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tv grab dvb

tv grab dvb decodes EPG (electronic program guide)
TV listings from DVB (digital video broadcast) and
outputs them in XMLTV format.

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MyProfi is a commandline tool that parses MySQL
query logs and outputs
statistics for the queries found. The statistics
shows the most popular,
the slowest, and the most time-locked queries, as
well as other valuable
information, so the developer may easily see the
problematic queries and
start optimizing them right away. Queries are
grouped together by their
normalized view, so all variable parts of queries
are stripped, which
makes the statistics clearer and more useful.

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G.O.SQL is a Web-based data management tool for Oracle. Currently, it supports 7 schema objects: table, view, index, sequence, function, procedure, and synonym. The project accepts input from user in the prescribed format and generates the required Oracle SQL statement code. It can also be used to help you learn the Oracle SQL language.

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PHP/Mysql Site Builder

The PHP/Mysql Site Builder is a tool made with PHP/Mysql to manage your homepage; you can easily create dynamic and static versions of your website.

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Cytadela is a conversion of an Amiga Doom clone
that was also called "Cytadela". The original was
created in the mid-1990's by Virtual Design, and
released first in Poland and then in other

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Nao is a file manager which features support for a
two panel view and a single panel view, graphical
configurability, mouse gestures, additional Python
plugins, a file recognition system that allows you
to configure how files of different types are
shown and what happens when you double-click them,
an option for automatic configuration after the
first run, internal support for most file
operations, separate threads for long operations,
and extensibility.

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MicKI is a minimal wiki incarnation, meant as a
simple collaboration platform with a minimal
learning curve and installation time, and lean
demands on its environment. It is coded in C, runs
as a single executable, and doesn't use any
database or revision control system. It has no
user management of its own (but knows how to use
HTTP basic authentication).

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Qpopper-mrtg is a script to generate qpopper stats
with MRTG. The script is written in Perl and
depends on the File::Readbackwards module.
Possible graphs are: number of qpopper
connections, number of qpopper email messages, and
amount of qpopper traffic.

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velocity2js compiles Apache Velocity templates to JavaScript functions. These functions can be called with an associative array as the input parameter (eg. received via JSON) and generate an HTML snippet as output.

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JSP Prize Tags

JSP Prize Tags is a JSP tag library. The primary tags are the Tree Tag, Tabbed Pane Tag, and AJAX Tags. The Tree Tag makes it easy to implement tree controls in your JSP pages. The Tabbed Pane Tag makes it easy to implement tabbed panes in your JSP pages. You can put any JSP code inside a tab, and even include other JSPs inside a tab. The AJAX Tags make it easy to turn your links and forms into AJAX links and forms, which reload in a table cell or div tag instead of the whole page. Also included are the icon tag, the alternate tag (for alternating content on the page, such as the background color of table rows or an ad rotator), laying calendar events in a table, and more.

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SDLPure is a pure graphical NetHack/SLASH'EM
interface, mimicking the TTY interface as much as
possible in look and in feel, yet with tiles.

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DisTract is a distributed bug tracker. DisTract
allows you to manage bugs in a distributed and
potentially offline manner through your Web
browser on your local machine. The distribution is
achieved by making use of a distributed software
control system, Monotone. Thus Monotone is used to
move files across the network, perform merging
operations, and track the development of every

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PRES (the Press Release System) is a simple content management system,
essentially targeted at producing a news and information site.
Managing a PRES system is designed to be simple, but presentation is
sophisticated and flexible. An elementary knowledge of IT would be
useful, but expertise in designing and managing Web sites is not a
requirement. PRES can be used for anything from private "blogging" to
corporate news systems. It is a Java WebApp and works with Tomcat.

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RFC2822 Address Parser Library

librfc2822 provides application developers with a complete parser for RFC2822 addresses. Not only can you use the library to verify that RFC2822 addresses are syntactically correct, you can also have an address split up into its semantic parts, what is needed when deciding where to route an address to, etc. What is quite unique is that librfc2822 does indeed parse all address types allowed by the standard. That includes such weird things as "address groups" or addresses with whitespace and comments throw in.

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dao-zero is a tiny Java bean used to reduce the
source of a persistence tier based on Spring's
iBatis support. The usual way to use iBatis in
Spring is to write code and invoke the iBatis API
explicitly. dao-zero invokes the iBatis API for
the developer automatically, without the need to
write implementation code. It will implement DAO
interfaces automatically and invoke iBatis SQL
mapped statements for you. You can use it to
replace your DAO bean class directly.

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