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b4dc0c9 2014-12-24 16:07:22 Hiroaki Nakano master 2014/12/24 edit Signed-off-by: Hiroaki Nakano <nakano.hi...
7d88ae0 2014-07-31 16:34:48 Hiroaki Nakano edit途中。 やっと親プロセスや子プロセスが死ななくなった。...
ff7dbac 2014-07-11 17:19:45 Hiroaki Nakano edit途中。 - l7vs_service_argにある使わないchild_pid配列...
bb428f6 2014-07-09 17:35:15 Hiroaki Nakano edit途中。 - systemd対応。 - FIFO用ディレクトリパスの定...
ba206c6 2014-06-12 16:13:53 Hiroaki Nakano edit途中。 - forkを実装 - VirtualServer追加処理 1. IP,p...
22fe4d0 2014-04-09 15:23:37 Hiroaki Nakano edit途中。 Signed-off-by: Hiroaki Nakano <nakano.hiroaki...
d520996 2014-01-17 16:07:12 Hiroaki Nakano Base files commit. Thease are v2.1.3-1 based. Signed-off...


Nombre Rev. Tiempo Autor Mensaje
master b4dc0c9 2014-12-24 16:07:22 Hiroaki Nakano 2014/12/24 edit Signed-off...


About UltraMonkey-L7

    UltraMonkey-L7 is a opensource layer-7 load balancing software.

System requirements

           OS : Linux 2.6.9(or later)on x86 and x86_64 architecture
                We recommend to use Redhat Enterprise Linux.

          CPU : Intel x86 and x86_64 or compatible architecture processors

       Memory : 2 GB(recommended)

    Libraries : gcc4(or higher), glib2.x, perl, apache log4cxx(0.10 or higher)
                boost(1.36 or higer)


    UltraMonkey-L7 is distributed using LGPL License.

About UltraMonkey-L7 Project

    To get more information about UltraMonkey-L7, please visit our project
    Web Site.

         Project Web Site - http://ultramonkey-l7.sourceforge.jp/
      Software repository - http://sourceforge.jp/projects/ultramonkey-l7/