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A small kernel of code for playing with Galois fields of arbitrary characteristic

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28c4e0ee2020-02-21 07:02:28Eric HopperBetter docstrings, and make mult_inverses print not retur...
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3e43d3f12020-02-16 18:06:20Eric HopperAdd a function to print out a group table for presentation.
0b77fa2d2020-01-13 07:45:56Eric HopperTurning this into a grab-bag of math stuff.
8afc24c82019-08-02 08:58:36Eric HopperBeging making this more like a reusable Python module.
ef5953b82019-08-01 14:34:22Eric HopperPreparing for a rpesentation on group theory.
e00c7a172017-12-07 04:14:44Eric Hoppergf.py shouldn't be executable.
4d87ce942017-06-21 02:19:01Eric HopperFixed error in Lagrange interpolation. How did it ever work?
9fe5a2f22017-06-17 02:37:41Eric HopperRemove possibility of division imprecision. If coefficie...
a6fa33802017-06-17 02:12:59Eric HopperAdd a function to do Lagrange interpolation.
This project is just me doodling with Galois Fields. The goal is to
test out some things I learned about them after studying some books
about them.

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