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Revisión06e1c4f874cb93f8ec67e991a4d15a1732869547 (tree)
Tiempo2012-07-19 00:10:33
AutorDave Brondsema <dbrondsema@geek...>
CommiterDave Brondsema

Log Message

[#4481] correct docs on solr field names for voting

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--- a/ForgeTracker/forgetracker/widgets/ticket_search.py
+++ b/ForgeTracker/forgetracker/widgets/ticket_search.py
@@ -84,9 +84,9 @@ class SearchHelp(ffw.Lightbox):
8484 <li>User who created the ticket - reported_by_s</li>
8585 <li>Status of the ticket - status</li>
8686 <li>Title of the ticket - summary</li>
87-<li>Votes up/down of the ticket - votes_up/votes_down</li>
88-<li>Votes total of the ticket - votes_total</li>
89-<li>Custom field - the field name with an underscore in front like _custom</li>
87+<li>Votes up/down of the ticket - votes_up_i/votes_down_i (if enabled in tool options)</li>
88+<li>Votes total of the ticket - votes_total_i</li>
89+<li>Custom field - the field name with an underscore in front, like _custom</li>
9090 </ul>
9191 <h2>Example searches</h2>
9292 <p>Any ticket that is not closed in the 1.0 milestone with "foo" in the title</p>
@@ -116,4 +116,4 @@ class SearchHelp(ffw.Lightbox):
116116 </ul>
117117 <p>You can use these properties by appending them to the url (only one sort allowed at a time) like this:</p>
118118 <div class="codehilite"><pre>/p/yourproject/tickets/search/?q=_milestone:1.0&amp;sort=snippet_s+asc</pre></div></div>
\ No newline at end of file