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SniffResponse is a server-side Web browser sniffer
PHP class which categorizes browsers into four
groups: not OK, just OK, modern, and unknown.
Browser name and version can also be extracted.
SniffResponse makes it simple to write PHP scripts
which respond according to the standards supported
by the browser. For example, it could serve up a
warning or pass crude but safe HTML. The default
thresholds for the different levels can be

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Simgear is a library for rapid construction and prototyping of 3D simulation, game, and visualization programs.

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PySBIG is a Python module to read SBIG CCD files.

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Tomkitty is a Web server written in Java. It was
conceived initially as a container for Web
applications called Turdlets, themselves conceived
as a simple alternative to Servlets. The code,
though badly documented, has been put together
with simplicity and understandability in mind and
uses interfaces extensively. The general idea is a
clean, stable, and scalable Web server in Java
without the complexity and steep learning curve
that comes with running the whole Tomcat system.

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Toro Projects

Toro is a set of technologies built as part of Academus Portal for uPortal 2.6.x. It includes Toro Portlets, which features Notifications, Briefcase, SSO Gateway, Permission Manager, Web Content Manager, and Blog, and Toro Channels, which contains the Academus theme and the following channels: Address Book, Bookmarks, Calendar, Campus Announcements, Campus News, Classifieds, Collaborative Groupware (CMS), Permissions, and My Notes. Toro IPAC contains a utility for importing Groups and Permissions data from external data sources. Toro SDK contains a collection of library routines used within other Toro projects. Toro Resource Pool contains a resource pool library used by several other Toro projects.

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Sofa Media Center

Sofa is a media center aimed at easy usage,
minimal configuration, and total integration with
the GNOME desktop environment and existing
multimedia applications.

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libh264bitstream provides a complete set of
functions to read and write video streams
conforming to the ITU H264 (MPEG4-AVC) video
standard. The main design goal is to provide a
complete, fully standards-compliant library for
reading and writing H264 bitstreams. Reading and
writing headers (sequence and picture parameter
sets, slice headers, etc.) is fully implemented.

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Mergence HL7 Integration Engine

Mergence is a high-performance HL7 integration engine and application platform based on Apache ServiceMix. It was developed to fill the need for an open source, fully transactional health care integration system capable of handling millions of messages per day and thousands of concurrent LLP connections. Message transformation and scripting is done using Groovy.

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UML2Classes is a tool to generate PHP classes from
an XMI file exported by your UML tool. It can
generate classes containing all the methods,
attributes, interfaces, classes, packages, and
parameters described in a class diagram.

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Simple Timetracker

Simple Timetracker is an application useful for
keeping a record of time spent on projects and
activities therein. You use mouse-drag gestures to
'paint' time spent on a task on a continuous
timeline. It takes care to make sure any
particular stretch of time is attributed to at
most one task. It records data, via JDBC, in a
database. By default, it uses HSQLDB, but (for
example) a PostgreSQL database on a central server
may be used.

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python-wmii is a Python-only configuration script
for the window manager

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gretl is an open-source econometrics package, designed for statistical modeling in economics. It comprises a shared library, a command-line client, and a GUI client written using GTK+ (1.2 or 2.0). It includes GNOME support.

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MyVirtualDirectory is a virtual directory that
facilitates the integration of applications with
identity data in multiple authoritative sources in
real time. The virtual directory acts as a proxy
between an application and the authoritative
sources, hiding the details of how or where the
data is coming from. MyVirtualDirectory includes
support for accessing directories and relational
databases and for quickly integrating with custom
sources such as Web services.

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bankconvert is a Web script that is able to
convert various bank statement formats into the
Czech GPC bank statement format. Supported input
formats include Paypal QIF, RaiffeisenBank XML,
and eBanka (a Czech statement in HTML).

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phpArmory is a PHP class library. It allows PHP
software developers to easily access data from the
World of Warcraft Armory Web site. This is useful
because the Armory Web site contains up-to-date
and official details on characters, guilds, and
items in World of Warcraft.

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