 22.08.05-Gamma5 (2 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Final Gamma. Stable version, 22.08, will be released on August 13th.



Changed notepad to "LeapPad"
Fixed some bugs