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Simple disk space checker

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What's this?

Simple disk space checker

System requirement

  • ruby (1.8+)

  • can execute "df -k"


gem install dsck

Support scripts

  • dsck2mail - sample shell wrapper script for crontab.


See "rd2 dsck" or "dsck -h" for details.

dsck [-Vhv] [-c config | global_threshold | /mount/point threshold]...


-V, --version

Show version

-h, --help

Show this message

-v, --verbose

Verbose output. Multiple -v to increase verbosity

-q, --quiet

Quiet output. Multiple -q to decrease verbosity

-s, --summary

Show summary report

-r, --report

Show detail report

-e, --errors-only

Suppress "-r" and "-s" when nothing to alert

-c conf, --config=conf

Specify config file (arguments prevail over config)

If both of "-s" or "-r" are not specified, fallback to "-se".

Threshold Format

If argument is matched regex "/[0-9]+?/" or "nocheck", it's considerd as threshold.

Suffix character was consider as B=byte, K=KiloByte, M=Megabyte, G=GigaByte, T=TeraByte, P=PetaByte and %=Percent.

When string has no suffix character, longer than 3 will be treated as KiloByte, if not as percent.

This script alert when use% is over threshold of percentage or filesystem available size is under threshold of Byte and blocks.

ConfigFile Format

Same as command line arguments.

Especially, after "#" until end-of-line is considerd as comment.


dsck -serv "95%" / 50M /tmp 5 /var/spool/squid nocheck

This means

  • Verbose output (+1)

  • Show summary and detail when error happened

  • Global threshold is 95%, "/" is 50MByte, "/tmp" is 5%

  • "/var/spool/squid" will not be checked

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