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gridway(freshmeat) GridWay Metascheduler GridWay is a workload manager that performs job... Descargar
mailx(freshmeat) Heirloom mailx Heirloom mailx (formerly known as "nail&qu... Descargar
icpld(freshmeat) icpld ICPLD (Internet Connection Performance Logging ... Descargar
pysearch(freshmeat) pYsearch pYsearch allows developers to use Yahoo! Search... Descargar
rospell(freshmeat) rospell rospell is a UTF-8 text editor for programmers ... Descargar
coverfinder(freshmeat) CoverFinder CoverFinder is a tool that finds cover images v... Descargar
cruddy(freshmeat) Cruddy! Cruddy! is an instant CRUD Web front-end, featu... Descargar
gnome_hearts(freshmeat) Hearts for GNOME Hearts is an implementation of the classic card... Descargar
nirvanixapi(freshmeat) Nirvanapi Nirvanapi is a Python client for the Nirvanix A... Descargar
dexter-xsl(freshmeat) Dexter-XSL Dexter is a tool that allows users to define ex... Descargar
booze(freshmeat) Booze Booze is a game that can play a few variants of... Descargar
ulock(freshmeat) ulock ulock locks the entire virtual console system, ... Descargar
sqlizer(freshmeat) SQLizer SQLizer is a utility library intended to be use... Descargar
uxdstools(freshmeat) uxdstools uxdstools is a set of Unix directory service to... Descargar
qgmailnotifier(freshmeat) QGMailNotifier QGMailNotifier is a portable GMail notifier des... Descargar
ganglia(freshmeat) Ganglia Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring sy... Descargar
scdbackup(freshmeat) scdbackup scdbackup is a simplified CD/DVD backup program... Descargar
hecl(freshmeat) Hecl The Hecl Programming Language is a high-level s... Descargar
morla(freshmeat) morla Morla is an editor of RDF documents that allows... Descargar
offmirror(freshmeat) offmirror offmirror is a utility for mirroring a tree of ... Descargar
geomorph(freshmeat) Geomorph Geomorph is a height field generator and editor... Descargar
libp11(freshmeat) Libp11 Libp11 is a library that implements a small lay... Descargar
neko(freshmeat) Neko Neko is a high-level dynamically typed programm... Descargar
nagcon(freshmeat) nagcon Nagcon is a console application which replaces ... Descargar
openct(freshmeat) OpenCT OpenCT implements driver and middlerware for sm... Descargar
gsrpn(freshmeat) gsrpn gsrpn is a very usable HP-like RPN pocket calcu... Descargar
postsharp(freshmeat) PostSharp PostSharp is a tool for .NET and Mono developer... Descargar
gc-utils(freshmeat) gc-utils gc-utils is a small set of scripts that let you... Descargar
pywifi(freshmeat) Pywifi Pywifi is a Python library that provides access... Descargar
sift(freshmeat) sift The sift IMAP client is a simple scriptable too... Descargar
pyroman(freshmeat) Pyroman Pyroman is a firewall config tool for complex n... Descargar
taglib-gio(freshmeat) Taglib-GIO Taglib-GIO is a port of the popular TagLib to u... Descargar
pam_p11(freshmeat) Pam_p11 Pam_p11 is a pluggable authentication module (P... Descargar
loggertools(freshmeat) loggertools loggertools is a collection of free tools and l... Descargar
aticket(freshmeat) aTicket aTicket is a Web based support ticket system de... Descargar
www_rapidshare(freshmeat) WWW::RapidShare WWW::RapidShare is a Perl module for downloadin... Descargar
ksplasher(freshmeat) KSplasher KSplasher is a KDE Moodin Engine splash screen ... Descargar
artisansystem(freshmeat) Artisan System PHP Framework Artisan System is a PHP framework aimed at buil... Descargar
gpcslots2(freshmeat) GPC-Slots 2 GPC-Slots 2 is a text-based casino game. Its fe... Descargar
gpytage(freshmeat) GPytage GPytage is a utility that helps manage Portage'... Descargar
pbcs(freshmeat) Project-based Calendaring System Project-Based Calendaring System (PBCS) is an o... Descargar
syren(freshmeat) syren syren is a CLI file downloader somewhat similar... Descargar
teseq(freshmeat) GNU Teseq GNU Teseq is a tool for analyzing files that co... Descargar
asbook(freshmeat) AnotherScrapBook AnotherScrapBook is a static Website generator.... Descargar
mod-pop(freshmeat) mod-pop mod-pop is a simple Apache 2 module to provide ... Descargar
launch4j(freshmeat) launch4j Launch4j is a cross-platform tool for wrapping ... Descargar
image2mpeg(freshmeat) image2mpeg image2mpeg is a tool to convert digital photos ... Descargar
leonov(freshmeat) Leonov Leonov is a desktop client for Launchpad. Leono... Descargar
coaservicetester(freshmeat) COAST COAST (COA Service Tester) is a Perl script to ... Descargar
rm_obsolete_rpms(freshmeat) Tidy RPM Cache script is a Python script that remov... Descargar
dbgmem(freshmeat) DBGMEM DBGMEM is a feature rich memory debugger for C ... Descargar
javagit(freshmeat) JavaGit JavaGit is a Java API that provides access to g... Descargar
fwdaemon(freshmeat) fwdaemon fwdaemon is a Linux firewall runtime backend. A... Descargar
ccuxlinux(freshmeat) CCux Linux CCux Linux is a Linux distribution especially o... Descargar
obov(freshmeat) obov obov stands for OATH Based OTP validator. It's ... Descargar
freenukum(freshmeat) Freenukum The Freenukum Jump'n Run game is a clone of the... Descargar
noisemaker(freshmeat) NoiseMaker NoiseMaker is an easy-to-use/out-of-the-box C++... Descargar
lua-imlib2(freshmeat) lua-imlib2 lua-imlib2 provides a mostly complete binding t... Descargar
lua-tinycdb(freshmeat) lua-tinycdb lua-tinycdb is a binding to the tinycdb library... Descargar
lua-xmlreader(freshmeat) lua-xmlreader lua-xmlreader provides the XmlReader API to Lua... Descargar
opensteam(freshmeat) openSteam openSteam is a generic e-commerce framework for... Descargar
cbrpager(freshmeat) cbrPager cbrPager is a no-nonsense, simple to use, small... Descargar
gpx2map(freshmeat) gpx2map gpx2map reads a GPS track in GPX format (as pro... Descargar
libcrtxy(freshmeat) libcrtxy The CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy) allows you to wr... Descargar
bookwrite(freshmeat) Bookwrite Bookwrite is designed to help authors to write ... Descargar
pragmath(freshmeat) Pragmatic Mathematical Service Pragmatic Mathematical Service is a JavaScript ... Descargar
linux-make-xconfig-patch(freshmeat) Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhancement Patch Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhanceme... Descargar
gnusmalltalk(freshmeat) GNU Smalltalk GNU Smalltalk is a free implementation of the S... Descargar
realestateos(freshmeat) ReOS ReOS (Real Estate Open Source) is a real estate... Descargar
p0f-db(freshmeat) p0f-db p0f-db is a modified version of p0f that puts i... Descargar
openxspell(freshmeat) OpenXSpell OpenXSpell aims to bring comprehensive and flex... Descargar
posterazor(freshmeat) PosteRazor The PosteRazor takes a raster image and slices ... Descargar
workrave(freshmeat) Workrave Workrave is a program that assists in the recov... Descargar
yiff(freshmeat) YIFF Sound Server YIFF Sound Server is a sound server for games u... Descargar
benojt(freshmeat) Benojt Benojt is a fast and flexible explorer for vari... Descargar
ulxmlrpcpp(freshmeat) ulxmlrpcpp ulxmlrpcpp is a library to perform calls via XM... Descargar
earnings-tracker(freshmeat) Earnings Tracker Earnings Tracker is a Web-based accounting tool... Descargar
boodebrpython(freshmeat) boodebr boodebr is a collection of Python modules from ... Descargar
catacomb(freshmeat) Catacomb Catacomb is a WebDAV repository module for use ... Descargar
cppspec(freshmeat) CppSpec CppSpec is a behavior-driven development (BDD) ... Descargar
tango(freshmeat) Tango Tango is a D library that provides a runtime fo... Descargar
gmousetool(freshmeat) GMouseTool GMouseTool tracks your mouse movements, and whe... Descargar
pop2imap(freshmeat) pop2imap pop2imap is a tool for facilitating incremental... Descargar
villonanny(freshmeat) VilloNanny VilloNanny is a Travian robot that plays the po... Descargar
sipvicious(freshmeat) SIPVicious The SIPVicious tools are used to audit SIP devi... Descargar
radlib(freshmeat) Rapid Application Development Library radlib is a C language library developed to abs... Descargar
archview(freshmeat) ArchView ArchView can open archive files online without ... Descargar
svninfo(freshmeat) svninfo svninfo is used to extract the revision and fil... Descargar
fop(freshmeat) Apache FOP Apache FOP is an XSL-FO formatter. It is used i... Descargar
virt-mem(freshmeat) virt-mem Virt-mem is a set of system administrator tools... Descargar
catacomb-webdav(freshmeat) Catacomb-WebDAV Catacomb is a WebDAV repository module for use ... Descargar
poldi(freshmeat) Poldi Poldi is a PAM module that implements authentic... Descargar
cpufrequtils(freshmeat) cpufrequtils The cpufrequtils package consists of a library ... Descargar
emile(freshmeat) Early Macintosh Image LoadEr Early Macintosh Image LoadEr (EMILE) makes it ... Descargar
gag(freshmeat) GAG GAG is a Graphical Boot Manager with a lot of f... Descargar
achoo(freshmeat) Achoo Achoo is a fluent interface for unit testing Py... Descargar
webapp(freshmeat) WebAPP WebAPP stands for Web Automated Perl Portal. I... Descargar
qsgen(freshmeat) qsgen qsgen (the Quick Site Generator) is a static We... Descargar
aiocp(freshmeat) AIOCP AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is a Content M... Descargar
gnujump(freshmeat) GNU Jump GNUjump is a clone of the simple yet addictive ... Descargar

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