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Revisión52c33953b87ace3b19248815796f17eab8a15066 (tree)
Tiempo2012-07-11 23:34:20
AutorIgor Bondarenko <jetmind2@gmai...>
CommiterIgor Bondarenko

Log Message

[#4495] ticket:109 Fix text and textbox size.

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Diferencia incremental

--- a/ForgeSVN/forgesvn/templates/svn/import.html
+++ b/ForgeSVN/forgesvn/templates/svn/import.html
@@ -17,8 +17,10 @@
1717 in your existing repository.</p>
1818 </div>
1919 <br style="clear:both"/>
20-<p>If you really, <strong>really</strong> want to do this, enter the URL of the source repository below,
21- <font color="red">it's going to overwrite current contents:</font><br>
22-(examples: http://repository.url/svn/name, https://repository.url/svn/name or svn://repository.url/svn/name)</p>
20+<p><strong>Be careful! Importing will overwrite current repository contents.</strong></p>
21+<p>We expect link to publicly accessible repository (no password).<br />
22+(Examples: http://repository.url/svn/name, https://repository.url/svn/name or svn://repository.url/svn/name)</p>
23+<p>Notification email will be sent when import complete.</p>
24+<p>If you really, <strong>really</strong> want to do this, enter the URL of the source repository below:</p>
2325 {{ c.form.display(action='do_import') }}
2426 {% endblock %}
--- a/ForgeSVN/forgesvn/widgets.py
+++ b/ForgeSVN/forgesvn/widgets.py
@@ -27,4 +27,4 @@ class ImportForm(ForgeForm):
2727 class fields(ew_core.NameList):
2828 checkout_url = ew.TextField(
2929 label='Checkout URL',
30- validator=ValidateSvnUrl(not_empty=True), attrs=dict(size=80))
30+ validator=ValidateSvnUrl(not_empty=True), attrs=dict(size=65))