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netbitsflashirc(sfnet) Net-Bits.Net Flash IRC Chat Client Flash IRC client is a feature rich open source ... Descargar
avrclibs(sfnet) avr-clibs library for atmega128 and atmega328p Descargar
biweekly(sfnet) biweekly biweekly is an iCalendar library written in Jav... Descargar
wpfdockinglib(sfnet) WPF Docking Library A WPF Docking Library to easly integrate window... Descargar
jbig2dec(sfnet) jbig2dec JBIG2 is a compression format for lossless and ... Descargar
ffmpeg-ios(sfnet) FFmpeg iOS This is FFmpeg libraries compiled for iOS. If y... Descargar
docscaliu(sfnet) CALIU: TRADUCCIONS Projecte per a la traducció del LDP (Linux Docu... Descargar
jxutils(sfnet) jxUtils Useful Java Class Library Este projeto reune ... Descargar
iboy(sfnet) iBoy - Gameboy Emulator For iPod This is a gameboy emulator that runs on iPods w... Descargar
magnetic-track-parser(freshmeat) Magnetic Track Parser Magnetic Track Parser is a Java 7 library that ... Descargar
cdogs-sdl(freshmeat) C-Dogs SDL Port C-Dogs SDL is a port of the old DOS arcade game... Descargar
f265(freshmeat) f265 f265 is a cross-platform HEVC/H.265 video encod... Descargar
bluetoothbj(sfnet) Bluetooth Blackjack Game for Symbian Two player Blackjack game for the symbian users... Descargar
ipcop(freshmeat) IPCop Firewall IPCop Linux is a complete Linux distribution wh... Descargar
ghostscript(sfnet) Ghostscript THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MAINTAINED, FOR... Descargar
libchildcontrol(freshmeat) LibChildControl LibChildControl creates a thread to manage chil... Descargar
infolist(freshmeat) InfoList InfoList is a sim­ple console application that ... Descargar
meta1(sfnet) MeTA1 MeTA1 is a message transfer agent that has b... Descargar
anitaos(sfnet) Anitaos Welcome to Distro Designed for older computers... Descargar
sol-linux(sfnet) Server optimized Linux (SoL) Server optimized Linux (SoL) and is a Linux dis... Descargar
rxf(sfnet) The Rosetta Molecular Language Framework Rosetta is a molecular language framework writt... Descargar
mhaddons(sfnet) mhaddons This Project will provide addons for the ipcop ... Descargar
juicereceiver(sfnet) Juice, cross-platform podcast receiver Juice is a media aggregator that automatically ... Descargar
fid-emacs(sfnet) Fid Emacs The default text editor for Fid. Descargar
gems(sfnet) Generic Eclipse Modeling System The Generic Eclipse Modeling System is an MDD t... Descargar
openctags(sfnet) OpenCTags OpenCTags is a ctags add-on for code Editors li... Descargar
free-scada(sfnet) Free SCADA This is open source SCADA system for MS Windows... Descargar
nantcontrib(sfnet) NAntContrib Custom Tasks for NAnt. All are welcome to Contr... Descargar
jaopframework(sfnet) jaopframework JAOP is an easy and simple way to develop AOP b... Descargar
ssdeep(sfnet) ssdeep Recursive computing and matching of Context Tri... Descargar
brlcad(sfnet) BRL-CAD BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform constructi... Descargar
drdivx(sfnet) Dr. DivX Dr. DivX 2.0; officially the unofficial DivX en... Descargar
x32sceneparser(sfnet) X32 Scene Parser This parsing tool can be used to extract sectio... Descargar
ranmacgen(sfnet) Random MAC address generator A multi-platform MAC address generator written ... Descargar
czepekipchanger(sfnet) Czepek's IP Changer Official IP Changer for Tibia written by Czepek... Descargar
adventurephpfra(sfnet) Adventure PHP Framework (APF) The adventure php framework understands itself ... Descargar
perl-mysql-zaur(sfnet) Perl MySQL modules for Zaurus This is a port of the MySQL modules from Msql-M... Descargar
kitkatport(sfnet) Sprint Official KK Port This is a port from Sprints official KitKat rel... Descargar
pimame(sfnet) PiPlay A pre-built Raspberry Pi OS made for gaming and... Descargar
mavscript(sfnet) Mavscript Mavscript allows the user to do calculations in... Descargar
phpseclib(freshmeat) PHP Secure Communications Library PHP Secure Communications Library is a set of p... Descargar
exist(freshmeat) eXist eXist is a native XML database featuring effici... Descargar
fi(freshmeat) F-IRC F-IRC is an IRC client for the console. It supp... Descargar
openvmtil(sfnet) openVmTil *An Exploration of Language Theory - and its Ma... Descargar
rapid-photo-downloader(freshmeat) Rapid Photo Downloader Rapid Photo Downloader is an application for pr... Descargar
loook(freshmeat) loook Loook searches for text strings in OpenOffice.o... Descargar
evcalibrate(sfnet) evcalibrate A calibration utility for touchscreens using ev... Descargar
canumb(freshmeat) Canumb Canumb aims to crunch data on various forms and... Descargar
frontaccounting(freshmeat) FrontAccounting FrontAccounting is a Web-based accounting syste... Descargar
cgi-musicbox(sfnet) musicbox digital juke box Name "musicbox" System to manage a di... Descargar
mygeneration(sfnet) MyGeneration Code Generator MyGeneration is an extremely flexible template ... Descargar
taxondna(sfnet) TaxonDNA TaxonDNA is a simple but extensible system for ... Descargar
php-merge-xml(freshmeat) PHP Merge XML PHP Merge XML is a class that can merge XML doc... Descargar
tencompetence(sfnet) TENCompetence The EU funded project TENCompetence will provid... Descargar
gimponosx(sfnet) GIMP on OS X GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation P... Descargar
s19tool(sfnet) Motorola S-record conversion tool This utility converts Motorola S-record files (... Descargar
mss-code-factory(freshmeat) MSS Code Factory MSS Code Factory is a rule-based expert system ... Descargar
picostack(freshmeat) picostack picostack is a super lightweight KVM virtualisa... Descargar
denemo(sfnet) Denemo - a gtk+ frontend to GNU Lilypond Denemo is a GUI musical score editor written in... Descargar
mpeg2ts1394dec(sfnet) MPEG-2 TS 1394 decoder This program receives MPEG-2 transport streams ... Descargar
linux-on-sx1(sfnet) Linux on SX1 The goal of this project is developing completl... Descargar
hp-vlan-simple-adminstration(freshmeat) HP Vlan Simple Adminstration HP Vlan Simple Adminstration is a Web applicati... Descargar
performanceco-pilot(freshmeat) Performance Co-Pilot Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) is a framework and s... Descargar
nghost(sfnet) nGhost Media Center nGhost is a media center frontend for car PC ty... Descargar
qtipy(freshmeat) QtIPy QtIPy is a simple GUI-based automator for IPyth... Descargar
js-merge-xml(freshmeat) JS Merge XML JS Merge XML is a class that merges XML documen... Descargar
retrobi(freshmeat) retrobi retrobi creates Web publications of library bib... Descargar
pixsteward(freshmeat) PixSteward PixSteward downloads pictures and metadata from... Descargar
hypertable(freshmeat) Hypertable Hypertable is a high performance, scalable data... Descargar
rezk2llimagegallery(sfnet) ReZK2LL Image Gallery a php application that allows users to upload i... Descargar
asposenote-for-net(freshmeat) Aspose.Note for .NET Aspose.Note for .NET is a set of .NET component... Descargar
drawmenow(sfnet) Draw Me Now Uses TCP protocol to connect and one person bec... Descargar
gcgeostats(sfnet) GC-GeoStats Génération de statistiques et autres badges pou... Descargar
equipmant(sfnet) Equipmant Equipment Macro Manager Equipmant is a program designed to create equip... Descargar
warcraftpsp(sfnet) warcraftpsp Warcraft PSP online, free onlinre mmo for psp p... Descargar
perangkatlunak(sfnet) perangkatlunak Software Freeware, open source, free download Descargar
jazzydicts(sfnet) JazzyDicts - A Free Dictionary Set JazzyDicts are a big set of dictionaries in Jaz... Descargar
archc(sfnet) ArchC Architecture Description Language ArchC is an open-source architecture descriptio... Descargar
parallel(freshmeat) GNU Parallel GNU parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs... Descargar
romdigger(sfnet) romdigger Romdigger is a small library that would allow t... Descargar
modbusmasterslave(sfnet) Modbus-master-slave Remote industrial terminal indicator to the con... Descargar
cellml(sfnet) Andre's CellML Software This is a project for Andre to share CellML rel... Descargar
arcadecabinetso(sfnet) Arcade Cabinet Software (Vertical). Complete Vertical Arcade Cabinet Software With ... Descargar
fiawi(sfnet) FusionInventory Agent Windows Installer The FusionInventory Agent Microsoft Windows Ins... Descargar
sqlight(sfnet) SQLight - SQLite Database Manager SQLight is an SQLite database manager tool. Wit... Descargar
pawnstudio(sfnet) Pawn Studio Pawn Studio is an enhanced IDE for Pawn which s... Descargar
smaniaskins(sfnet) Stepmania Skin Package These are skin packages for the music game Step... Descargar
ringbot(sfnet) RINGBot - RINGBot Is Not a GuildBot This project is rewrite of BeBot (http://bebot.... Descargar
lightview(sfnet) LightView A desktop application for diplaying lightning d... Descargar
optipng(sfnet) OptiPNG OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses im... Descargar
cpplint(sfnet) C++ lint cpplint is a free lint for C++. It checks C++ c... Descargar
flightgear(sfnet) FlightGear - Flight Simulator The FlightGear Flight Simulator project is a fr... Descargar
eightsoundsusb(sfnet) 8 Sounds USB XMOS based, USB2 audio card, low power consumpt... Descargar
bricksviewer(sfnet) BricksViewer - .lxf scene viewer A Java application/applet for viewing Lego .lxf... Descargar
puma-repository(sfnet) PUMA Repository The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal u... Descargar
mojolicious(freshmeat) Mojolicious Mojolicious is "Duct Tape For The HTML5 We... Descargar
pdns-recursor(freshmeat) PowerDNS Recursor With a small codebase, the PowerDNS Recursor is... Descargar
quickmsg(freshmeat) QuickMSG QuickMSG is a secure messaging app for Android ... Descargar
fbcat(freshmeat) fbcat fbcat grabs an image of a framebuffer and store... Descargar
nampjal(sfnet) namp GTK graphic from end for video player mplayer Descargar

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