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meow(freshmeat) meow meow is a markup language that is primarily use... Descargar
dans-dataperfect-library(freshmeat) DANS DataPerfect Library DANS DataPerfect Library lets you read DataPerf... Descargar
w-meter(freshmeat) W-Meter W-Meter is a tool for testing the conformance a... Descargar
runcronjobs(freshmeat) runcronjobs runcronjobs processes the execution of centrali... Descargar
tzar(freshmeat) tzar Tzar (That Zombie Apocalypse Roguelike) is a yo... Descargar
gestioip(freshmeat) GestioIP GestioIP is automated, Web based IP address man... Descargar
webmatic(freshmeat) Webmatic Webmatic is a system for dynamically creating a... Descargar
google2srt(freshmeat) Google2SRT Google2SRT allows you to convert subtitles from... Descargar
gtklick(freshmeat) gtklick gtklick is a simple metronome with a GTK interf... Descargar
sqlitexx(freshmeat) sqlitexx sqlitexx is a C++ wrapper API for SQLite. The p... Descargar
relations(freshmeat) Relations RCP Relations RCP is a tool for knowledge managemen... Descargar
anttask-generatexml(freshmeat) AntTask-GenerateXML AntTask-GenerateXML is an Ant task that uses XM... Descargar
anttask-xmldiff(freshmeat) AntTask-XMLDiff AntTask-XMLDiff is an Ant task for calculating ... Descargar
pyliblo(freshmeat) pyliblo pyliblo is a Python wrapper for the liblo OSC l... Descargar
jack_oscrolloscope(freshmeat) jack_oscrolloscope jack_oscrolloscope is a simple waveform viewer ... Descargar
diomedes-irc(freshmeat) Diomedes IRC Diomedes IRC is a light-weight IRC client made ... Descargar
campsite(freshmeat) Newscoop Newscoop is an open content management system f... Descargar
idjc(freshmeat) Internet DJ Console Internet DJ console is a graphical shoutcast/ic... Descargar
lucie(freshmeat) Lucie Lucie is a cluster installation and configurati... Descargar
libquicktime(freshmeat) Libquicktime Libquicktime is based on the quicktime4linux li... Descargar
emerge(sfnet) Emerge Desktop emerge is an alternate windows shell. It's purp... Descargar
libssh(freshmeat) libssh libssh is a C library to access SSH services fr... Descargar
xtcmodified(freshmeat) xtcModified xtcModified is a bugfixed and enhanced fork of ... Descargar
augeas(freshmeat) Augeas Augeas is a configuration API and editing tool.... Descargar
nagiosgraph(freshmeat) Nagiosgraph Nagiosgraph is an add-on for Nagios. It collect... Descargar
weberp(freshmeat) webERP webERP is a Web-based integrated accounting sys... Descargar
yokadi(freshmeat) Yokadi Yokadi is a command-line oriented, SQLite power... Descargar
weircd-the-simple-easy-irc-dae(freshmeat) WeIRCd WeIRCd is a robust, simple, and easy-to-use IRC... Descargar
harald-scan(freshmeat) Harald Scan Harald Scan is a Bluetooth discovery scanner. I... Descargar
ldapab(freshmeat) ConTagged ConTagged is a Web-based address book for small... Descargar
slm4j(freshmeat) slm4j slm4j (Starschema License Manager for Java) is ... Descargar
pirsyncd(freshmeat) pirsyncd pirysncd is an attempt to write a daemon to wat... Descargar
paptcha(freshmeat) paptcha paptcha is a PHP function that produces random ... Descargar
gnasher(freshmeat) Gnasher Gnasher alleviates developers from having to ex... Descargar
camlon(freshmeat) Caméléon Caméléon is a universal file converter tool. Yo... Descargar
gargoyle-router(freshmeat) Gargoyle Router Management Utility Gargoyle is an interface for small, widely avai... Descargar
videoporama(freshmeat) Videoporama Videoporama (formerly known as Images2dvgui) is... Descargar
epoint-hotspot(freshmeat) ePoint HotSpot ePoint HotSpot is a firmware for wireless route... Descargar
mkesa(freshmeat) mkESA mkESA is a program for constructing enhanced su... Descargar
jsvk(freshmeat) Javascript VirtualKeyboard Javascript VirtualKeyboard allows you to use an... Descargar
tellmatic(freshmeat) Tellmatic Tellmatic is a tool to manage and create newsle... Descargar
idthemes(freshmeat) IDThemes IDThemes is an implementation of innovative met... Descargar
ratpoison(freshmeat) ratpoison Ratpoison is a simple window manager with no la... Descargar
chandlerqe-for-android(freshmeat) ChandlerQE for Android ChandlerQE is an application for the Android pl... Descargar
geoipgen(freshmeat) geoipgen geoipgen is an IP network tool for generating g... Descargar
psoapjr(freshmeat) pSOAPjr pSOAPjr is a PHP library that provides basic ut... Descargar
gmerlin(freshmeat) Gmerlin Gmerlin is a set of multimedia libraries which ... Descargar
edemocrazy(freshmeat) Direct Democracy Portal Direct Democracy Portal is a project mixing ope... Descargar
jdivelog(freshmeat) JDiveLog JDiveLog is a logbook for scuba diving. It mana... Descargar
mindraider(freshmeat) MindRaider MindRaider is a personal notebook and outliner.... Descargar
sogo-integrator(freshmeat) Inverse SOGo Integrator for Thunderbird Inverse SOGo Integrator for Thunderbird is an e... Descargar
gmerlin-avdecoder(freshmeat) Gmerlin-avdecoder Gmerlin-avdecoder is a multimedia decoding libr... Descargar
3q(freshmeat) 3q 3q encodes and executes gawk script code embedd... Descargar
netcf(freshmeat) netcf netcf is a library and command line tool for co... Descargar
mumps(freshmeat) Mumps Compiler Mumps Compiler is a compiler for a subset of th... Descargar
coralreef(freshmeat) CAIDA CoralReef CoralReef is a comprehensive software suite de... Descargar
uperf(freshmeat) uperf uperf is a network performance tool that suppor... Descargar
hadoop-studio(freshmeat) Hadoop Studio Hadoop Studio is a map-reduce development envir... Descargar
moosexsingletonmethod(freshmeat) MooseX::SingletonMethod MooseX::SingletonMethod provides singleton meth... Descargar
entityfs(freshmeat) EntityFS EntityFS is an object-oriented file system API ... Descargar
fx-player(freshmeat) FX Player FX Player is a Web-based streaming server with ... Descargar
mazzuoro(freshmeat) Mazzuoro! Mazzuoro! is a strategy board game that is an e... Descargar
fsarchiver(freshmeat) fsarchiver fsarchiver is a system tool that allows you to ... Descargar
oiosaml(freshmeat) OIOSAML.Java OIOSAML.Java is a Java-based service provider f... Descargar
pylot(freshmeat) Pylot Pylot is a tool for testing the performance and... Descargar
kumbiaphp-framework(freshmeat) KumbiaPHP KumbiaPHP is a Web application framework writte... Descargar
ghc(freshmeat) The Glasgow Haskell Compiler The Glasgow Haskell Compiler is a robust, fully... Descargar
absence(freshmeat) absence absence is a calendar tool for keeping track of... Descargar
acousto(freshmeat) AcouSTO AcouSTO is a linear acoustics solver based on a... Descargar
cfunge(freshmeat) cfunge cfunge is a fast interpreter for the Befunge98 ... Descargar
cetus(freshmeat) Cetus Cetus is a compiler infrastructure for the sour... Descargar
zynaddsubfx(freshmeat) ZynAddSubFX ZynAddSubFX is a powerful real-time, multi- tim... Descargar
xdradio(freshmeat) XDRadio XDRadio is a simple to use XDialog wrapper for ... Descargar
polyroids(freshmeat) Polyroids Polyroids is a fast, colorful, and addictive ta... Descargar
lb-2(freshmeat) lb lb is a very small and efficient libevent-based... Descargar
hpcc(freshmeat) HPC Challenge HPC Challenge is a collection of benchmarks for... Descargar
slart(freshmeat) SvOlli's Little Audio Related Thingies SvOlli's Little Audio Related Thingies, or SLAR... Descargar
jabberd(freshmeat) Jabberd jabberd is a Jabber/XMPP instant messaging serv... Descargar
rpmconf(freshmeat) rpmconf rpmconf is a tool that searches for .rpmnew and... Descargar
ogmrip(freshmeat) OGMRip OGMRip is an application and a set of libraries... Descargar
hol(freshmeat) HOL Higher Order Logic (HOL) is a programming envir... Descargar
jqxgrid(sfnet) jqxgrid Ajax Grid for displaying MySQL query results.Us... Descargar
hpl(freshmeat) High Performance Linpack HPL is a software package that solves a (random... Descargar
lepl(freshmeat) LEPL LEPL is a recursive descent parser library writ... Descargar
kding(freshmeat) KDing KDing is a KDE frontend for Ding, a dictionary ... Descargar
audtty(freshmeat) Audtty Audtty is an ncurses-based terminal frontend to... Descargar
uigui(freshmeat) UniversalIndentGUI UniversalIndentGUI is a GUI for several code fo... Descargar
gccfss(freshmeat) GCC for SPARC Systems GCC for SPARC Systems extends GCC to be able to... Descargar
cld(freshmeat) cld cld is a highly reliable, cache coherent, distr... Descargar
libev(freshmeat) libev Libev is a high-performance event loop for C (w... Descargar
scheme2js(freshmeat) Scheme2Js Scheme2Js is an efficient Scheme to Javascript ... Descargar
shinobu(freshmeat) Shinobu Shinobu is a simple-to-use content management s... Descargar
iwiccle(freshmeat) iWiccle CMS Community Builder iWiccle is a Web 2.0 framework platform and a h... Descargar
nbm-center(freshmeat) NBM Center With NBM Center, you can use an ordinary Web se... Descargar
jseance(freshmeat) JSeance JSeance is a code generator that can generate c... Descargar
videopian(freshmeat) Videopian Videopian is a PHP class that allows you to get... Descargar
qmail-relog(freshmeat) qmail-relog qmail-relog is a simple gawk script that reads ... Descargar
skylendar(freshmeat) Skylendar Skylendar is modern astrology software for Linu... Descargar
shibbolethsso(freshmeat) Shibboleth Project Shibboleth is a standards-based middleware soft... Descargar
schmant(freshmeat) Schmant Schmant is a build tool for building Java progr... Descargar

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