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TSP Solver and Generator

TSPSG is intended to generate and solve "travelling salesman problem" (TSP) tasks. It uses the Branch and Bound method for solving. Its input is a number of cities and a matrix of city-to-city travel costs. The matrix can be populated with random values in a given range (which is useful for generating tasks). The result is an optimal route, its price, step-by-step matrices of solving, and a solving graph. The task can be saved in an internal binary format and opened later. The result can be printed or saved as PDF, HTML, or ODF. TSPSG may be useful for teachers to generate test tasks or just for regular users to solve TSPs. Also, it may be used as an example of using the Branch and Bound method to solve a particular task.

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pjsip is a multimedia communication library based on the SIP protocol. It is integrated with a rich media and a NAT traversal library supporting the ICE protocol. It is very portable and has a small footprint for embedded use.

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The LibXDiff library implements basic and yet complete functionalities to create file differences/patches to both binary and text files. It uses memory files as file abstraction to achieve both performance and portability. For binary files, it implements both (with some modification) the algorithm described in "File System Support for Delta Compression" by Joshua P. MacDonald and the algorithm described in "Fingerprinting By Random Polynomials" by Michael O. Rabin. For text files, it follows directives described in "An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and Its Variations" by Eugene W. Myers. Memory files used by the library are basically a collection of buffers that store the file content.

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Qixite is a program for creating Web sites. The
user has to provide the information and
structure of the site, while Qixite does the rest.
It uses predefined templates for site
generation, and it is possible to create or edit
them using XSL.

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BACnet is an implementation of the BACnet
(Building Automation and Control Networks)
protocol specifically tailored for embedded
systems. BACnet itself is a standard routable
protocol designed to handle communications in
automation in buildings, such as air conditioning
systems and other HVAC equipment.

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PhpMyLibrary is a PHP/MySQL Web based library automation application. The program consists of cataloging (for handling adding/editing/deleting/searching of materials), circulation (so the librarian can handle user related management items), and the webpac module (where the World searches the catalog of your library). The program also has an import export feature, and strictly follows the USMARC standard for adding materials.

Última actualización: 2005-05-20 07:29

San Angeles Observation OpenGL ES version

San Angeles Observation OpenGL ES version is an OpenGL ES version of "San Angeles Observation", which won the Assembly 2004 4 KB intro competition. Commented source code is included.

Última actualización: 2005-11-06 08:30

Pocket GCC

Pocket GCCは ARM-WinCE-PEプラットフォーム用の、よく知られた GNU C/C++コンパイラと Binutilsの移植版です。クロスコンパイラとネイティブ用ビルドの両方が提供されており、デスクトップのない外出先で、ARM互換プロセッサを搭載した WindowsCEデバイス用アプリケーションを開発できます。

Última actualización: 2009-04-11 06:23


SuperWaba is a VM for PDAs. Because of the way it was written, you can use Java to develop programs for it. It supports exceptions, threads, many user interface controls, double and long 64-bit types, grayscale, color, 3D controls, and JNI and Java libraries, among other features. The project has been superseded and replaced with TotalCross.

Última actualización: 2008-04-30 23:19


sml/nj (Standard ML of New Jersey) consists of a compiler, compilation manager, and libraries for Standard ML. Included are CML (Concurrent ML) and eXene (a toolkit for X based on CML). The compiler produces efficient code for most popular architectures (Intel x86, Sparc, Alpha, Mips, HP-PA, PowerPC) and runs under Unix, Linux, or Windows (95,98,NT).

Última actualización: 2009-10-30 19:45

CeGCC - Cross development for Pocket PC

CeGCCは、Linux, CygwinまたはMacOS Xホストからの、Windows CE (Pocket PC) アプリケーション開発のためのクロス開発環境です。

Estado de desarrollo: 4 - Beta
Usuarios objetivo: Developers
Sistema Operativo: Cygwin (MS Windows), Linux, Windows CE
Lenguaje de Programación: C, C++
Última actualización: 2010-07-28 17:53

Speech and Debate Timekeeper

スピーチおよび討論の競争のためのタイマーです。音声命令、時間の制限、および、様々 な議論形式 (ポリシー、LD、議会、パブリック フォーラム、等) および個々 のイベントのための準備の時間を追跡します。言語および視覚的時間信号を与えます。

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SourceGridは、マネージコードを全てC#で記述された.NET Windowsフォームのグリッドコントロールです。SourceGridは、テーブルフォーマットのデータ変更もしくは視覚化するために使用することができます。

Última actualización: 2010-05-07 15:46


OpenDMTP は、GPS、温度、およびその他のリモート監視情報の伝送に向けた、特に適しています小さなデバイス (携帯電話、PDA、およびその他遅延/低帯域幅デバイス) と通信できるプロトコル/フレームワークです。

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SuperWabaは、ハンドヘルドマシンのための仮想マシンです。PalmOS、Windows CE, Win32環境で動作し、JDKブラウザーの下で完全にエミュレートします。UIコントロールセット(Palm/WinCE)、doubleとlong、グレイスケール/カラー、ソケット/シリアル/IR/Bluetoothをサポートします。