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tcpblocker(freshmeat) tcpblocker Tcpblocker is for sites that want to limit the ... Descargar
a2b-game(freshmeat) a2b a2b is an abstract train game where you guide t... Descargar
perdition(freshmeat) Perdition Mail Retrieval Proxy Perdition is a fully featured POP3 and IMAP4 pr... Descargar
valert(freshmeat) Valert Valert is a very simple network diagnostic tool... Descargar
auditor(freshmeat) Auditor security collection The Auditor security collection is a live-syste... Descargar
gnumotti(freshmeat) GNU Motti GNU motti is a simple multiplayer networked st... Descargar
grplib(freshmeat) GRPLib GRPLib is a game library that directly supports... Descargar
javas(freshmeat) Java Supplements Java Supplements is a free library of utility c... Descargar
quo(freshmeat) Quality Objects Framework Quality Objects (QuO) is a framework for provid... Descargar
gtkextra(freshmeat) GtkExtra GTKExtra is a useful set of widgets for creatin... Descargar
simplepagearchive(freshmeat) Simple Page Archive Simple Page Archive is a mirror and archiving t... Descargar
mini-lpd(freshmeat) mini-lpd mini-lpd is a non-queueing simple and small LPD... Descargar
wmtemp(freshmeat) WMtemp WMtemp displays the CPU temperature and the sys... Descargar
pystats(freshmeat) pystats pystats is a Python module which implements alg... Descargar
eclipsetidy(freshmeat) Eclipse Tidy Eclipse Tidy is an Eclipse plug-in provides two... Descargar
sarah(freshmeat) Sarah Sarah is a tool for tracking Red Hat Security A... Descargar
conglomerate(freshmeat) Conglomerate Conglomerate will be a system for authoring, st... Descargar
mortiforo(freshmeat) Mortíforo Mortíforo is a portable, enterprise-ready forum... Descargar
scigraphica(freshmeat) SciGraphica SciGraphica is a scientific application for dat... Descargar
fahgr(freshmeat) Folding@Home Grapher Folding@Home Grapher is a program to graph and ... Descargar
smtbang(freshmeat) smtbang smtbang is an SMTP mailer program designed to s... Descargar
forrest(freshmeat) Forrest Apache Forrest is a publishing framework that t... Descargar
konverter(freshmeat) Konverter Konverter is an easy to use but powerful KDE fr... Descargar
cornice(freshmeat) Cornice Cornice is a cross-platform image viewer writte... Descargar
oliver(freshmeat) Oliver Oliver (formerly "WebShare") is a PHP... Descargar
yaws(freshmeat) yaws Yaws is a WWW technology with capabilities simi... Descargar
gtdriver(freshmeat) GTDriver GTDriver is a driver for Prism GT wireless netw... Descargar
getopts(freshmeat) GetOpts GetOpts is a getopt() replacement for C, C++, O... Descargar
kismac(freshmeat) KisMAC KisMAC is a stumbler application for Mac OS X t... Descargar
fs2svn(freshmeat) fs2svn fs2svn takes a sequence of archive folders (sna... Descargar
debian-srv-cp(freshmeat) Debian services control panel Debian services control panel is a small, simpl... Descargar
kpopup(freshmeat) KPopup KPopup is simple GUI for sending and receiving ... Descargar
base-64(freshmeat) Base-64 Base64 is a command line tool that implements a... Descargar
utmpd(freshmeat) Utmpd Utmpd is a small and flexible daemon that aims ... Descargar
arca-golfinho(freshmeat) Golfinho Golfinho is a J2EE application to administrate ... Descargar
fgsd(freshmeat) FlightGear Scenery Designer FlightGear Scenery Designer is an interactive s... Descargar
oosearch(freshmeat) OOSearch OOSearch is a full text search program for Open... Descargar
iabc(freshmeat) IABC iabc is a graphical application for editing mus... Descargar
odine(freshmeat) Odine Odine (Odine displays images, nothing else) is ... Descargar
xml-security-c(freshmeat) XML Security XML Security is an implementation of the W3C d... Descargar
cars(freshmeat) Cars Cars is a command-line tool for authenticating ... Descargar
helios-qmail(freshmeat) Helios qmail Helios qmail is an advanced qmail distribution ... Descargar
gai(freshmeat) General Applet Interface Library The goal of the General Applet Interface Librar... Descargar
ghornonshammer(freshmeat) Ghornon's Hammer Ghornon's Hammer is a 3D strategy adventure gam... Descargar
frankenwall(freshmeat) Frankenwall Frankenwall is a bash shell script intended to ... Descargar
doxymacs(freshmeat) doxymacs Doxymacs is an elisp package designed to make u... Descargar
scrabbleizer(freshmeat) Scrabbleizer Scrabbleizer is a graphical program used to kee... Descargar
beetpl(freshmeat) Bee Template Bee Template is a Web template system parses HT... Descargar
pymad(freshmeat) pymad pymad is a Python module that allows Python pro... Descargar
prophorbncd(freshmeat) prophorBNCd prophorBNCd is an easy multiuser BNC server for... Descargar
galleryscr(freshmeat) is a script that fetches images f... Descargar
pam_pwcheck(freshmeat) pam_pwcheck The pam_pwcheck is a PAM module for password st... Descargar
icmp-dn(freshmeat) ICMP Hostname Tools for Linux The ICMP Hostname Tools for Linux include a res... Descargar
xchatosd(freshmeat) XChatOSD XChatOSD is a Perl script for X-Chat which disp... Descargar
qaa(freshmeat) Quality Assurance Agent QAA is a XUL Mozilla Firefox extension that per... Descargar
slamd(freshmeat) SLAMD SLAMD is a Java application designed for stress... Descargar
akwebdyn(freshmeat) AK Web Dyn Designer The 'AK Web Dyn Designer' is a tool for creatin... Descargar
lzo(freshmeat) LZO LZO is a portable lossless data compression lib... Descargar
back-end(freshmeat) Back-End Back-End is a multilingual Web publishing/conte... Descargar
pdbeditor(freshmeat) PdbEditor PdbEditor is a Java/Swing application that can ... Descargar
searchy(freshmeat) Searchy Searchy is a distributed metainformation search... Descargar
mapgeneration(freshmeat) MapGeneration Project MapGeneration Project is a project featuring a ... Descargar
raddump(freshmeat) raddump raddump interprets captured RADIUS packets to p... Descargar
volnorm(freshmeat) Volume Normalizer Volume Normalizer is an XMMS plugin that will s... Descargar
pcxfirewall(freshmeat) PCX Firewall PCX Firewall is an iptables firewalling solutio... Descargar
emovix(freshmeat) eMoviX eMoviX is a micro (7MB) Linux distro meant to b... Descargar
newrpms(freshmeat) newrpms newrpms scans a directory of packages and finds... Descargar
kboardforum(freshmeat) KBoard Forum KBoard Forum is a PHP/MySQL forum that is desig... Descargar
smbc(freshmeat) Samba Commander Samba Commander is a text mode SMB network comm... Descargar
cssmerge(freshmeat) cssmerge cssmerge is a command-line utility which extrac... Descargar
ajaxac(freshmeat) AjaxAC AjaxAC is a PHP framework which can be used to ... Descargar
nvportal(freshmeat) Nodevision Portal Nodevision Portal is a Java enterprise portal s... Descargar
slrrp(freshmeat) SLRRP Implementation Project The SLRRP Implementation Project is an implemen... Descargar
knock(freshmeat) knock knock is a server/client set that implements th... Descargar
mii-tool(freshmeat) mii-tool The mii-tool command allows you to set or autod... Descargar
libtour(freshmeat) libtour libtour is a generic tournament processing libr... Descargar
qtour(freshmeat) qtour qtour is a Qt-based application for interpretin... Descargar
topjax(freshmeat) TopJax TopJax is essentially the "top" Unix ... Descargar
ggiterm(freshmeat) ggiterm ggiterm is a software terminal emulator like x... Descargar
seq24(freshmeat) seq24 Seq24 is a real-time MIDI sequencer. It was cre... Descargar
subpersistence(freshmeat) subPersistence subPersistence is an abstract, light-weight, ye... Descargar
wild_match(freshmeat) wild_match wild_match() and wild_case_match() are simple p... Descargar
projlogger(freshmeat) Project Logger The Project Logger provides a simple yet effect... Descargar
mdh(freshmeat) MailDooHicky mdh (MailDooHicky) is a GTK2-based toolbar that... Descargar
plib(freshmeat) PLIB PLIB is a set of libraries to write games and o... Descargar
javasvnupdater(freshmeat) javaSVNUpdater javaSVNUpdater is a Java library that allows an... Descargar
xoscript(freshmeat) XOscript XOscript is a transparent (AJAX) communication ... Descargar
phpopentracker(freshmeat) phpOpenTracker phpOpenTracker is a framework solution for the ... Descargar
camrpc(freshmeat) CamRPC CamRPC is a simple client/server solution to up... Descargar
wysql(freshmeat) WySQL WySQL is a CLI-like Web console interface for r... Descargar
jwepgen(freshmeat) JWepGen JWepGen is a simple interface to generate WEP k... Descargar
timemanager(freshmeat) Time Manager Time Manager is a CGI script that keeps track o... Descargar
isspolicy(freshmeat) issPolicy The issPolicy utility allows ISS RealSecure Net... Descargar
mimicry(freshmeat) Mimicry Mimicry is a mail post-postprocessor daemon. It... Descargar
oroborus(freshmeat) Oroborus Oroborus is a small and simple but configurable... Descargar
springframework(freshmeat) spring Spring is a lightweight Java/J2EE application ... Descargar
groovy(freshmeat) Groovy Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the JV... Descargar
cow(freshmeat) Cow Outputs Waves Cow is a waveform editor. It generates sounds o... Descargar
autoblock(freshmeat) is a Gaim plugin that automatical... Descargar
multicd(freshmeat) multicd multicd provides an easy way to backup a large ... Descargar

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