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Overtime Meter

Overtime Meter is a small program which stays in
your desktop's system tray and counts the minutes
you spend at work.

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Última actualización: 2007-10-16 07:16


pynetfilter_conntrack is a Python binding for
libnetfilter_conntrack that allows you to
manipulate Netfilter's stateful inspection
objects. This makes it possible to easily close
connections and obtain information about
connections such as the number of packets and
bytes. It could be used to create conntrack
entries, replacing heavy kernel modules for
complex protocols such as FTP and H323.

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Última actualización: 2004-05-19 06:10


m2m is a small script that extracts the "master to
master" graph from advogato and writes a GML
(graph modelling language) file so that you can
navigate the 3D graph with software such as tulip.

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Última actualización: 2008-03-21 16:21

Ascii85 Data Encodings for Python

pyascii85 is a Python extension written in C, that
provides Ascii85 data encodings, also known as
Base85. It can encode and decode files or text
buffers, and is useful for encoding data to be
used within PostScript and PDF files, such as raw
RGB images.

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Última actualización: 2010-09-10 21:25


cx_OracleDBATools contains a number of Python scripts that handle Oracle DBA tasks in a cross-platform manner. These scripts are intended to work the same way on all platforms and hide the complexities involved in managing Oracle databases on Windows.

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Última actualización: 2002-02-19 14:13


transAuction is a small personal database for sellers to keep track of their transactions with online auctions.

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Última actualización: 2008-07-25 14:28

Natural CLI

Natural CLI is a Java library that provides developers with an easy way to use human readable command line interfaces. This means that your software can understand easy command lines like "$acme start daemon mailservice", "$acme send file /tmp/pau.jpg to friend", or "$acme start backup in 10 minutes". Command lines are very easy to define.

Última actualización: 2007-05-30 16:26


PenguinTV is a Python-based RSS reader
specifically designed for downloading and viewing
podcasts and video blog entries.

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Última actualización: 2005-07-06 12:58


PyObjC is a bridge between Python and
Objective-C that allows full featured Cocoa
applications to be written in pure Python. It can also
be used with other Objective-C class libraries, as
well as C and C++ source. The installer package
includes a number of Project Builder templates and
Python syntax coloring files. It supports full
introspection of Objective-C classes and direct
invocation of Objective-C APIs from the interactive

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Última actualización: 2009-08-14 08:35


tagfs is a virtual user space file system to handle tags. It can be used to organize your files using tags.

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Última actualización: 2011-01-22 20:39


FAPWS (Fast Asynchronous Python WSGI Server) is a fully WSGI-compliant Web server for the Python environment. It is designed to be small and fast and is capable of handling many concurrent connections.

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Última actualización: 2005-03-02 06:26

Python Traffic Camera Analyzer

Python Traffic Analyzer is a Python base class and
a sample driver script written to retrieve and
manipulate images from the TrafficLand cameras and
calculate a numeric value representing the current
traffic flow.

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Última actualización: 2004-08-08 07:37


Bouncer is an IRC session manager that can share a single server connection between multiple clients. This makes it possible to run the same IRC session at home or in your office. It also has a flexible plugin structure that allows you to record message and do logging in a centralized place.

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Última actualización: 2009-09-17 17:33


Pybatis lets you use a templating engine to generate SQL in the same way we use templating engines to generate HTML. But while HTML is generated to send to a browser, Pybatis generates SQL to send to the database via Python's DB API, and then gathers the results. Pybatis consists of three things combined: Python's DB API, templates, and convenience methods. The core idea of treating dynamic SQL as a templating problem rather than a code generation problem (as in most ORM libraries) comes from iBATIS, after which Pybatis is named with great respect.

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Database Environment: SQL-based
Sistema Operativo: MacOSX, Linux, Windows
Lenguaje de Programación: Python, Python
Última actualización: 2011-10-25 21:04


Speedpad is a small and portable ncurses-powered tool to test, train, and increase typing speed on arbitrary text input. It is designed for intermediate-to-advanced level typists and assumes that you have already learned how to touch type. It does not use lessons, single words, or other synthetic stuff. It supports tab expansion, auto indentation, and syntax to train on code. It features a reference speed robot and supports CPS, CPM, WPM, PPM, and CPH/KPH metrics. It shows detailed statistics about speed and helps find and eliminate frequent typos. Stats are dumped to standard output in a machine-readable format after completion, and can be piped into gnuplot.

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