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vchannel(sfnet) vchannel VChannel Player is the cross-palrformed media p... Descargar
freeway-ecom(sfnet) Freeway Freeway is the open source eCommerce platform f... Descargar
jlinkgrammar(sfnet) JLinkGrammarParser JLinkGrammarParser is a Java port of the CMU li... Descargar
icolorfolder(sfnet) iColorFolder iColorFolder is a software allowing to change t... Descargar
nat-pt(sfnet) NAT-PT This project is an enhancement to the open sour... Descargar
openfvm(sfnet) OpenFVM OpenFVM is a general open source three-dimensio... Descargar
cyclops-group(sfnet) Cyclops Group Our goal is making software not profound and po... Descargar
classification(sfnet) Matlab Classification Toolbox Matlab Classification Toolbox contains implemen... Descargar
dieta(sfnet) dieta DIETA is a simple program that allows you to ma... Descargar
winlop(sfnet) WinLop - Lopster for Win32 WinLop is a port of the linux version of Lopste... Descargar
wa-nowplaying(sfnet) NowPlaying-Plugin for Winamp This is a Plugin for Winamp, which shows some i... Descargar
treegrid(sfnet) TreeGrid The TB.TreeGrid is a Asp.Net WebControl used to... Descargar
telnetservice(sfnet) telnetservice Java library that allows to integrate telnet to... Descargar
fischertagebuch(sfnet) Fischertagebuch With this fishing diary it's possible to docume... Descargar
oserl(sfnet) OSERL (Open SMPP Erlang Library) OSERL (Open SMPP Erlang Library) is an erlang ... Descargar
afms(sfnet) Artefact Management System AFMS is an Artefact Management System to manage... Descargar
wapiti(sfnet) Wapiti Wapiti is a vulnerability scanner for web appli... Descargar
osirix(sfnet) OsiriX - moved to Github The project has moved to GitHub: https://github... Descargar
kiax(sfnet) Kiax - an IAX Softphone Kiax is a softphone (soft phone, VoIP client) w... Descargar
karthas(sfnet) Karthas I am currently working on this project because ... Descargar
bsf4oorexx(sfnet) BSF4ooRexx BSF4Rexx version for ooRexx 4.1.0 and later, ex... Descargar
mplay(sfnet) mplay mplay is a console based frontend to MPlayer. I... Descargar
popfile(sfnet) POPFile - Automatic Email Classification POPFile is an email classification tool with a ... Descargar
japc(sfnet) AutoProxy Configurator AutoProxy Configurator is a web application, wh... Descargar
concretecms(sfnet) concrete5 PHP based CMS. Developers, we're on GitHub the... Descargar
gcoll(sfnet) GColl GColl is videoconferencing environment focused ... Descargar
arclog(sfnet) arclog arclog archives the log files monthly. It suppo... Descargar
z-bar(sfnet) z-bar A collection of MS VS.NET (C++, C#, VB.NET) com... Descargar
calypsorcp(sfnet) Pimento A Contact Manager similar to, Act!. More powerf... Descargar
bmap4j(sfnet) bmap4j bmap4j is a framework for the management and pr... Descargar
yii(sfnet) Yii PHP Framework Yii is a high-performance programming framework... Descargar
mandelhash(sfnet) MandelHash I'm using an MD5 hash of a username and passwor... Descargar
wxcommunicator(sfnet) wxCommunicator wxCommunicator is a cross platform SIP softphon... Descargar
pdfcrop(sfnet) PDFCrop PDFCrop crops the white margins of PDF pages an... Descargar
rrfw(sfnet) Round Robin Database Framework Round Robin Database Framework is the universal... Descargar
vruby(sfnet) VisualuRuby This is a GUI library for Ruby just only on MS ... Descargar
fis-gtm(sfnet) GT.M High end TP database engine GT.Mtm is a vetted industrial strength, transac... Descargar
knoppix-ar(sfnet) knoppix-ar Knoppix-ar is an project for creation of the so... Descargar
eeshell(sfnet) EEShell A few small replacement shells for 32-bit Windo... Descargar
freettsandroidi(sfnet) FreeTTS-Android Interfacing An Android application for interfacing with a F... Descargar
gamebase(sfnet) GameBase - Universal Emulator Frontend GameBase is a fully-featured retro-gaming emula... Descargar
jgnash(sfnet) jGnash jGnash is a cross platform personal finance app... Descargar
tipc(sfnet) TIPC: Cluster Communication Protocol The Transparent Inter Process Communication pro... Descargar
winpdb(sfnet) Winpdb - Cross Platform Python Debugger Winpdb is a platform independent GPL Python deb... Descargar
pysces(sfnet) Pysces PySCeS is the Python Simulator of Cellular Syst... Descargar
mywork(sfnet) mywork MyWork是一款个人商务工作信息的管理软件,能集成方... Descargar
wpsetup(sfnet) WiFi Protected Setup WiFi Protected Setup supports development of a ... Descargar
tesseract-ocr(freshmeat) tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr is an OCR engine originally devel... Descargar
limegreen(sfnet) Limegreen Limegreen is a cross platform java application ... Descargar
agiletrack(sfnet) AgileTrack AgileTrack is an agile/extreme programming (XP)... Descargar
freewrl(sfnet) FreeWRL VRML/X3D browser FreeWRL is an Open Source, cross platform VRML2... Descargar
videomonkey(sfnet) Video Monkey Video Monkey has moved! Please go to our new we... Descargar
vipervast(sfnet) VIPER VAST VIPER Lab Live VoIP assessment distribution Descargar
bginfo4x(sfnet) BGINFO4X - BGINFO for X and for Windows! BGINFO for X, also called BGINFO4X, is a clone ... Descargar
portableappsorp(sfnet) PortableApps Orphan's Home Some apps from PortableApps.Com have been orpha... Descargar
wmrx00(sfnet) Weather Station Data Logger Application for display, logging and upload of ... Descargar
x2engine(sfnet) CRM Open Source CRM: X2CRM is an Open Source PHP Cu... Descargar
dwprj(sfnet) Dataweb Project - Java RAD Framework Dataweb Project is a RAD (Rapid Application Dev... Descargar
pytz(sfnet) PyTZ - Python Time Zone Library Cross platform time zone library for Python 2.3+ Descargar
iscroll2(sfnet) iScroll2 A modified version of Apple's trackpad device d... Descargar
tagar(freshmeat) tagAR tagAR is an augmented reality tagging applicati... Descargar
m0n0wall(sfnet) m0n0wall m0n0wall is a powerfull Router Application Plat... Descargar
pfdtd(sfnet) Parallel FDTD The Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method... Descargar
ecut(sfnet) ECUT The ECUT (Eclipse C++ Unit Testing) project int... Descargar
ireport(sfnet) iReport-Designer for JasperReports NOTE: iReport/Jaspersoft Studio Support Announc... Descargar
tclral(sfnet) Tcl Relational Algebra Library TclRAL is an implementation of the Relational A... Descargar
scrollout(sfnet) Scrollout F1 email gateway • Designed for Linux and Windows email system a... Descargar
cctools(sfnet) Creative Commons Tools This is an ***old archive*** of tools developed... Descargar
netron-reloaded(sfnet) Netron Reloaded Generic diagramming, graph-drawing and graph-la... Descargar
jasperserver(sfnet) JasperReports Server JasperReports Server is a powerful, yet flexibl... Descargar
rails-url-shortener(freshmeat) Rails URL Shortener Rails URL Shortener is a Ruby on Rails applica... Descargar
pixship-proj(sfnet) PixShip This is a game inspired by Pixelships for the P... Descargar
tide(sfnet) The tIDE java IDE tIDE is a small but powerful and full featured ... Descargar
jasperreports(sfnet) JasperReports Library JasperReports Library, the world's most popular... Descargar
kapitalbot(freshmeat) kapitalbot kapitalbot is a semi-interactive Monopoly bot. ... Descargar
ngsolve(sfnet) NGSolve Finite Element Library NGSolve is a general purpose Finite Element Lib... Descargar
check_pycurl(freshmeat) check_pycurl check_pycurl is a Nagios/Icinga/Shinken plugin... Descargar
checksumcontrol(sfnet) Checksum Control A program to verify and write checksumfiles. It... Descargar
lazy8ledger(sfnet) Lazy8 Ledger Professional double-entry accounting ledger wit... Descargar
spglib(sfnet) spglib Spglib is a C-library written for finding cryst... Descargar
lucille-mpc(freshmeat) Lucille MPC Lucille MPC is a graphical client application f... Descargar
pandore(sfnet) pandore Développement de MaNGOS en Français avec site i... Descargar
patty(sfnet) Java Performance Analysis Tool (Patty) This profiler (JRE 1.5.0 only) uses JVMTI and n... Descargar
ezdicom(sfnet) ezDICOM ezDICOM is a medical viewer for MRI, CT and ult... Descargar
mtfcalculator(sfnet) MTF Calculator MTF Calculator calculates the Modulation Transf... Descargar
elchele(sfnet) IpCheck emule ipfilter tool. Allows you to download, cr... Descargar
algol68(sfnet) Open source Algol 68 implementations This project offers open source implementations... Descargar
open-imagine(sfnet) Imagine Picture Viewer *** Imagine Picture Viewer does not work with 6... Descargar
apophysis7x(sfnet) Apophysis 7X A version of the fractal flame editor Apophysis... Descargar
hotelier(sfnet) Hotelier Hotelier is a unique Open Source Hotel software... Descargar
wxeuphoria(sfnet) wxEuphoria Library for using wxWidgets as a dll/so for Eup... Descargar
iemit47(sfnet) IEM_IT_47 It consists of two parts...denial of service at... Descargar
duplo(sfnet) Duplo Duplicated source code can harm maintainability... Descargar
ammap(sfnet) ammap If you want to present the routes of your journ... Descargar
ibm-acpi(sfnet) ibm-acpi This is a Linux driver for ThinkPad laptops, wr... Descargar
sepy(sfnet) SE|PY ASEditor SE|PY is an ActionScript editor written in pyth... Descargar
mplayer-tru(sfnet) MPlayer-tru MPlayer-tru is the solution to provide Truran V... Descargar
emacro(sfnet) EMacro The easy setup to give Emacs editors that out-o... Descargar
cptutils(freshmeat) cptutils The cptutils package contains a number of utili... Descargar
jipcam(sfnet) jipCam jipCam provides a JMF-based datasource implemen... Descargar

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