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SpyBye is a tool to help web masters determine if
their Web pages are hosting browser exploits that
can infect visiting users with malware. It
functions as an HTTP proxy server and intercepts
all browser requests. A few simple rules are used
to determine if embedded links on your Web page
are harmless, unknown, or maybe even dangerous.

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Kokua is a Trade Wars 2002 assistant with the goal
of being very easy for the user to customize for their
use. Every screen is defined in user-modifiable XML
user interface files similar to HTML. All actions are
written in JavaScript, eliminating the difference
between scripts and normal application behaviors.
The initial emphasis of the project is to explore
visualization and data mining.

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[Amos-Effect] parses and visualizes mobile phone
connection data provided by O2 in the form of
downloadable CSV files. [Amos-Effect] calculates
mobile phone charges on a global and monthly
basis. [Amos-Effect] also determines average
charges derived from the pre-calculated sums.
[Amos-Effect] visualizes these stats by textual
and by graphical means (using perl's libgd

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polliwog is a Java-based Web server log file analyzer. It creates a Web site of statistics and information about your Web site. It provides you with detailed knowledge of what your visitors did while visiting your site. It provides information on human visitors (including daily statistics), searches, search engines, site areas, pages, visit paths, linking sites, and more. It is highly configurable and user-extensible.

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Database Environment: SQL-based
Sistema Operativo: OS Independent
Lenguaje de Programación: Java
User Interface: Web Environment
Última actualización: 2007-05-11 00:11


Video for Linux 2 (V4L2)のsaa7134ドライバをSKNet社のMonster TVでも*完璧に*動かすためのプロジェクトです。
基本的に本家( )へのパッチの形ですが、本家への統合を目指します。

Estado de desarrollo: 3 - Alpha
Lenguaje Natural: English, Japanese
Sistema Operativo: Linux
Lenguaje de Programación: C
Register Date: 2002-10-10 21:17
Última actualización: 2005-08-23 01:39


EMailRobot is a simple object-oriented framework
for developing email auto-responders. It performs
actions based on parameters extracted from
received email bodies and generates answer emails.

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sipscreen is a Linux iptables QUEUE target handler
for screening inbound SIP phone calls flowing
through a Linux gateway. If you have a Vonage
appliance, or other voice-over-IP adapter located
behind a Linux router, you may find sipscreen
useful for accepting or rejecting calls based on
the caller ID information, time of day, or other
custom algorithms.

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Rextile allows you to build XHTML documents and
entire Web sites with ease. You write text using
Textile (a format much more concise than XHTML),
automate document parts with Ruby scripting, and
generate the site offline (the server gets static
XHTML). Rextile was inspired by Xilize. It uses
RedCloth to convert Textile to XHTML, erb to run
script blocks, and Hpricot for DOM manipulation.

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TH-03 is an application that provides an interface
to the Picotech TH-03 digital thermometer. It
generates logfiles on demand and can run as a

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フリーで OSS な Java 用カレンダーライブラリー。Java SE API 以外に依存ライブラリはありません。

Estado de desarrollo: 2 - Pre-Alpha
Público destinatario: Developers
Lenguaje Natural: English, Japanese
Sistema Operativo: OS Independent
Lenguaje de Programación: Java
User Interface: Toolkits/Libraries
Register Date: 2012-11-28 21:20
Última actualización: 2007-06-11 05:38

Apache Jackrabbit

Apache Jackrabbit is a fully conforming
implementation of the Content Repository for Java
Technology API (JCR). A content repository is a
hierarchical content store with support for
structured and unstructured content, full text
searching, versioning, transactions, observation,
and more. Typical applications that use content
repositories include content management, document
management, and records management systems.

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Luca is a Web-based based accounting (double-entry
ledger) application. It is based on Python and

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genesis framework

genesis is a framework that aims to bring
simplicity and productivity to enterprise
application development, ensuring scalability,
robustness, and testability of your software. The
main goal is to simplify the development of
business components and the construction of
complex graphical interfaces, with minimum effort
for developers. It combines several frameworks in
a completely transparent way for developers
through the use of AOP (Aspect Oriented
Programming). It tries to allow people with little
knowledge of the Java platform to develop robust
applications quickly, without requiring them to
learn several new technologies and complex concepts.

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IridiumFlares is an application that can predict
the flares made by the constellation of the
communication satellites known as Iridium. A flare
is a very bright phenomenon that occurs when the
light of the sun or the moon is reflected by one
of the satellites' antennas.

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FileBrowser-NG is a Web application that helps you
easily navigate and see files that are stored on a
Web server.

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