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The MinGW.org Windows System Libraries

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122caf482019-04-08 18:03:40Keith MarshallCorrect typographic error; fix bug #39117
585013892019-04-08 17:47:46Keith MarshallCorrect typographic error; fix bug #39117
03ded19b2019-04-02 00:16:17Keith MarshallMerge post 2017-11-09 changes from 5.2-trunk. --HG-- ren...
b6cf78ea2019-02-04 00:47:20Keith MarshallClean up winsock default version selection stratagem.
db8ea9972019-02-03 08:50:04Keith MarshallAdd build option for <features.h> sample distribution.
0e0a05bb2019-01-23 05:21:59Keith MarshallAdjust repository version following WSL-5.2.1 release.
44fc56c82019-01-22 20:59:40Keith MarshallAdded tag wsl-5.2.1-release for changeset 40ebea91874e
4a69caf42019-01-22 20:58:15Keith MarshallPrepare and publish MinGW.org WSL-5.2.1 release.
c35775882019-01-22 20:36:30Keith MarshallIncorporate user-customized <features.h> configuration.
240ef8cd2019-01-21 19:50:29Keith MarshallHandle another GCC compile-time warning.

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