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Project global auxiliary build scripts, and configuration files.

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This README relates to the MinGW/build-aux CVS module.

The MinGW/build-aux module is not intended for free-standing use.
Rather, it serves as a collection point for general purpose code
components, which are intended to facilitate the development of
build systems for other modules; as such, individual components
selected from build-aux may be incorporated into other modules
by means of appropriate mapping entries in the CVS modules

Developers wishing to deploy modules from MinGW/build-aux into
their own MinGW hosted project should consult the administrator,
to ensure that the appropriate references are established within
the CVS modules database.

Changes to MinGW/build-aux component modules may be initiated
from any sandbox of any module which incorporates the affected
component.  When making any such change, developers are requested
to please ensure that the ChangeLog within MinGW/build-aux itself
is appropriately updated.

Keith Marshall, 2010-04-16

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