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Revisión39b1c33521dd1e4ba75153182e9aff9434f5eb17 (tree)
Tiempo2015-04-02 05:37:54
AutorTakuo Yasunaga <yasunaga@bio....>
CommiterTakuo Yasunaga

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--- a/bin/wish/Display2/tclIndex
+++ b/bin/wish/Display2/tclIndex
@@ -6,38 +6,41 @@
66 # element name is the name of a command and the value is
77 # a script that loads the command.
9-set auto_index(roiAreaRotateStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
10-set auto_index(roiAreaRotateMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
11-set auto_index(roiAreaRotateEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
12-set auto_index(rectangleRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
13-set auto_index(rectangleRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
14-set auto_index(lineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
15-set auto_index(lineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
16-set auto_index(splineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
17-set auto_index(splineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
18-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
19-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
20-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
21-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
9+set auto_index(display2BindingSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Binding.wish]]
2210 set auto_index(colormapChange) [list source [file join $dir Display2Colormap.wish]]
11+set auto_index(display2DesktopSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Desktop.wish]]
12+set auto_index(display2ETCSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2ETCSet.wish]]
13+set auto_index(fileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
14+set auto_index(fileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
15+set auto_index(seqFileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
16+set auto_index(seqFileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
17+set auto_index(fileOpen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
18+set auto_index(mainImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
19+set auto_index(overviewImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
20+set auto_index(histgramGraphCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
21+set auto_index(display2InformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
22+set auto_index(fileReopen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
23+set auto_index(mrcImageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
24+set auto_index(imageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
25+set auto_index(layerLineInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
26+set auto_index(projectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
27+set auto_index(sectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
28+set auto_index(ctfInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
29+set auto_index(unitCellInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
30+set auto_index(scaleInfoWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
31+set auto_index(roiInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
32+set auto_index(roiLineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
33+set auto_index(roiSplineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
34+set auto_index(roiRectangleInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
35+set auto_index(roiAnalysisFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
36+set auto_index(display2Init) [list source [file join $dir Display2Init.wish]]
37+set auto_index(display2MenuSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
38+set auto_index(menuFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
39+set auto_index(menuSeqFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
40+set auto_index(menuWindowCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
41+set auto_index(menuInfoCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
42+set auto_index(menuHelpCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
2343 set auto_index(display2MenuSet2) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu2.wish]]
24-set auto_index(fft2dCmd) [list source [file join $dir fft2dCmd.wish]]
25-set auto_index(display2BindingSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Binding.wish]]
26-set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
27-set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoLoad) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
28-set auto_index(roiAreaFileSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
29-set auto_index(roiAreaFFT) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
30-set auto_index(splineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
31-set auto_index(rectangleNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
32-set auto_index(lineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
33-set auto_index(pointDistance) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
34-set auto_index(pointDistance2) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
35-set auto_index(vectorAngle) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
36-set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
37-set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
38-set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
39-set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
40-set auto_index(pointSet) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
4144 set auto_index(roiRelatedObjectRecreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
4245 set auto_index(menuRoiCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
4346 set auto_index(menuRoiCancelCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
@@ -46,42 +49,14 @@ set auto_index(menuMultiRoiOKCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuR
4649 set auto_index(menuMultiRoiAllDeleteCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
4750 set auto_index(menuMultiRoiDeleteCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
4851 set auto_index(menuEditCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
49-<<<<<<< HEAD
50-set auto_index(display2Init) [list source [file join $dir Display2Init.wish]]
51-set auto_index(display2MenuSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
52-set auto_index(menuFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
53-set auto_index(menuSeqFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
54-set auto_index(menuWindowCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
55-set auto_index(menuInfoCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
56-set auto_index(menuHelpCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
57-set auto_index(roiAreaResizeStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
58-set auto_index(roiAreaResizeMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
59-set auto_index(roiAreaResizeEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
60-set auto_index(rectangleResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
61-set auto_index(rectangleResizeCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
62-set auto_index(lineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
63-set auto_index(splineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
65-set auto_index(fft2dCmd) [list source [file join $dir fft2dCmd.wish]]
66->>>>>>> FETCH_HEAD
6752 set auto_index(layerLineRecreate) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
6853 set auto_index(layerLineCreate) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
6954 set auto_index(layerLineClear) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
7055 set auto_index(layerLineChange) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
71-set auto_index(histgramGraphCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
72-set auto_index(display2InformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
73-set auto_index(fileReopen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
74-set auto_index(mrcImageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
75-set auto_index(imageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
76-set auto_index(layerLineInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
77-set auto_index(projectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
78-set auto_index(sectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
79-set auto_index(ctfInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
80-set auto_index(unitCellInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
81-set auto_index(scaleInfoWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
82-set auto_index(roiAreaZoomIn) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
83-set auto_index(roiAreaZoomOut) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
84-set auto_index(roiAreaZoom) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
56+set auto_index(projectionRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
57+set auto_index(projectionCreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
58+set auto_index(projectionClear) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
59+set auto_index(projectionChange) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
8560 set auto_index(roiAreaCreateStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
8661 set auto_index(roiAreaCreateMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
8762 set auto_index(roiAreaCreateEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
@@ -99,29 +74,54 @@ set auto_index(roiSplineEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
9974 set auto_index(splineCreate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
10075 set auto_index(knobShow) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
10176 set auto_index(knobHide) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
102-set auto_index(fileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
103-set auto_index(fileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
104-set auto_index(seqFileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
105-set auto_index(seqFileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
106-set auto_index(ScaleRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
107-set auto_index(ScaleCreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
108-set auto_index(ScaleClear) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
109-set auto_index(ScaleChange) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
110-set auto_index(unitCellRecreate) [list source [file join $dir UnitCell.wish]]
111-set auto_index(fileOpen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
112-set auto_index(mainImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
113-set auto_index(overviewImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
77+set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
78+set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoLoad) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
79+set auto_index(roiAreaFileSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
11480 set auto_index(roiAreaMoveStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
11581 set auto_index(roiAreaMoveMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
11682 set auto_index(roiAreaMoveEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
11783 set auto_index(rectangleMove) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
11884 set auto_index(lineMove) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
11985 set auto_index(splineMove) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
120-set auto_index(roiInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
121-set auto_index(roiLineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
122-set auto_index(roiSplineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
123-set auto_index(roiRectangleInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
124-set auto_index(roiAnalysisFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
86+set auto_index(roiAreaResizeStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
87+set auto_index(roiAreaResizeMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
88+set auto_index(roiAreaResizeEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
89+set auto_index(rectangleResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
90+set auto_index(rectangleResizeCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
91+set auto_index(lineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
92+set auto_index(splineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
93+set auto_index(roiAreaRotateStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
94+set auto_index(roiAreaRotateMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
95+set auto_index(roiAreaRotateEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
96+set auto_index(rectangleRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
97+set auto_index(rectangleRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
98+set auto_index(lineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
99+set auto_index(lineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
100+set auto_index(splineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
101+set auto_index(splineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
102+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
103+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
104+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
105+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
106+set auto_index(roiAreaFFT) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
107+set auto_index(splineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
108+set auto_index(rectangleNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
109+set auto_index(lineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
110+set auto_index(pointDistance) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
111+set auto_index(pointDistance2) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
112+set auto_index(vectorAngle) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
113+set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
114+set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
115+set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
116+set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
117+set auto_index(pointSet) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
118+set auto_index(roiAreaZoomIn) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
119+set auto_index(roiAreaZoomOut) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
120+set auto_index(roiAreaZoom) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
121+set auto_index(ScaleRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
122+set auto_index(ScaleCreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
123+set auto_index(ScaleClear) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
124+set auto_index(ScaleChange) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
125125 set auto_index(sectionInit) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
126126 set auto_index(sectionRecreateAll) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
127127 set auto_index(sectionRecreate) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
@@ -130,10 +130,5 @@ set auto_index(sectionCreate) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
130130 set auto_index(sectionClearAll) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
131131 set auto_index(sectionClear) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
132132 set auto_index(sectionChange) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
133-set auto_index(display2DesktopSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Desktop.wish]]
134-set auto_index(display2ETCSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2ETCSet.wish]]
135-set auto_index(projectionRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
136-set auto_index(projectionCreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
137-set auto_index(projectionClear) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
138-set auto_index(projectionChange) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
139133 set auto_index(unitCellRecreate) [list source [file join $dir UnitCell.wish]]
134+set auto_index(fft2dCmd) [list source [file join $dir fft2dCmd.wish]]
--- a/include/dmFile.h
+++ b/include/dmFile.h
@@ -27,62 +27,98 @@ typedef __int16_t dmFileInteger2;
2727 typedef __int8_t dmFileInteger1;
2929 typedef enum dmFileTagDataType {
30- dmFileTagDataTypeShort=2,
31- dmFileTagDataTypeLong =3,
32- dmFileTagDataTypeUShort =4,
30+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt2 =2,
31+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt4 =3,
32+ dmFileTagDataTypeUInt2 =4,
33+ dmFileTagDataTypeUInt4 =5,
34+ dmFileTagDataTypeReal4 =6,
35+ dmFileTagDataTypeReal8 =7,
36+ dmFileTagDataTypeBool1 =8,
37+ dmFileTagDataTypeChar1 =9,
38+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt1 =0xa,
39+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt8 =0xb,
40+ dmFileTagDataTypeStruct =0xf,
41+ dmFileTagDataTypeString =0x12,
42+ dmFileTagDataTypeArray =0x14,
3343 } dmFileTagDataType;
45+static size_t __dmFileTagDataTypeSize[24] = {
46+ 0, 0, 2, 4, 2, 4, 4, 8, 1, 1,
47+ 1, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,
48+ 0, 0, 0, 0
51+static char* __dmFileTagDataTypeFormat[24] = {
52+ 0, 0, "%d", "%d", "%u", "%u", "%f", "%f", "%d", "%c",
53+ "%d", "%d", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,
54+ 0, 0, 0, 0
3557 // Header
36-typedef struct dm3FileHeader {
58+typedef struct dmFile3Header {
3759 dmFileInteger4 version;
3860 dmFileInteger4 rootLength;
3961 dmFileInteger4 byteOrder;
40-} dm3FileHeader;
62+} dmFile3Header;
42-typedef struct dm4FileHeader {
64+typedef struct dmFile4Header {
4365 dmFileInteger4 version;
4466 dmFileInteger8 rootLength;
4567 dmFileInteger4 byteOrder;
46-} dm4FileHeader;
48-// Root Tag Directory
49-typedef struct dm3FileRootTagDirectory {
50- dmFileInteger1 sortf;
51- dmFileInteger1 closef;
52- dmFileInteger4 numberOfTags;
53-} dm3FileRootTagDirectory;
68+} dmFile4Header;
55-typedef struct dm4FileRootTagDirectory {
56- dmFileInteger1 sortf;
57- dmFileInteger1 closef;
58- dmFileInteger8 numberOfTags;
59-} dm4FileRootTagDirectory;
70+typedef struct dmFile3TagDirectory dmFile3TagDirectory;
71+typedef struct dmFile4TagDirectory dmFile4TagDirectory;
61-// Tag Directory
62-typedef struct dm3FileTagDirectrory {
73+// Tag
74+typedef struct dmFile3Tag {
6375 dmFileInteger1 tagID;
6476 dmFileInteger2 tagNameLength; // Bytes
6577 char* tagName;
78+ // Tag
6679 dmFileInteger1 seperator[4];
67- dmFileInteger4 sizeDim;
68- dmFileInteger4* dim;
69-} dm3FileTagDirectrory;
71-typedef struct dm4FileTagDirectrory {
80+ dmFileInteger4 ninfo;
81+ dmFileInteger4* info;
82+ void* value;
83+ void** value2;
84+ // TagDirectory
85+ dmFile3TagDirectory* tagDir;
86+} dmFile3Tag;
88+typedef struct dmFile4Tag {
7289 dmFileInteger1 tagID;
7390 dmFileInteger2 tagNameLength; // Bytes
7491 char* tagName;
75-} dm4FileTagDirectrory;
92+ // Tag
93+ dmFileInteger1 seperator[4];
94+ // TagDirectory
95+ dmFile4TagDirectory* tagDir;
96+} dmFile4Tag;
98+// Root Tag Directory
99+struct dmFile3TagDirectory {
100+ dmFileInteger1 sortf;
101+ dmFileInteger1 closef;
102+ dmFileInteger4 numberOfTags;
103+ dmFile3Tag* Tags;
104+} ;
106+struct dmFile4TagDirectory {
107+ dmFileInteger1 sortf;
108+ dmFileInteger1 closef;
109+ dmFileInteger8 numberOfTags;
110+ dmFile4Tag* Tags;
111+} ;
77113 typedef struct dmFile {
78114 // Header
79115 dmFileInteger4 version;
80- dm3FileHeader Header3;
81- dm4FileHeader Header4;
116+ dmFile3Header Header3;
117+ dmFile4Header Header4;
82118 // Root Tag
83- dm3FileRootTagDirectory RootTag3;
84- dm4FileRootTagDirectory RootTag4;
119+ dmFile3TagDirectory RootTag3;
120+ dmFile4TagDirectory RootTag4;
121+ // Tail
86122 dmFileInteger8 Tail;
87123 } dmFile;
@@ -99,7 +135,26 @@ extern void dmFileInfo(FILE* fpt, dmFile dm, int mode);
100136 // in dmFileRead.c
101137 extern void dmFileRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
138+// DM Header and End Read: check file format
139+extern void dmFileHeaderTailRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
140+// DM3
141+// Header
142+extern void dmFile3HeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
144+extern void dmFile3TagDirectoryHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile3TagDirectory* dmRoot, char* message, int mode);
145+extern void dmFile3TagHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile3Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
146+extern void dmFile3TagRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile3Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
148+// DM4
149+// Header
150+extern void dmFile4HeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
152+extern void dmFile4TagDirectoryHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile4TagDirectory* dmRoot, char* message, int mode);
153+extern void dmFile4TagHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile4Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
154+extern void dmFile4TagRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile4Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
156+// in dmFileUtil.c
157+extern void dmFileValuePrint(FILE* fpt, void* value, dmFileTagDataType valueType, int n);
104159 /* prototype end */
--- a/src/Objects/DataManip/dmFile/doc/dmFile.html
+++ b/src/Objects/DataManip/dmFile/doc/dmFile.html
@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@
66 ../src/dmFileInfo.c:
88 ../src/dmFileRead.c:
911 </PRE>
1012 <HR>
1113 <A NAME="include">
@@ -41,62 +43,98 @@ typedef __int16_t dmFileInteger2;
4143 typedef __int8_t dmFileInteger1;
4345 typedef enum dmFileTagDataType {
44- dmFileTagDataTypeShort=2,
45- dmFileTagDataTypeLong =3,
46- dmFileTagDataTypeUShort =4,
46+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt2 =2,
47+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt4 =3,
48+ dmFileTagDataTypeUInt2 =4,
49+ dmFileTagDataTypeUInt4 =5,
50+ dmFileTagDataTypeReal4 =6,
51+ dmFileTagDataTypeReal8 =7,
52+ dmFileTagDataTypeBool1 =8,
53+ dmFileTagDataTypeChar1 =9,
54+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt1 =0xa,
55+ dmFileTagDataTypeInt8 =0xb,
56+ dmFileTagDataTypeStruct =0xf,
57+ dmFileTagDataTypeString =0x12,
58+ dmFileTagDataTypeArray =0x14,
4759 } dmFileTagDataType;
61+static size_t __dmFileTagDataTypeSize[24] = {
62+ 0, 0, 2, 4, 2, 4, 4, 8, 1, 1,
63+ 1, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,
64+ 0, 0, 0, 0
67+static char* __dmFileTagDataTypeFormat[24] = {
68+ 0, 0, "%d", "%d", "%u", "%u", "%f", "%f", "%d", "%c",
69+ "%d", "%d", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,
70+ 0, 0, 0, 0
4973 // Header
50-typedef struct dm3FileHeader {
74+typedef struct dmFile3Header {
5175 dmFileInteger4 version;
5276 dmFileInteger4 rootLength;
5377 dmFileInteger4 byteOrder;
54-} dm3FileHeader;
78+} dmFile3Header;
56-typedef struct dm4FileHeader {
80+typedef struct dmFile4Header {
5781 dmFileInteger4 version;
5882 dmFileInteger8 rootLength;
5983 dmFileInteger4 byteOrder;
60-} dm4FileHeader;
84+} dmFile4Header;
62-// Root Tag Directory
63-typedef struct dm3FileRootTagDirectory {
64- dmFileInteger1 sortf;
65- dmFileInteger1 closef;
66- dmFileInteger4 numberOfTags;
67-} dm3FileRootTagDirectory;
86+typedef struct dmFile3TagDirectory dmFile3TagDirectory;
87+typedef struct dmFile4TagDirectory dmFile4TagDirectory;
69-typedef struct dm4FileRootTagDirectory {
70- dmFileInteger1 sortf;
71- dmFileInteger1 closef;
72- dmFileInteger8 numberOfTags;
73-} dm4FileRootTagDirectory;
75-// Tag Directory
76-typedef struct dm3FileTagDirectrory {
89+// Tag
90+typedef struct dmFile3Tag {
7791 dmFileInteger1 tagID;
7892 dmFileInteger2 tagNameLength; // Bytes
7993 char* tagName;
94+ // Tag
8095 dmFileInteger1 seperator[4];
81- dmFileInteger4 sizeDim;
82- dmFileInteger4* dim;
83-} dm3FileTagDirectrory;
85-typedef struct dm4FileTagDirectrory {
96+ dmFileInteger4 ninfo;
97+ dmFileInteger4* info;
98+ void* value;
99+ void** value2;
100+ // TagDirectory
101+ dmFile3TagDirectory* tagDir;
102+} dmFile3Tag;
104+typedef struct dmFile4Tag {
86105 dmFileInteger1 tagID;
87106 dmFileInteger2 tagNameLength; // Bytes
88107 char* tagName;
89-} dm4FileTagDirectrory;
108+ // Tag
109+ dmFileInteger1 seperator[4];
110+ // TagDirectory
111+ dmFile4TagDirectory* tagDir;
112+} dmFile4Tag;
114+// Root Tag Directory
115+struct dmFile3TagDirectory {
116+ dmFileInteger1 sortf;
117+ dmFileInteger1 closef;
118+ dmFileInteger4 numberOfTags;
119+ dmFile3Tag* Tags;
120+} ;
122+struct dmFile4TagDirectory {
123+ dmFileInteger1 sortf;
124+ dmFileInteger1 closef;
125+ dmFileInteger8 numberOfTags;
126+ dmFile4Tag* Tags;
127+} ;
91129 typedef struct dmFile {
92130 // Header
93131 dmFileInteger4 version;
94- dm3FileHeader Header3;
95- dm4FileHeader Header4;
132+ dmFile3Header Header3;
133+ dmFile4Header Header4;
96134 // Root Tag
97- dm3FileRootTagDirectory RootTag3;
98- dm4FileRootTagDirectory RootTag4;
135+ dmFile3TagDirectory RootTag3;
136+ dmFile4TagDirectory RootTag4;
137+ // Tail
100138 dmFileInteger8 Tail;
101139 } dmFile;
@@ -113,7 +151,26 @@ extern void dmFileInfo(FILE* fpt, dmFile dm, int mode);
114152 // in dmFileRead.c
115153 extern void dmFileRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
154+// DM Header and End Read: check file format
155+extern void dmFileHeaderTailRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
156+// DM3
157+// Header
158+extern void dmFile3HeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
160+extern void dmFile3TagDirectoryHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile3TagDirectory* dmRoot, char* message, int mode);
161+extern void dmFile3TagHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile3Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
162+extern void dmFile3TagRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile3Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
164+// DM4
165+// Header
166+extern void dmFile4HeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile* dm, char* message, int mode);
168+extern void dmFile4TagDirectoryHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile4TagDirectory* dmRoot, char* message, int mode);
169+extern void dmFile4TagHeaderRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile4Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
170+extern void dmFile4TagRead(FILE* fpt, dmFile4Tag* dmTag, char* message, int mode);
172+// in dmFileUtil.c
173+extern void dmFileValuePrint(FILE* fpt, void* value, dmFileTagDataType valueType, int n);
118175 /* prototype end */
--- a/src/Tools/Integration/Visualmake/src/wish/a.hoge
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
--- a/src/Tools/Integration/Visualmake/src/wish/a.hogehoge
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
--- a/src/Tools/filter/dmInfo/src/dmInfo.html
+++ b/src/Tools/filter/dmInfo/src/dmInfo.html
@@ -1 +1 @@
1-/bin/bash: dmInfo: No such file or directory
1+/bin/bash: dmInfo: そのようなファイルやディレクトリはありません
--- a/src/Tools/mrcImage/mrcImageDensityInfo/src/mrcImageDensityInfo.html
+++ b/src/Tools/mrcImage/mrcImageDensityInfo/src/mrcImageDensityInfo.html
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ Usage: mrcImageDensityInfo
1010 Options:
1111 [-i[nput] In (NULL ).as(inFile ) ] :Essential :InputDataFile
1212 [-o[utput] Out (stdout ).as(outFile ) ] :Optional :OutputDataFile
13- [-C[ontour] Contour (10 ).as(Real ) ] :Optional :ContourLevel: 10 6.920998e-310ach
13+ [-C[ontour] Contour (10 ).as(Real ) ] :Optional :ContourLevel: 10 6.950489e-310ach
1414 [-log Log (NULL ).as(appendFile ) ] :Optional :OutputDataFile
1515 [-c[onfig] configFile (NULL ).as(inFile ) ] :Optional :ConfigurationFile
1616 [-m[ode] mode (0 ).as(Integer ) ] :Optional :Mode