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Virtual Cron

Many Web applications need to execute periodic
tasks. Some operating systems come with
programs, like cron or at, to execute scheduled
tasks. However, under some Web hosting
environments these programs cannot be used.
Virtual Cron provides an alternative solution that
can be used in more restricted hosting
environments. It uses files to keep track of the last
time when a periodical task was executed. The site
Web page scripts can use the class to check these
files. The class can tell when it is time to execute a
task again. When it is time, the same script can
execute the scheduled task without depending on
external programs.

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VBA Express

VBA Express is a VisualBoyAdvance frontend. It can
help you configure the graphics, sound, controls,
and paths, and run your games without using the

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Revdump is a tool that can dump values from
raw data files, which is useful for reverse
engineering data file formats.

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Estado de desarrollo: 1 - Planning
Público destinatario: Developers
Lenguaje Natural: Japanese
Lenguaje de Programación: C, C++
Tema: Interpreters
User Interface: Console (Text Based)
Register Date: 2009-04-30 10:20
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MoioChart is my Java library to draw function plots,
bar graphs, pie graphs, etc. It can work with
Swing, SWT, and SuperWaba.

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SEFIR (Secure File Burning On a Remote Machine) is a client-side program that makes it possible for users to log in to a remote SSH server, browse and choose files and directories, and burn them using the remote machine's CD or DVD writer.

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SuperWaba JEP

JEP is a math expression parser by Singular
Systems. SuperWaba JEP is a special JEP version
compatible with the SuperWaba platform.

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