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Edward-san Historial

[Hg] commits were pushed to 'zandronum-sandbox-stable' (current: 3f74636efbabbe43811b7781595575c0db39905f)
Fixed: pointer in BOTCMD_DoChatStringSubstitutions was checked incorrectly.
[Hg] commits were pushed to 'zandronum-sandbox-stable' (current: eb8be61a2018031a20ee8d18c129dfedef6547af)
Fixed: clients didn't clear their maplist first when reconnecting to the server via the "map" CCMD.
[Hg] commits were pushed to 'zandronum-sandbox-stable' (current: fa59822f0b885d6c246463b1562188a95e58c60b)
Fix a crash with the Hexen Firestorm weapon projectiles caused by a compiler misoptimization on L...
[Hg] commits were pushed to 'zandronum-sandbox-stable' (current: 2ea5ba700303e18b0035357c12c75d0870221b7a)
Fixed: a dead spectator's old body wouldn't get added to the body queue in offline games or on th...
[Incidencia] Add Comment on ticket #40871
Nice to see all these patches! One nitpicky thing which IMHO should be changed is the patch with...