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LD AutoCircuit

Another simple mod for the game "Factorio". Automatically strings circuit wire on long distance poles.

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be3839942019-03-05 17:37:22Eric HopperAdded tag 0.2.2 for changeset ec428dbe0695
ec428dbe2019-03-05 17:35:00Eric HopperUpdate to use new 0.17 shortcut feature.
31e760a42019-02-27 12:50:11Eric HopperAdded tag 0.2.1 for changeset 4e6c29b63326
4e6c29b62019-02-27 12:50:01Eric HopperUpdate changelog.txt so in-game mod changelog parser unde...
ee3e78202019-02-27 06:26:22Eric HopperAdded tag 0.2.0 for changeset 6dc3fc2334bd
6dc3fc232019-02-27 06:26:18Eric HopperUpdates for 0.17
38e89b812018-11-04 14:59:20Eric HopperAdded tag 0.1.0 for changeset 02aedd594bf2
02aedd592018-11-04 14:52:19Eric HopperAdd English text for mod options.
b2df8c1a2018-11-04 14:52:04Eric HopperFix a whole host of different small stupid errors.
6d13949f2018-11-04 14:16:41Eric HopperA first crack at this mod.

LD AutoCircuit

This mod adds a shortcut toggle (like the roboport toggle) that toggles whether or not circuit wires are automatically strung to a newly placed long-distance pole when you place the pole such that it connects to another pole that already has circuit wires attached.

This is useful for running circuit wires all along your rail network or over other long distances.

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