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dotnetfromjava is a Java software API to provide
access to the .NET APIs without writing native
code. From the Java developers' point of view, the
main Java object that makes .NET API calls is
NetObject. From the .NET developers' point of
view, NetObject is the RuntimeType of a .NET
(Object) Instance. NetObject is the root object of
the dotnetfromjava library and can invoke (nearly)
any member via reflection of (nearly) any .NET

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Sistema Operativo: Windows
Lenguaje de Programación: C++, Java, Java
User Interface: Toolkits/Libraries
Última actualización: 2004-08-21 13:28


PyCrash is a run-time exception dumper which handles
uncaught exceptions during the execution of Python programs
and collects information about the program context. It can be
very useful in report bug information, because the
programmer can easily analyse the program execution
context of the crashed application. The format of the crash
dump file generated by PyCrash is XML.

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pidgin-hotkeys is a Pidgin (previously known as
Gaim) plugin that allows you to define global
hotkeys for various actions such as toggling the
buddy list, fetching queued messages, and opening
the preferences or account dialogs.

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The Complex Language

The Complex language is an object oriented programming language intended for scripting or rapid prototyping of applications. The design goals were to have very few simple but powerful concepts and to be easy to use and easy to learn. The project provides a working interpreter along with a complete specification of the language.

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Gallery Mage

Gallery Mage is a client side photo gallery
management system designed to work with online
gallery display scripts such as SPGM. Using
Gallery Mage, one can select, caption, rotate,
crop, resize, and upload photos taken with a
digital camera to an online photo gallery. The
rotate, crop, and resize parameters are stored as
text data with the images, and the operations are
only performed on a copy of the photo while
exporting, thus preserving the original picture
files. Gallery Mage provides abstraction from the
online display software.

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Última actualización: 2007-06-22 05:31


XBiG uses XSL transformations to generate foreign
function interfaces
(bindings) for libraries.

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Última actualización: 2007-06-21 10:44


Finomaton lets you comfortably draw and typeset
finite state machines (automata) and similar graphs. The resulting graphs are exported to plain MetaPost and can be
included in TeX and LaTeX documents for excellent
typesetting quality. States are magnetic to facilitate connection, and any TeX command can be embedded in the labels of states and lines.

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Última actualización: 2016-09-25 18:00

Project: Starfighter Japanese version

Project: Starfighter translated in Japanese (Original:

Estado de desarrollo: 5 - Production/Stable
Público destinatario: End Users/Desktop
Lenguaje Natural: Japanese
Lenguaje de Programación: C++
User Interface: SDL
Register Date: 2015-12-27 17:59
Última actualización: 2005-08-27 02:44


JGUP is a code generation tool that assists with
getting a head start on a new J2EE Web application
project. By supplying an XML file describing the
Web application, it creates your database tables
and outputs a project source tree that includes an
Ant build.xml for compiling and deploying the Web
application. Java objects for persisting to the
database are generated, and simple relations
between business objects are supported. The
generated application includes a Servlet/JSP user
interface with input prompt validation done both
by JavaScript and the servlet. An administrator's
Web page for viewing the logs and setting
configuration parameters is also provided.

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Última actualización: 2007-06-21 23:36


bbgun moves phpBB forums to WordPress blogs. bbgun
pulls a forum entry from the phpBB database,
translates the text (bbCode to strict XHTML),
date, and other fields, and pushes the translated
entry into the WordPress database. With bbgun, you
can move individual posts, move entire threads,
move only certain users' posts, map phpBB users to
WordPress authors, and specify WordPress
categories for the new entries.

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Última actualización: 2005-08-25 21:33


DotNetOpenMail is a C# library that allows a
programmer to create HTML and text email with
attachments in .NET or Mono.

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Última actualización: 2007-06-21 14:24


Net::Oscar is a pure Perl implementation of the
OSCAR protocol used by ICQ and AIM instant message

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Última actualización: 2007-06-24 05:07


Phpfw is a framework for PHP that provides a base
on which various database backed applications can
be built. It allows for easy creation of CRUD
applications (applications where most of the code
is focused on create/read/update/delete operations
on the database). It uses MVC-like patterns to
allow for simpler and cleaner organization of

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Última actualización: 2003-10-03 09:38

お絵かき版 imgboard.php 改造版

ぷにゅねっと(で配布されている「お絵かき版 imgboard.php」の改造版です。

Estado de desarrollo: 4 - Beta
Público destinatario: End Users/Desktop
Lenguaje Natural: Japanese
Lenguaje de Programación: PHP
User Interface: Web Environment
Register Date: 2003-09-21 00:47
Última actualización: 2007-02-07 14:38


申請者追跡システムと仕事のボードと募集のソフトウェア。企業の求人情報や採用担当者の web サイトを追加するために大きい。Java ベース: Struts、休止状態、拡張可能なアーキテクチャ。ホーム ページ上のデモ:。

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