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95f565d12022-03-11 02:25:33LéonardFixed a merge error.
1e3c39092022-03-08 23:33:18LéonardRemoved some of the leftover delta from the 3.1 merge.
971c9fa02022-03-08 23:23:23LéonardMerged with 3.1.
88b99ea52022-03-08 23:19:49LéonardMerged with 3.1-alpha-211205-2031.
4178904d2021-12-12 06:35:55Adam Kaminski- changed the version string to 3.1 - changed BUILD_ID/BU...
0f6e065b2021-12-12 06:34:48Adam KaminskiDisabled the skip correction in the release build for now.
a3115fc52021-12-06 05:31:54Benjamin BerkelsAdded some missing client side checks (fixing 3830 and 38...
669df2dc2021-12-05 03:03:57Adam KaminskiFixed the loser of a duel not being sent to spectators if...
82135ae92021-12-02 13:58:15Adam KaminskiLet clients always send backup commands even when the ski...
1132d0442021-12-02 07:55:41Adam KaminskiThe server now only restricts playing certain sounds whil...

Zandronum's Community Client

A combination of Leonard and Catastrophe's clients.


  • Chat Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Cvar Pointers
  • Improved cl_identifytarget
  • Various Sound Commands
  • Weapon Bobbing Customization
  • And Much More!

Note that unlike its' predecessors, most prefixes have been renamed to ZCC instead of cata or l. So something like cata_identifymonsters has been renamed to ZCC_identifymonsters, and l_bobstyle is now zcc_bobstyle. There are some exceptions:

  • Catastrophe's cl_identifymonsters remains the same name.
  • Leonard's pointer cvars start with the prefix zptr instead of ptr.
  • Console Commands don't have prefixes.

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