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zandronum-stable: List of commits

Rev. Tiempo Autor
457591ba7b0e tip 2022-09-26 05:56:20 Adam Kaminski

Fixed a GCC compile error.

691792bd9295 2022-09-25 22:42:29 Adam Kaminski

Added ACS function: "SetGameplaySetting", allowing modders to change gameplay-related CVars on the fly.

d3710ffbf1d0 2022-09-23 22:10:13 Adam Kaminski

The GAMEMODE lump now accepts a wider range of gameplay-related CVars that aren't limited to flags. Strictly speaking, any CVars with the CVAR_GAMEPLAYSETTING bit, or any flags whose flagset has the CVAR_GAMEPLAYFLAGSET (previously named CVAR_GAMEMODELOCK) bit.

3d2e9c004bfb 2022-09-22 22:00:48 Adam Kaminski

Added a "WelcomeSound" property to the GAMEMODE lump, which determines what announcer sound to play at the start of a level.

36def6dbea37 2022-09-22 21:47:41 Adam Kaminski

Removed C-style char arrays in GAMEMODE_s.

f95780860a9f 2022-09-19 11:37:44 Adam Kaminski

When a player becomes a dead spectator, they will continue spying on the actor they were originally looking from instead of reverting their view back to themselves.

7604d56ff5d8 2022-09-19 03:48:35 Adam Kaminski

Fixed: players didn't receive keys that were already found if respawning with a different class while sv_sharekeys was enabled.

96168ff0d53f 2022-09-19 02:05:41 Adam Kaminski

Players with no lives left are now forced to respawn and enter spectator mode after one second, instead of waiting until the forced respawn time expires for them.

144001a99a3b 2022-09-16 23:44:02 Adam Kaminski

Added the CCMD "rcon_logout" so that clients with RCON access may logout if they want to. This also changes the old behaviour where a client who already had RCON access could lose it if they resent the wrong password to the server.

c73c3e63f676 2022-09-16 23:16:18 Adam Kaminski

Fixed: rail attacks didn't always account for sv_shootthroughallies.

f69316e9f35c 2022-09-15 15:25:55 Adam Kaminski

Refactored unformatted color strings that were used in HUD_DrawCoopInfo.

1892b63c7310 2022-09-15 15:07:17 Adam Kaminski

Added the CVar "cl_identifymonsters" which allows monsters to be identified with cl_identifytarget.

43b28dbabd0d 2022-09-15 14:51:19 Adam Kaminski

Moved DBaseStatusBar::DrawTargetName and P_PlayerScan to st_hud.cpp and renamed them to HUD_DrawTargetName and HUD_ScanForTarget respectively.

dffe252079ca 2022-09-15 14:43:52 Adam Kaminski

Slightly refactored DBaseStatusBar::DrawTargetName and P_PlayerScan, for cosmetic reasons.

055e308e6015 2022-09-15 08:36:08 Adam Kaminski

cl_identifytarget now always prints a player's skin with their current class, if unmorphed. If cl_skins is 0, then the skin is always printed as "base" instead.

e957fcea64f3 2022-09-15 04:33:59 Adam Kaminski

Refactored unformatted color strings that were used in the target identification.

9804b2bc957a 2022-09-15 04:30:01 Adam Kaminski

cl_identifytarget now prints "ally" if the target is a teammate of the player being spied on, instead of the local player.

f024747a7705 2022-09-15 00:57:11 Adam Kaminski

Added a check to prevent clients from executing the "clearmaplist" CCMD in online games.

bc8f20550199 2022-09-08 11:04:15 Adam Kaminski

gl_texture is now forced to be true when sv_forcevideodefaults is true.

b133d4de6fcf 2022-09-08 05:21:11 Adam Kaminski

Unwanted ASCII characters are now also removed from chat strings in offline games.

a74742871598 2022-09-08 04:39:01 Adam Kaminski

Fixed: V_RemoveTrailingCrap didn't always remove trailing incomplete color code of type "\c[X" properly.

556024eb3b0f 2022-09-07 22:12:39 Adam Kaminski

Fixed: the 64-bit Windows build still didn't produce a crash report as a server host.

ed8af7652754 2022-09-07 21:57:19 Adam Kaminski

Fixed: cl_telespy still teleported a spectator when they were already looking through their own eyes.

82c883d82cce 2022-09-07 21:56:59 Adam Kaminski

Updated the version history.

a079616e5796 2022-09-05 05:11:19 Benjamin Berkels

Fixed: SDL_Init must be called before gtk_init_check (patch from icculus, fixes 4023).

ead9858fb912 2022-09-05 01:41:07 Adam Kaminski

Added the EVENT script types for domination: GAMEEVENT_DOMINATION_CONTROL for when a team takes control of a point sector, and GAMEEVENT_DOMINATION_POINT for when a team gets a point for owning a sector. The number of points the team earns can also be changed via event handling.

ed3414fcbdc6 2022-09-04 23:09:42 Adam Kaminski

GIVEFISTINGMEDAL and GIVESPAMMEDAL are now generic STFlags that can be added to projectiles or puffs. GIVEFISTINGMEDAL can still be added to weapons to award the player will the "fisting" medal when they kill another player with A_Punch or A_CustomPunch.

b460d88f3a9e 2022-08-29 05:13:35 Adam Kaminski

Blacklisted the restart CCMD from ConsoleCommand.

2903884232aa 2022-08-28 23:01:51 Adam Kaminski

Blacklisted the connect, disconnect, and reconnect CCMDs from ConsoleCommand.

738a4354e0bc 2022-08-25 06:18:07 Adam Kaminski

Added the dmflag "sv_dontoverrideplayercolors", which prevents player colors from being overriden.

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