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TagBox is a system for dynamic XML generation implemented in Java. It features
an extensible XML-compliant procedural scripting language.

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IPSquad Documentation

IPSDoc is a documentation system which uses XML. Its goal is to provide a system which is like DocBook, but is simpler and more customizable. It is currently possible to convert IPSDoc documents into PostScript, PDF, or RTF by using the included XSL:FO style sheets.

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regame is a simple game where you have to sort falling objects into the correct bins. The code is also a perfect tutorial for using FLTK with GL and textured objects.

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xmlizer configurator/server

xmlizer configurator/server is a client/server
approach for custom database to XML mapping. The
configurator is used to set up projects and the
server delivers the processed requests on demand
(like a Web server) according to the mapping rules
made with the configurator, which includes a drag
and drop GUI. One module is for dumping databases
(or parts of it) in a fixed format and the other
module can build XML instances satisfying a
specified XML Schema (or DTD).

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Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML

Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML is a SAX
event generator that produces schema-
conforming XML content from the metadata
found in media files and streams. It supports
ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis/Ogg, FLAC, WMA, and
playlists (M3U, PLS, ASX, and B4S).

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