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The Java Service Wrapper line of products are highly configurable tools which not only allow Java applications to be installed and controlled like native Windows Services or UNIX daemon processes, but also include advanced fault detection software which monitors an application. The Java Service Wrapper is able to detect crashes, freezes, out of memory and other exception events, then notify you via email when there is a problem. It does not stop there however, the Java Service Wrapper is unique in its ability to automatically react to any of the above events by shutting down your application or restarting it with a minimum of delay. These features combine to help you guarantee the maximum possible uptime for your application or service. The Wrapper allows businesses and developers to rapidly deploy reliable Java based solutions on a wide variety of platforms in a consistent way.

For more information about our Standard and Professional edition versions, please visit the Java Service Wrapper site.


インストール方法''' Java Service Wrapper コミュニティ版をお試しいただきありがとう御座います。 同ページを下にスクロールすると「Java Service Wrapperの最新リリース情報」( Show How to Install


ご利用方法''' Java Service WrapperをJava アプリケーションにインストールする際Java Service Wrapperサイトのドキュメンテーション内にある「インテグレーション方法」( Show Usage

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