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smsbackupreader(sfnet) SMS Backup Reader SMS Backup Reader This program is designed to ... Descargar
lcdtfthx8347a(sfnet) LCD TFT 240 320 hx8347a SSD1289 sdcard Sample code for hx8347-A and SSD1289 for 8bits ... Descargar
icu(sfnet) International Components for Unicode ICU is a mature, widely used set of portable C/... Descargar
linuxptp(sfnet) linuxptp This project is an implementation of the Precis... Descargar
anpr(sfnet) ANPR for National Borders The idea is to enhance and develop the national... Descargar
roblinux(sfnet) roblinux EN - Linux distribution that focus at "onl... Descargar
minicom(freshmeat) minicom Minicom is a serial communication program. It i... Descargar
emir(freshmeat) eMir eMir, or enhanced Mir, is a fork of Canonical's... Descargar
nfsen(sfnet) nfsen NfSen is the web based front end for the nfdump... Descargar
simplegroupware(freshmeat) Simple Groupware Simple Groupware is a complete enterprise appli... Descargar
cron4j(freshmeat) cron4j cron4j is a scheduler for the Java 2 platform w... Descargar
evo-class-index(freshmeat) Evo Class Index Evo Class Index is an annotation processor that... Descargar
pandoc2rfc(freshmeat) pandoc2rfc pandoc2rfc creates RFC-like output from Pandoc ... Descargar
essence(freshmeat) Essence Essence is a compact console editor. It is a f... Descargar
libmawk(freshmeat) libmawk libmawk is a fork of mawk 1.3.3 restructured fo... Descargar
jssha(freshmeat) jsSHA jsSHA is a JavaScript implementation of the com... Descargar
spiderape(sfnet) SpiderApe: Beefing up SpiderMonkey SpiderApe is a C++ wrapper around SpiderMonkey,... Descargar
zebra-dialog(sfnet) Zebra_Dialog Modal dialog boxes are a great way to show info... Descargar
qsmm(freshmeat) QSMM QSMM, the "QSMM State Machine Model",... Descargar
f2j(sfnet) Fortran to Java The goal of the Fortran-to-Java project is to p... Descargar
python-webdav(sfnet) python-webdav NOTE: This project is now on Github. Please go ... Descargar
squid-report(sfnet) SquidAnalyzer Squid Analyzer parses Squid proxy access log an... Descargar
chuletas(sfnet) Chuletas / Cribr A powerful text processor to make cheat sheets ... Descargar
offlineeddb(sfnet) OfflineEd: DB The Goal of this project is to create a compres... Descargar
fstfixgui(sfnet) Fstfix GUI Graphical user interface for the Wiped GCM Fixe... Descargar
kredentials(freshmeat) kredentials Kredentials is a KDE systray applet for keeping... Descargar
build-cc(freshmeat) Build CC Build CC is a simple script that automates the ... Descargar
zorp(freshmeat) Zorp Zorp is a proxy firewall suite with its core ar... Descargar
fluxbox(sfnet) Fluxbox Fluxbox is a X11 windowmanager build for speed ... Descargar
gnu-recutils(freshmeat) GNU recutils GNU Recutils is a set of tools and libraries to... Descargar
n950fws(sfnet) Nokia N950 (MeeGo DevKit) Firmwares A small storage for some Nokia N950 firmwares. ... Descargar
k-framework(freshmeat) K-Framework The KFramework is a Java/Swing framework for di... Descargar
growcode(freshmeat) Growcode Growcode is a program for producing object mode... Descargar
splunk-hogs(freshmeat) splunk hogs Splunk Hogs is a quick Perl script that was wri... Descargar
systemtap(freshmeat) SystemTap SystemTap is a tracing and probing tool that al... Descargar
project-estimate-tracker(freshmeat) Project Estimate Tracker Project Estimate Tracker (PET) from shadowfax.o... Descargar
spaghetti-parenthesis-visualiz(freshmeat) Spaghetti Parenthesis Visualizer Spaghetti Parenthesis Visualizer is an in-brows... Descargar
console(sfnet) Console Console is a Windows console window enhancement... Descargar
lbzip2(freshmeat) Lbzip2 Lbzip2 is a parallel, SMP-based, bzip2-compatib... Descargar
tortv(freshmeat) TorTV TorTV is a build of the Tor Project maintained ... Descargar
javamail4ews(sfnet) Java Mail for EWS This project aims to create a javax.mail.Store ... Descargar
ftimes(freshmeat) FTimes FTimes is a system baselining and evidence coll... Descargar
uclibc(freshmeat) uClibc uClibc (µClibc) is a C library for developing e... Descargar
jkttreeview(sfnet) Liferay Wiki Navigation Portlet This is tree view navigation portlet for Lifera... Descargar
longhornlinux(sfnet) Longhorn Linux A linux distrubution based on Debian that looks... Descargar
crunchcrnlib(freshmeat) crunch/crnlib crunch/crnlib is a lossy texture compression to... Descargar
flowbf(freshmeat) Flow Language Flow is a 2-dimensional brainfuck-like language... Descargar
chifastat(sfnet) ChifaStat ChifaStat une application gratuite qui permet a... Descargar
gameboid(sfnet) GameBoid This project is based on sources published by o... Descargar
simple-validator(freshmeat) Simple Validator Simple Validator is a class that validates stri... Descargar
dovergadget(sfnet) Dover Gadget Drawer SE 30 modules, 300+ Synthedit prefabs ranging from... Descargar
eclemma(sfnet) EclEmma - Java Code Coverage for Eclipse EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for E... Descargar
catfriend(freshmeat) catfriend catfriend creates desktop notifications when ne... Descargar
nyu(freshmeat) nyu nyu is a combination of modern academic approac... Descargar
lightprofiler(sfnet) LightProfiler LightProfiler – application for performance ana... Descargar
fracplanet(sfnet) Fracplanet Interactive application to generate and view ra... Descargar
firefoxdeb(sfnet) Firefox.deb Pacote Firefox para Debian, Ubuntu e distribuiç... Descargar
veryquickwiki(sfnet) Very Quick Wiki Very Quick Wiki is a Java Server Pages based Wi... Descargar
view3dscene(freshmeat) view3dscene view3dscene is a browser for VRML (1.0 and 2.0)... Descargar
doribuddy(sfnet) doribuddy Profiles for Honorbuddy! Descargar
pngquant(freshmeat) pngquant pngquant is a batch conversion utility to quant... Descargar
g-framework-web30-toolkit(freshmeat) G-Framework ToolKit G-Framework ToolKit is a system for creating We... Descargar
scv2stats-ricky(sfnet) Shoutcast V2 Radio Stats This script uses cURL + simpleXML to grab radio... Descargar
afnix(freshmeat) AFNIX programming language AFNIX is a multi-threaded functional writing sy... Descargar
sar2html(freshmeat) sar2html Sar2html is a Web-based front end for performan... Descargar
teachingplanner(sfnet) Teaching Planner This project objective is realizing the design,... Descargar
dolmexicaengine(sfnet) Dolmexica Engine A moddable 2D fighter for the Sega Dreamcast vi... Descargar
ansifilter(freshmeat) Ansifilter Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI t... Descargar
jato(freshmeat) Jato Jato is an implementation of the Java virtual m... Descargar
android41cv(sfnet) Android 41CV A HP41CV simulator for the Android platform. Th... Descargar
wirouter-keyrec(freshmeat) WiRouter KeyRec WiRouter KeyRec is software to recover the defa... Descargar
trackip(freshmeat) Track IP Track IP is a tool that tracks a PC's LAN and e... Descargar
imebra(freshmeat) Imebra Imebra is a multi-platform C++ Dicom library. I... Descargar
mcmphpsimplecms(freshmeat) mcmphpsimplecms Mcmphpsimplecms is a simple content managment s... Descargar
mungempo-01(freshmeat) mungempo A lot of stereoscopic cameras use the .MPO form... Descargar
snape(freshmeat) Snape Snape is a PHP tool consisting of two classes, ... Descargar
genit(freshmeat) Genit Genit is a framework that builds a static Web s... Descargar
jquerysyntax(freshmeat) jQuery.Syntax jQuery.Syntax is an extremely fast and lightwei... Descargar
udmsearch(freshmeat) mnoGoSearch mnoGoSearch is a full-featured Web search engin... Descargar
modelio-open(sfnet) modelio-open Modelio-Open is a project hosting a set of open... Descargar
wp2latex(sfnet) WordPerfect to LaTeX convertor WP2LaTeX is a program for conversion WordPerfec... Descargar
simblog(freshmeat) SimBlog Simblog aims to be one of the most easy-to-use ... Descargar
projetarm(sfnet) Projet_ARM papaicjn oqcoi,cokzn,ockl,lezck,ez Descargar
qgo(sfnet) qGo qGo is a full featured SGF editor and Go Client... Descargar
ogma(sfnet) OGMA - Open GameManager Easy-to-use Game- and Savegame-Manager written ... Descargar
rcubefilters(sfnet) Roundcube client-side filters plugin Roundcube Plugin that adds a new tab to the set... Descargar
openteacher(sfnet) OpenTeacher OpenTeacher is an opensource application that h... Descargar
willhao(sfnet) willhao will Descargar
audioloader(freshmeat) audioloader audioloader is a minimalist music library brows... Descargar
freediams(freshmeat) FreeDiams FreeDiams is a program for making prescriptions... Descargar
hsqldb(sfnet) HyperSQL Database Engine (HSQLDB) HSQLDB is a relational database engine written ... Descargar
tcgraphics(sfnet) ege ege(easy graphics engine) Descargar
namecoinj(sfnet) NamecoinJ NamecoinJ is a Java based graphical user interf... Descargar
daytime(freshmeat) daytime daytime is a program that can get the current t... Descargar
mmrdecoder(sfnet) MMR Decoder "MMR Decoder" is a C++ decoder for th... Descargar
scripting(sfnet) a&a - tcl script for eggdrop/windrop a&a - tcl script for eggdrop/windrop @ http... Descargar
jabref(freshmeat) JabRef JabRef is a graphical Java application for mana... Descargar
mfctictactoe(sfnet) Tic-Tac-Toe It is a simple game (mfc application) created u... Descargar
ermod(sfnet) ERmod ERmod (Energy Representation Module) is a progr... Descargar
citrus-testframework(freshmeat) Citrus Testframework Citrus is a test framework written in Java that... Descargar

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