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サイドバー (Side Bar)

PythonからElixir Reportのレポートサーバーにアクセスするサンプルコード

  • R/O
  • R/O (HTTP)
  • R/W (SSH)
  • R/W (HTTPS)

PythonからElixir Reportのレポートサーバーにアクセスするサンプルコード

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035502cd2014-12-03 18:18:41hylomfix: typo in server_app.py
1e1938c52014-12-03 18:18:26hylomupdate config.py
19594f4a2014-12-03 15:41:45hylomupdate config.py
fcb3dc762014-12-03 15:41:35hylomimplement pdf function
faddf8912014-12-03 15:41:24hylomimplement /pdf/traffic
09af2f2b2014-12-03 15:40:58hylomfix index.js for support 4-column traffic data
1179e9b32014-12-03 01:19:55Hiromichi Matsushimaimplement clientside codes and stylesheet
d3b1da552014-12-03 01:19:27Hiromichi Matsushimacode cleaning
c1f47a3d2014-12-03 01:19:15Hiromichi Matsushimaadd handler to get xml data from report server
3f5310cf2014-12-02 22:34:54Hiromichi Matsushimadelete unused data

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