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Sleep For Palm

Sleep is designed to convert one of your hardware
buttons into a fully functioning power button.
This is useful for replacing a power button that
has worn out. Sleep can also be used to move the
power button to the front of the PDA for
convenience. Sleep is fully supported on OS
version 3.0 devices and up. It is also fully OS 5

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Sistema Operativo: PalmOS
Lenguaje de Programación: C++
Última actualización: 2006-11-16 05:38


PHPDance is an object-oriented PHP interface to
the Sharedance cache server. It allows you to
cache data in the very fast and reliable
Sharedance cache server. Features include the
ability to be distributed across multiple servers
and optional redundancy (in which writes go to two

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TemplAT is a general-purpose text file template
engine that was designed to be used as an API from
Java applications or servlets. It is small (39K)
and simple, yet surprisingly powerful, and has no
external library dependencies.

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Última actualización: 2005-05-27 10:46

dom xml class

dom xml class implements the DOM XML standard without using special-purpose PHP extensions. The properties and methods in the class are based on the properties and methods of the Flash Actionscript XML object.

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Última actualización: 2006-11-14 22:01


vthrottle is an implementation of an SMTP
throttling engine for Sendmail servers, based upon
M. Williamson's mechanisms, as described in his
2003 Usenix Security paper. It allows the
administrator to control how much email users and
hosts may send, hindering the rapid spread of
viruses, worms, and spam. Exceptions can be made
using a whitelist mechanism, which can be
generated manually or with the included tool
"vmeasure". vthrottle tells the misbehaving client
to hold on to the deferred mail and resend it at a
later time.

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Última actualización: 2006-11-16 04:24

EtherEye Network Host Checker

EtherEye is a Web-based network host checking system written in PHP and standards compliant HTML. You simply provide it with a list of IP addresses or domain names via the configuration interface, and it will ping them on request and output the results as HTML. You can also access the results via RSS feed for easier monitoring or to integrate into a Web site.

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Última actualización: 2006-11-15 14:05

HTML Redemption Language

HTML Redemption Language (HRL for short) is a
language that redeems HTML by adding some tags
that should have been in HTML from the beginning.
The tags include "if", "include", "macro", and
(most importantly) "python". HRL is a preprocessor
language: its purpose is to generate static Web
pages, but with power. It's written in Python, and
its power comes from being able run embedded
Python scripts.

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Última actualización: 2006-11-15 23:01


PanelFM is a GNOME panel applet that provides
quick access to the file system using popup menus
to display files and directories. It is especially
useful to people who just need to quickly browse
through the file system and reach a particular
file or directory. A file can be opened using the
default application associated with it, and a
directory can be opened in Nautilus or gnome-terminal.

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Última actualización: 2006-11-16 23:26


Fortune contains the wise sayings from the ancient
Chinese cultural icon, the fortune cookie. Every
day, Fortune will provide you with a new saying
for a daily dose of guidance and wisdom. With
hundreds of hand picked sayings, Fortune will
deliver fresh guidance for years to come. Fortune
could motivate, stimulate, and inspire you to
become a much wiser and more insightful person.

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Última actualización: 2004-01-14 21:52


JFaceDbc 2.0 は、Eclipse のプラグインです。構造となど、SQL コマンドを発行する、JDBC 準拠のデータベースの内容を表示することができます。新しいバージョンが で商用ライセンスの下で利用可能

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Última actualización: 2010-12-11 16:30

RPG Next Gen Editor

RPG Next Gen Editorは、Eclipseプラットフォームに基づいた軽量なRPG(レポートプログラムジェネレータ)エディタです。エディタの焦点は小さいサイズとスピードにあります。このプロジェクトの目標は、完全にフリーフォーマットなRPGエディタ機能です。

Última actualización: 2004-07-03 16:27

Nsim Library

A neural network simulation library for C++.

Estado de desarrollo: 3 - Alpha
Lenguaje de Programación: C++
Register Date: 2003-05-11 17:18
Última actualización: 2006-11-16 23:26

Mood Stats

Mood Stats keeps track of your daily mood. You can
view your mood data on both daily and monthly
charts. This is a useful tool for people suffering
from depression and other mood disorders. It is
also helpful if you just want to track how you
feel on a daily basis. It supports both monochrome
and color devices, and also fully supports Palm OS 5.

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Última actualización: 2006-11-16 13:25

GNU Proxyknife

GNU Proxyknife (formerly known as phc or proxy hunter customed) is a program to validate free proxies for LAN users to reach the Internet by bypassing ISP proxies with strict limits. It can be customized to change headers (such as User_Agent) in test requests sent to free proxies. You can also customize it with your own checksite, checksite port, or checksite key, switch between the CONNECT and GET method, etc., to test and filter free proxies. It can be used to validate free socks5 proxies with a connect command, socks4 proxies with a connect command or free HTTP proxies with a GET or CONNECT method. It can validate free proxies with a TCP tunnel.

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Última actualización: 2006-11-16 13:37


Laeqed is a Latex equation editor specifically
targeted at producing PNG images of math equations
for use on Web pages.

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