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Python-Fontconfig is a Python wrapper around the Fontconfig library. It provides a pythonic interface thanks to Cython.

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ASCII art printer

The ASCII art printer shows letters printed in underscores, slashes, backslashes, and pipe characters. It can be used with figlet.

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pts-console-hu is a collection of fonts, keyboard
layouts, and scripts that provide a good font (in
several sizes) and several good keyboard layouts
with the Euro key for the Linux virtual console
(text mode and framebuffer). The package also
provides Hungarian keyboard layouts for X11.

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mknfonts doesn't completely automate the process
of creating nfont packages, but it can do most of
the bulk work for you. This works with .ttf, .pfa,
.pfb, .afm, and most formats for which FreeType
can handle and provide PostScript names.

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Py-FreeType is a Python extension library that wraps the FreeType v2 API. Using this library, developers can use the facilities offered by FreeType to render glyphs from fonts supported by FreeType.

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WorldPrint is a filter for Mozilla (Galeon, etc.),
Htmldoc, and Netscape PostScript output that uses
TrueType fonts to allow the printing of pages
written in Unicode, Big5, SJIS, KOI-8, ISO-8859*,
and other charsets.

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The mminstance package creates instances of PostScript Type1 multiple master fonts. (An instance is a version of the font as it looks at one point in its design space.) Mminstance lets you use multiple master fonts with programs that don't handle them directly, such as afm2tfm, ps2pdf, ps2pk, and X Type1 font servers. Mminstance contains two programs. Mmafm creates AFM font metrics from multiple master AMFM and AFM files, and Mmpfb creates a single-master font outline file (PFA or PFB) from the multiple master font itself.

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Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is a project which attempts to determine a number of things about the shapes of letters in several different writing systems. First, it hypothesizes a set of basic building blocks that all letters are built up from. Second, it hypothesizes a set of rules, a grammar or syntax, which defines how those pieces combine to make different letters. It can generate individual letters, randomize letters in an input string to create weird but readable text, or generate random strings of symbols.

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SlackGreek is a free tool for supporting the Greek
language in Slackware. It enables Greek for both
the console and X. It includes the freetype fonts
from, and it has the
ability to download some Windows-based freetype

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QuesoGLC is a free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer. The OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC) is a state machine that provides OpenGL programs with character rendering services including scale and rotate text and draw text using lines, filled triangles, or bitmaps. QuesoGLC is based on the FreeType library, provides Unicode support, and is designed to be easily ported to any platform that supports both FreeType and the OpenGL API.

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Fontmonk is a PyGTK-based interface to FontForge that lets you convert a set of fonts with ease. It has support for a large set of font formats, including TrueType, OpenType, and SVG.

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Licencia: IPA Font License
Lenguaje Natural: Japanese
Tema: Fonts
Register Date: 2017-02-28 22:01
Última actualización: 2001-11-03 13:34


efont-unicode-bdf is a comprehensive collection of Unicode BDF fonts. It consists of 10, 12, 14, 16 and 24 pixels fonts; all fonts having bold, italic, and bold-italic typefaces. Included fonts have various origins, and the origin of each font is carefully documented to make it clear whether and under what conditions you may use, modify, or re-distribute any part of our work.

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Ankur is working toward supporting the Bangla (Bengali) language on the GNU/Linux operating system. Most of the subprojects are focused on's XServer, and some are platform independent.

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CJK bit-mapped sbit TrueType fonts HOWTO

This HOWTO explains how to extract embedded bitmaps (sbits) out of CJK TrueType fonts, generating high quality bit-mapped fonts for X11. Included are several encoding maps for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean encodings. Most CJK TrueType fonts include embedded bitmaps for 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 point sizes.

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