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21126fb92019-11-14 13:21:27Alistair StrachanFall back to CLOCK_BOOTTIME if CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM fails...
a6699ca42019-11-14 13:21:27Chih-Wei HuangSupport generic USB Bluetooth adapter Find USB Bluetooth...
18a51dc42019-11-14 13:21:27Chih-Wei Huanghciblecmds: remove unnecessary checking This fixes Bluet...
3bd682192019-11-14 13:21:27Chih-Wei HuangReplace Bluetooth HAL by Intel's implementation Linaro's...
190f2b522019-11-14 13:21:27Chih-Wei HuangAdd back libbt-vendor
1eb8157c2019-11-14 13:21:27Chih-Wei HuangAvoid annoying crashing on VMware
4b179b822019-11-14 13:21:27Chih-Wei HuangRemove the unused function
2b00838d2019-11-14 13:21:27Chih-Wei HuangHCI: don't abort on timeout Timeout is normal. Especiall...
6613e8522019-11-14 13:21:27anitha3xA work around fix for incorrect controller response. Rea...
cda119df2019-11-14 13:21:27Jeevaka Prabu BadrappanFix for Bluetooth device name reset to default name after...

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