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linkit(freshmeat) LinkIt LinkIt is a simple program to validate local li... Descargar
tox(freshmeat) tox The tox (Tomcat, Oracle, and XML) Web archive i... Descargar
smitten(freshmeat) Smitten Smitten differs from traditional media centres ... Descargar
firecat(freshmeat) firecat firecat is a server-side Javascript Web server.... Descargar
pycasa-download(freshmeat) PycasaDownload PycasaDownload is a program to download Picasa ... Descargar
pythonad(freshmeat) Python-AD Python-AD is an AD client for the Python progra... Descargar
prado(freshmeat) PRADO PRADO is an event-driven and component-based f... Descargar
faststreams(freshmeat) Linux Fast-STREAMS Linux Fast-STREAMS is a high-performance implem... Descargar
agar(freshmeat) Agar Agar is a toolkit for graphical applications. I... Descargar
pyhp-apache(freshmeat) PyHP PyHP (The Python Hypertext Preprocessor) is an ... Descargar
bashgallery(freshmeat) bashgallery Bashgallery is a small application to maintain ... Descargar
omsys(freshmeat) Open Music System The Open Music System is a collection of comman... Descargar
typolight(freshmeat) TYPOlight TYPOlight is a content management system (CMS) ... Descargar
webauction(freshmeat) Web Auction Web Auction is a simple auction designed for or... Descargar
opentimetool(freshmeat) openTimetool openTimetool is a Web-based, sector-independent... Descargar
wordgrinder(freshmeat) WordGrinder WordGrinder is a basic word processor that runs... Descargar
bashburn(freshmeat) BashBurn BashBurn (Previously Magma) is a bash script de... Descargar
scite(freshmeat) SciTE SciTE is a GUI-based single-document editor whi... Descargar
64studiopdk(freshmeat) 64 Studio Platform Development Kit The 64 Studio Platform Development Kit (PDK) is... Descargar
jtvmaker(freshmeat) Jtvmaker Jtvmaker is a Java slideshow maker designed for... Descargar
android-vitosha-poker-odds(freshmeat) Android Vitosha Poker Odds Android Vitosha Poker Odds is a simple Texas Ho... Descargar
tora(freshmeat) TOra TOra is a Toolkit for Oracle that helps the DBA... Descargar
usvn(freshmeat) USVN Userfriendly SVN (USVN) is a Web-based interfac... Descargar
mkvtoolnix(freshmeat) MKVToolNix mkvtoolnix is a set of tools that allow users t... Descargar
living-realms(freshmeat) living realms living realms is an OpenGL evolution simulator ... Descargar
flinks(freshmeat) flinks Flinks is a flashing-word Web browser and text ... Descargar
chem(freshmeat) chem chem is a command line tool and JavaScript code... Descargar
npgsql(freshmeat) Npgsql Npgsql is a .NET data provider for PostgreSQL. ... Descargar
m2eclipse(freshmeat) Maven Integration for Eclipse Maven Integration for Eclipse makes it easy to ... Descargar
grindr(freshmeat) grindr grindr is a set of various utilities to enhance... Descargar
xrecursediff(freshmeat) xRecurseDiff xRecurseDiff is a small program that can rapidl... Descargar
vzhaipd(freshmeat) vzhaipd vzhaipd (scoyo's Virtuozzo/OpenVZ HA IP Daemon)... Descargar
formulacompiler(freshmeat) Abacus Formula Compiler The Abacus Formula Compiler (AFC) compiles comp... Descargar
ffff(freshmeat) Fast Floating Fractal Fun FFFF is a Mandelbrot generator that uses SSE an... Descargar
salut-toi(freshmeat) Salut à Toi Salut à Toi (or SàT: "Hi to You") is ... Descargar
openss7(freshmeat) OpenSS7 OpenSS7 is an implementation of the Signalling ... Descargar
pce(freshmeat) PCE PCE is an IBM PC 5150 emulator. It emulates mos... Descargar
aiparts(freshmeat) aiParts aiParts is a set of C++ classes that can be use... Descargar
hdltoolstopcased(freshmeat) HDL Tools Topcased HDL Tools Topcased is a set of tools dedicated ... Descargar
pylbb(freshmeat) Little Black Book pyLBB is an address book manager. It is portabl... Descargar
archmbox(freshmeat) archmbox Archmbox is a simple email archiver written in ... Descargar
ripmime(freshmeat) ripMIME ripMIME extracts attachment files out of a MIME... Descargar
fsmm(freshmeat) fsmm FSMM stands for "File System Monitor and M... Descargar
tanal(freshmeat) Tanal Tanal is a Unix daemon that captures traffic pa... Descargar
openflashchart(freshmeat) Open Flash Chart Open Flash Chart is a program for creating char... Descargar
freenibs(freshmeat) FreeNIBS FreeNIBS is a loadable plugin for the FreeRADIU... Descargar
cacheguard(freshmeat) CacheGuard Web Security Gateway CacheGuard Appliance is an all-in-one OS applia... Descargar
ot(freshmeat) Ogg Theora Ogg Theora is Xiph.Org's first publicly release... Descargar
vnccrack(freshmeat) VNCcrack VNCcrack is a simple, fast offline-mode VNC pas... Descargar
newscloudsmt(freshmeat) Social Media Toolkit for Facebook Applications The Social Media Toolkit (SMT) is a platform de... Descargar
ooweb(freshmeat) OOWeb OOWeb is a lightweight, embedded HTTP server fo... Descargar
jar2sh(freshmeat) jar2sh jar2sh is a bash shell script that wraps Java a... Descargar
mylbhelper(freshmeat) mylbhelper mylbhelper helps dumb load balancers do their j... Descargar
odb(freshmeat) ODB ODB (also known as "spugdb" due to a ... Descargar
procmail-lib(freshmeat) Procmail Module Library Procmail Module Library is a collection of many... Descargar
isync(freshmeat) isync isync is a commandline application which synchr... Descargar
mquiz(freshmeat) MQuiz MQuiz is a simple quiz game. It asks questions ... Descargar
zfilenet(freshmeat) ZFN ZFN (the Zero-Configuration File Network) aims ... Descargar
ah3(freshmeat) Ah3 Ah3 is an invoicing and inventory system for re... Descargar
pftf(freshmeat) Pining for the Fjords Pftf (Pining for the Fjords) is another take at... Descargar
opensso(freshmeat) OpenSSO The Open Web SSO project (OpenSSO) provides cor... Descargar
sing(freshmeat) SING SING stands for 'Send ICMP Nasty Garbage.' It i... Descargar
e-bot(freshmeat) e-Bot e-Bot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It's main ... Descargar
sox(freshmeat) SoX SoX is the Swiss Army knife of sound processing... Descargar
monster-masher(freshmeat) Monster Masher Monster Masher is a mash'em-up action game for ... Descargar
udp_redirect(freshmeat) udp_redirect udp_redirect is a small tool to redirect UDP pa... Descargar
easyadsi(freshmeat) class.EasyADSI.php class.EasyADSI.php can be used to query Microso... Descargar
ristretto(freshmeat) Ristretto Ristretto is the mail API that is used by Colum... Descargar
termvt102(freshmeat) Term::VT102 Term::VT102 emulates most of the functions of a... Descargar
dnsbalance(freshmeat) dnsbalance Dnsbalance is a program to forward DNS requests... Descargar
qiqu(freshmeat) QiQu QiQu is a framework to support the MDA and MDSD... Descargar
botsopensourceedisoftware(freshmeat) bots Bots takes care of the communications and trans... Descargar
rapidshare-download(freshmeat) Rapidshare Download Rapidshare Download is a program which helps do... Descargar
gremind(freshmeat) gremind gremind allows you to set reminders (by time an... Descargar
probind(freshmeat) ProBIND ProBIND is a Web application designed for manag... Descargar
uscd(freshmeat) USB Network Daemon The USB Network Daemon is an application that m... Descargar
roundedphp(freshmeat) Rounded PHP Rounded PHP is an API for creating perfect anti... Descargar
evtouch(freshmeat) evtouch evtouch aims at integration of pointer support ... Descargar
gmanedit(freshmeat) gmanedit The GNOME Manpages Editor (gmanedit) is an edit... Descargar
tokenizer(freshmeat) Tokenizer The Tokenizer class splits a string into tokens... Descargar
aspell-fo(freshmeat) aspell-fo Faroese dictionary for aspell based on Føroyski... Descargar
mttt(freshmeat) MiniTicTacToe MiniTicTacToe is a one-or-two player Tic Tac To... Descargar
can(freshmeat) CAN binAries for distributioN CAN is a packaging program that uses a format s... Descargar
pyguile(freshmeat) PyGuile PyGuile allows scripts written in Scheme and ex... Descargar
hpconnect(freshmeat) HPConnect HPConnect attempts to provide Mac users the sam... Descargar
ispell-fo(freshmeat) ispell-fo Faroese dictionary for ispell based on Føroyski... Descargar
bitnamijasperserver(freshmeat) BitNami JasperServer Stack BitNami JasperServer Stack is an easy-to-use in... Descargar
mediazoo(freshmeat) MediaZoo MediaZoo is an online personal media library an... Descargar
xdiff-lib(freshmeat) LibXDiff The LibXDiff library implements basic and yet c... Descargar
omcmd(freshmeat) omcmd omcmd is a CLI utility for performing OMAPI que... Descargar
pyqrcode(freshmeat) pyqrcode pyqrcode is a Python extension for encoding and... Descargar
pho(freshmeat) Pho Pho is a lightweight utility for viewing, rotat... Descargar
squidview(freshmeat) squidview Squidview is an interactive console program whi... Descargar
autogen(freshmeat) AutoGen AutoGen is a tool designed for generating progr... Descargar
u-lite(freshmeat) U-lite Project U-lite is a lightweight Linux distribution base... Descargar
chance(freshmeat) Chance Chance is a minimalist generator of random stri... Descargar
jpt(freshmeat) Junoplay Table jpt is a generic database toolkit. The package'... Descargar
xmlquery(freshmeat) XMLQuery The XMLQuery class parses and manipulates XML o... Descargar
seurat(freshmeat) Seurat Seurat is a visual processing application that ... Descargar
openbmap_geotag_files_manager(freshmeat) openBmap GeoTag Files Manager openBmap GeoTag Files Manager is the repository... Descargar

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