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Zmogul is a small Python script that shrinks
the file size of a FasttrackerII module using a
user-specified encoder (Ogg Vorbis by
default). The resulting file is often slightly
smaller than files generated using the popular
MO3 encoder.

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Última actualización: 2003-07-04 11:27

Asymptopia Linux Process Tool

Asymptopia Linux Process Tool is a script which
runs from a terminal and accesses the /proc
filesystem through a simple text interface. It has
a menu of commands for monitoring and getting
information about processes. If installed in your
path, you can also simply issue the command
"proctool [program2kill]" and all instances of the
specified program are killed.

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Última actualización: 2002-04-23 12:14

Python Service Objects

Python Service Objects is a package that
simplifies development of HTTP handlers. With its
built-in session handling and its bridging system,
it allows you to write one handler that will run
with mod_python, NASAPY, CGI, etc. It offers an
easy interface to HTTP info. It includes a simple,
fast, robust, powerful, and extensible OO template

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Última actualización: 2007-04-21 03:07


PyMediaServer is a barebones UPnP media server
that was written to serve MP3s to a Netgear MP101
Digital Music Player.

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Última actualización: 2009-09-04 08:49


loopee is a simple interpreter for loop programs. It might be useful if you are taking a computer science theory class (theory of computation) and studying primitive recursive functions, or just for fun.

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Última actualización: 2012-07-10 01:09


pydsl is an environment for creating and using formal and natural languages. The main idea is to allow an easy way to define, use, and combine DSLs to create programs.

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Última actualización: 2003-06-10 14:31


DocLite is a simple documentation authoring system. It produces multi-page HTML output in a style similar to that found in the Linux HOTWTOs or other DocBook-created documents. DocLite processes a single XML file into a number of separate HTML pages, and it creates a contents page that contains links to the various topics within each page. The idea is to produce usable documentation with a minimum of hassle.

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Última actualización: 2010-05-14 23:53


Gunicorn (Green Unicorn) is an WSGI HTTP server for UNIX. It's a pre-fork worker model ported from Ruby's Unicorn project. The server is broadly compatible with various Web frameworks, simply implemented, light on server resource usage, and fairly speedy.

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Última actualización: 2005-02-05 15:05 implements an HTTP proxy meant
to be used with Communigate Pro's WebCal server
and Mozilla Sunbird/Calendar setup to post a
shared calendar. Normally, calendar entries
deleted in Mozilla do not get deleted from
Communigate. This is due to Communigate assuming
that an HTTP PUT request means to append to
calendar entries, while Mozilla assumes it means
to replace the whole calendar. What needs to be
done is an HTTP DELETE before the HTTP PUT. This
proxy implements such a method. Mozilla should be
pointed to post calendars to this proxy instead of

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Última actualización: 2012-12-20 05:14


PyCalendarGen generates customizable calendar
pages in PDF format for use in things like photo
calendars. It supports custom holidays, birthdays,
and other special days and has decent

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Lenguaje Natural: Catalan, English, German, Swedish
Sistema Operativo: OS Independent
Lenguaje de Programación: Python
Última actualización: 2008-03-04 00:58


XML-Schema-Catalog offers a way to locate the
schema for an XML document. It manipulates the
schema location files that specifying rules for
locating a schema and is similar to what
'xmlcatalog' is for DTD catalogs.

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Última actualización: 2009-11-28 02:49


Condensation is a modular tool for Web application development and
server administration. It includes an ssh terminal and a proxy server.
The proxy can redirect a browser's request (to your testing site, for
example) and inspect the browser's requests and the server's answer.

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Público destinatario: System Administrators
Lenguaje Natural: English
Sistema Operativo: Linux
Lenguaje de Programación: Python
User Interface: Web Environment
Última actualización: 2014-02-06 07:39


dyndnsc is a dynamic DNS update client. It provides both a script and a re-usable and hopefully extensible Python package for doing updates. It is compatible with the dnsimple, dyndns2, and protocols.

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Última actualización: 2005-03-28 08:22


PDSImage is a Python module for reading single-band NASA PDS (Planetary Data System) image files. It can query header information and extract binary image data in a format suitable for PIL (Python Imaging Library). It works for Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rover images, and maybe with other images.

Última actualización: 2011-03-03 22:10

Armadillo adventure toolkit

Armadillo adventure is an adventure game set within a world. It is a codebase, a toolkit for making your own adventures such as King's Quest. The toolkit has an example adventure program that can be easily changed and enlarged by derivation. If you are more interested in dungeoneering games, take a look at the <a href="">Tanir's Quest</a> project.

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