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UltraMonkey-L7 V3(multi-thread implementation)

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b91c7fbd2012-09-18 15:42:25hibari・SorryServerへの振り分け時、接続が切断されてしまう問題を...
f51648592012-09-14 17:22:23hibariRev b9d8e26 のコミットで変数の初期化処理を削除してしまっ...
77a977ef2012-09-14 17:17:13hibariRev bc58556 のコミットに含まれていたバグの修正。 l7direct...
0755f4322012-09-11 20:24:42hibaril7vs.cfの[session] セクションにオプション項目 server_conn...
b29237292012-09-11 20:00:44hibariFixed bug: Evaluated the header section with the body sec...
499d4e542012-09-11 19:16:06hibariEdit spec file for generate devel package. And add module...
bc5855622012-09-11 19:15:27hibariAdd session_thread_pool_size option for l7vsadm and l7dir...
48fb21112012-09-11 19:14:39hibariPrepare for v3.1.0
2cc5e8692012-09-11 17:49:48hibari誤ってv3.1.0-develをmasterにpushしてしまったため、 以下の...
a8e661bf2012-09-10 12:08:13hibariEdit spec file for generate devel package. And add module...
About UltraMonkey-L7

    UltraMonkey-L7 is a opensource layer-7 load balancing software.

System requirements

           OS : Linux 2.6.9(or later)on x86 and x86_64 architecture
                We recommend to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

          CPU : Intel x86 and x86_64 or compatible architecture processors

       Memory : 2 GB(recommended)

    Libraries : log4cxx(C++ Logging Libraries) boost(C++ Template Libraries)


    UltraMonkey-L7 is distributed using LGPL License.

About UltraMonkey-L7 Project

    To get more information about UltraMonkey-L7, please visit our project
    Web Site.

      Software repository - http://sourceforge.jp/projects/ultramonkey-l7/

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