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This is a fork of Zandronum for TSPG.

Rev. Tiempo Autor
ea4eae6255ee tip 2021-03-15 11:17:15 Sean Baggaley

Added tag TSPGv24 for changeset 72a1d0e72f85

72a1d0e72f85 TSPGv24 2021-03-15 11:17:12 Sean Baggaley

Update version to TSPGv24

1aed22c699e2 2021-03-15 11:12:17 Sean Baggaley

Protected sv_enforcebans, sv_enforcemasterbanlist, and sv_updatemaster

384ce32dfe55 2021-01-26 08:43:56 Sean Baggaley

Comment out the INI write failure warning

3affbe5ee1d6 2021-01-25 05:56:48 Sean Baggaley

Add TSPG version to startup banner

0d1c7ec358cb 2021-01-25 05:53:19 Sean Baggaley

Update version to TSPGv23

1e921845d526 2021-01-25 05:53:03 Adam Kaminski

Refined the duplicate lump check inside ZIP/PK3 files. Now, a fatal error only occurs if any duplicate lumps that are found need to be authenticated by the server. Otherwise, a console error message will be printed during startup and the file will be allowed to load.

f53521bf7613 2021-01-22 09:11:36 Sean Baggaley

Added tag TSPGv22 for changeset a27f7d5eb733

a27f7d5eb733 TSPGv22 2021-01-22 09:10:59 Sean Baggaley

Update version to TSPGv22

0809f33e8ddf 2021-01-22 09:10:24 Adam Kaminski

ZIP or 7Z files containing duplicate lumps won't be loaded and will instead throw a fatal error indicating the issue. This resolves authentication failures that happened when the malformed file was loaded onto a Linux server.

d53b205a770f 2020-09-18 10:45:12 DrinkyBird

Backed out changeset: 03765d1d486b, as it caused many bugs

03765d1d486b 2020-05-01 02:59:27 Sean Baggaley

Added Mazter's RCON IP redaction patch

3ea68bdda939 2020-04-04 09:14:56 Sean Baggaley

Added tag TSPGv21 for changeset d190cad0d92e

d190cad0d92e TSPGv21 2020-04-04 09:14:52 Sean Baggaley

Increment version

4777298e35e5 2020-04-04 09:13:59 Sean Baggaley

Improve dnsbl

a0017fdbe6e5 2019-11-03 08:25:13 Sean Baggaley

Added tag TSPGv20 for changeset dda48e63dc18

dda48e63dc18 TSPGv20 2019-11-03 08:25:08 Sean Baggaley

Update version to TSPGv20

a1094b913f9c 2019-11-03 08:22:24 Sean Baggaley

Block writemidi command

26a6e8bcb81e 2019-10-14 06:07:18 Sean Baggaley

Added tag TSPGv19 for changeset 29b4a657615b

29b4a657615b TSPGv19 2019-10-14 06:06:59 Sean Baggaley

Update version to TSPGv17

a9cf196d15dd 2019-10-14 05:51:35 Sean Baggaley

Update gitinfo_tspg.h for 3.0.1

f19abcf4045a 2019-10-14 05:32:11 Sean Baggaley

Merged with upstream

10af1739daa3 2019-10-14 04:38:53 Benjamin Berkels

- changed the version string to 3.0.1
- kept network compatibility with 3.0

8761db61361b 2019-10-12 18:46:09 Sean Baggaley

Added tag TSPGv18 for changeset 7e7c350108eb

7e7c350108eb TSPGv18 2019-10-12 06:53:06 Sean Baggaley

Add a missing newline

abc9ed6ab21e 2019-10-12 06:51:08 Sean Baggaley

Add missing include

092a73bcff63 2019-10-12 06:50:09 Sean Baggaley

Sends message upon filtering a chat line

175f8738740c 2019-10-07 05:33:50 Sean Baggaley

The spectate and join client commands will now trigger a client command flood.

8308a8729f92 2019-09-25 02:41:01 Sean Baggaley

Fix a server hang that could be caused by malformed userinfo data.

6abf0a95b021 2019-09-24 15:29:26 Sean Baggaley

The suicide, change team, and inventory drop client commands now check for a command flood.