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kmusicdb(freshmeat) KmusicdB KmusicdB is a music information manager for KDE... Descargar
l2fprod-common(freshmeat) Common Components Swing has lot of components built in, but still... Descargar
uwp(freshmeat) uwp-phase Uwp is a phase unwrapping tool that uses Ghigli... Descargar
pocoo(freshmeat) Pocoo Pocoo is a bulletin board software (a.k.a. mess... Descargar
tclodbc(freshmeat) TclODBC TclODBC is a Tcl interface to the ODBC API. The... Descargar
atlantinstall(freshmeat) Atlantis Installer Atlantis is an installer developers can use to ... Descargar
and-httpd(freshmeat) And-httpd And-httpd is an HTTP server that maps URLs to f... Descargar
vhost(freshmeat) vhost vHost is a one-step solution for all virtual ho... Descargar
ckformlogin(freshmeat) CkFormLogin CkFormLogin is a plug-in for the Nagios network... Descargar
formatonsave(freshmeat) Format on Save Format on Save is a plugin for the Eclipse Java... Descargar
scop(freshmeat) SCOP SCOP is a library for writing distributed appli... Descargar
portalcli(freshmeat) Portal.CLI Portal.CLI is a set of bindings that target the... Descargar
ot2(freshmeat) OT2 OT2 is a bonsai collection management system. I... Descargar
pklasku(freshmeat) PkLasku-laskutusohjelma PkLasku-laskutusohjelma is an invoicing system ... Descargar
apachelogfilter(freshmeat) logfilter Logfilter is a tool for performing ad hoc analy... Descargar
openinput(freshmeat) OpenInput The OpenInput library is intended as a free (li... Descargar
rtlcheck(freshmeat) RTL-check RTL-check is a framework for static analysis of... Descargar
usb-lock(freshmeat) vp-usb-lock vp-usb-lock is a Linux kernel driver and PAM mo... Descargar
js-validator(freshmeat) Generic JavaScript Validator Generic JavaScript Validator is a cross-browser... Descargar
teromail(freshmeat) Teromail Teromail is a summarizing Web mail client with ... Descargar
plagger(freshmeat) Plagger Plagger is a pluggable RSS/Atom aggregation and... Descargar
ascal(freshmeat) Ascal Ascal is a Gnome version of the board game Lasc... Descargar
osqoop(freshmeat) Osqoop Osqoop is a software oscilloscope. It features ... Descargar
faubackup(freshmeat) FauBackup FauBackup uses a filesystem on a hard drive for... Descargar
gtklife(freshmeat) GtkLife GtkLife is an implementation of Conway's Life, ... Descargar
spring-dashboard(freshmeat) Spring-Dashboard Spring-dashboard provides a real-time statistic... Descargar
zoip(freshmeat) ZoIP ZoIP is a Rezrov Z-Machine for the Asterisk PBX... Descargar
sambausrmgr(freshmeat) Samba User Manager SUM (Samba User Manager) is a tool similar to M... Descargar
pyxmame(freshmeat) PyXmame PyXmame is a PyGTK frontend for the Xmame emula... Descargar
stunner(freshmeat) Stunner Stunner is an RFC 3489 STUN server and client f... Descargar
contractor-software(freshmeat) Contractor Software Contractor Software allows contractors to manag... Descargar
jdengine(freshmeat) JavaDesktopEngine JavaDesktopEngine is a Java engine capable of r... Descargar
gtkdc(freshmeat) GtkDC GtkDC is a client for the Direct Connect peer-t... Descargar
ypbind-mt(freshmeat) ypbind-mt ypbind-mt is a multi-threaded implementation of... Descargar
bak2disc(freshmeat) bak2disc bak2disc is a disc-based backup script aimed at... Descargar
vpa(freshmeat) Visual Performance Analyzer Visual Performance Analyzer (VPA) is an Eclipse... Descargar
camino(freshmeat) Camino Camino (formerly Chimera) is a Web browser that... Descargar
dtc-xen(freshmeat) DTC-Xen DTC-Xen is a Xen dom0 application and SOAP serv... Descargar
iochatto(freshmeat) IoChatto IoChatto is a chat client which you can use in ... Descargar
dpsctrl(freshmeat) dpsctrl dpsctrl may be used to read values and control ... Descargar
kwifiselector(freshmeat) KWifiSelector KWifiSelector is a KDE tool to display all avai... Descargar
dspt(freshmeat) Data stream processing toolkit Data stream processing toolkit (dspt) is intend... Descargar
p11scd(freshmeat) P11SCD P11SCD implements a smart-card daemon to enable... Descargar
xlobject(freshmeat) XLObject XLObject is a clone of basic services offered b... Descargar
php-time-management(freshmeat) php time management PHP time management is a Web-based time managem... Descargar
epochcalendar(freshmeat) Epoch DHTML JavaScript Calendar Epoch JavaScript Calendar and DatePicker runs o... Descargar
aliceml(freshmeat) Alice ML Alice ML is a functional programming language t... Descargar
wiseman(freshmeat) Wiseman Wiseman is an implementation of the WS-Manageme... Descargar
sfind(freshmeat) sfind sfind is a highly portable and fully POSIX.1-20... Descargar
bwolf(freshmeat) BWolf Biblio Wolf (BWolf) is a book manager written i... Descargar
buzhug(freshmeat) buzhug buzhug is a fast database engine written in Pyt... Descargar
clarosanonymity(freshmeat) Claros Anonymity Claros Anonymity is a servlet that allows anony... Descargar
yafumato(freshmeat) Yafumato Web Messenger Yafumato Web Messenger is a Web-based instant m... Descargar
monapi(freshmeat) Monitoring API MAPI, or Monitoring API, is a multi-user progra... Descargar
libpac(freshmeat) SBStudio PAC player libpac is a library to decode SBStudio PAC musi... Descargar
minion(freshmeat) Minion Minion is a fast constraint solver. It can (try... Descargar
galeon(freshmeat) Galeon Galeon is a GNOME Web browser based on Gecko (t... Descargar
wykobi(freshmeat) Wykobi Wykobi is an efficient, robust, and simple to u... Descargar
icecream-icecc(freshmeat) Icecream/icecc Icecream is based on ideas and code from distcc... Descargar
sysmask(freshmeat) Sysmask Sysmask is a security package for Linux systems... Descargar
turbocharged(freshmeat) Turbocharged Turbocharged is an agile and advanced Web site ... Descargar
cabextract(freshmeat) cabextract cabextract will extract the contents of Microso... Descargar
dbixtimeout(freshmeat) DBIx::Timeout DBIx::Timeout is a Perl module that provides a ... Descargar
eduknoppix(freshmeat) eduknoppix eduKnoppix is a Linux live CD to be used in edu... Descargar
freeplot(freshmeat) Freeplot FreePlot is a simple mathematical program that ... Descargar
jnfa(freshmeat) JNFA JNFA is a netflow analyzer. It uses a MySQL dat... Descargar
jooreports(freshmeat) JOOReports JooReports is a solution for generating dynamic... Descargar
cimbiote(freshmeat) Cimbiote Cimbiote allows writing and running CIM provide... Descargar
libcdorganizer(freshmeat) libcdorganizer libcdorganizer is a user space library used to ... Descargar
memoras(freshmeat) Memoras Memoras is a Web based system to easily run the... Descargar
aegis-virus-scanner(freshmeat) Aegis Virus Scanner Aegis Virus Scanner is a virus scanner with a s... Descargar
transfercm(freshmeat) TransferCM TransferCM is a design-friendly Web content man... Descargar
rasmusdsp(freshmeat) RasmusDSP RasmusDSP is an embeddable audio/MIDI processor... Descargar
sawdog(freshmeat) sawdog Sawdog (Simple Active Watch-DOG) is a suite of ... Descargar
nsat(freshmeat) Network Security Analysis Tool nsat is a fast, stable bulk security scanner de... Descargar
sipbomber(freshmeat) Sipbomber Sipbomber is a tool for testing SIP protocol (R... Descargar
tahchee(freshmeat) Tahchee Tahchee is a tool for developers and Web design... Descargar
openhpisubagent(freshmeat) OpenHPI SNMP Subagent Open HPI SNMP Subagent is a Net-SNMP based sub... Descargar
pf(freshmeat) Pf Pf implements the manual crypto system "Pl... Descargar
scponly(sfnet) scponly restricted shell scponly is an alternative 'shell' (of sorts) fo... Descargar
nuapp(freshmeat) Nuapp Nuapp is a GTK+ 2 application that uses libnucl... Descargar
fluxus(freshmeat) fluxus Fluxus is a graphical live coding environment f... Descargar
gnome-python(freshmeat) gnome-python gnome-python is a set of interfaces to gnome-li... Descargar
current(freshmeat) Current Current is a server for Red Hat's up2date tools... Descargar
gksu(freshmeat) GKsu GKsu is a GTK+ frontend to the su and sudo prog... Descargar
speed(freshmeat) speed Speed is a simple program to add a transfer met... Descargar
pygtk(freshmeat) PyGTK PyGTK is a set of Python bindings for the GTK w... Descargar
spugspam(freshmeat) SpugSpam SpugSpam is a script that runs a confirmation- ... Descargar
brinance(freshmeat) brinance Brinance is a commandline financial planning an... Descargar
htmlparser(freshmeat) HTML Parser HTML Parser is a Java library used to parse HTM... Descargar
mobs(freshmeat) My Own Building System (MOBS) MOBS is a building system a la autoconf, but a ... Descargar
cppxdr(freshmeat) Marshall Marshall is a fast xdr serialization library fo... Descargar
spring-richclient(freshmeat) spring-richclient Spring-richclient's mission is to provide an el... Descargar
vcinit(freshmeat) Virtual Console init Virtual Console init is an /sbin/init clone for... Descargar
librfid(freshmeat) librfid librfid is a RFID protocol stack for RFID reade... Descargar
libmrtd(freshmeat) libmrtd libmrtd is a library to read and verify informa... Descargar
jp2a(freshmeat) jp2a jp2a will convert JPEG images to ASCII output, ... Descargar
rbyaml(freshmeat) RbYAML RbYAML is a YAML 1.1 library written in pure Ru... Descargar
vmoviedb(freshmeat) vMovieDB vMovieDB is a movie collections manager for the... Descargar
openpcd(freshmeat) OpenPCD firmware OpenPCD is a free and open RFID reader referenc... Descargar

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