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Revisióna37e435928c7c84f15580d99e59b3c573db1c0dd (tree)
Tiempo2015-04-01 15:50:23
AutorTakuo Yasunaga <yasunaga@bio....>
CommiterTakuo Yasunaga

Log Message

ticket: #35034
add PCA

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Diferencia incremental

--- a/bin/wish/Display2/tclIndex
+++ b/bin/wish/Display2/tclIndex
@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ set auto_index(menuMultiRoiOKCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuR
4949 set auto_index(menuMultiRoiAllDeleteCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
5050 set auto_index(menuMultiRoiDeleteCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
5151 set auto_index(menuEditCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
52+set auto_index(fft2dCmd) [list source [file join $dir fft2dCmd.wish]]
5253 set auto_index(layerLineRecreate) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
5354 set auto_index(layerLineCreate) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
5455 set auto_index(layerLineClear) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
@@ -131,4 +132,3 @@ set auto_index(sectionClearAll) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
131132 set auto_index(sectionClear) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
132133 set auto_index(sectionChange) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
133134 set auto_index(unitCellRecreate) [list source [file join $dir UnitCell.wish]]
134-set auto_index(fft2dCmd) [list source [file join $dir fft2dCmd.wish]]
--- a/lib/tclIndex
+++ b/lib/tclIndex
@@ -6,75 +6,6 @@
66 # element name is the name of a command and the value is
77 # a script that loads the command.
9-set auto_index(fileSaveSureWin) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
10-set auto_index(fileSaveSureOK) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
11-set auto_index(fileSaveSureCancel) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
12-set auto_index(fileSaveSureWinResources) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
13-set auto_index(fileSave) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
14-set auto_index(fileSaveResources) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
15-set auto_index(fileSaveBindings) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
16-set auto_index(fileSaveList) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
17-set auto_index(fileSaveOK) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
18-set auto_index(fileSaveCancel) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
19-set auto_index(fileSaveClick) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
20-set auto_index(fileSaveTake) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
21-set auto_index(fileSaveComplete) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
22-set auto_index(fileSelect) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
23-set auto_index(fileSelectResources) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
24-set auto_index(fileSelectBindings) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
25-set auto_index(fileSelectList) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
26-set auto_index(fileSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
27-set auto_index(fileSelectCancel) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
28-set auto_index(fileSelectClick) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
29-set auto_index(fileSelectTake) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
30-set auto_index(fileSelectComplete) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
31-set auto_index(colormapSet) [list source [file join $dir Colormap.wish]]
32-set auto_index(seqFileTemplateChange) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
33-set auto_index(seqFileSelect) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
34-set auto_index(seqFileSelectBindings) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
35-set auto_index(seqFileSelectList) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
36-set auto_index(seqFileTemplateSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
37-set auto_index(seqFileTemplateSelectComplete) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
38-set auto_index(seqFileSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
39-set auto_index(seqFileSelectComplete) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
40-set auto_index(seqFileSelectPrev) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
41-set auto_index(seqFileSelectNext) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
42-set auto_index(seqFileSelectCancel) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
43-set auto_index(seqFileSelectClick) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
44-set auto_index(seqFileSelectTake) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
45-set auto_index(CheckButtonsCreateWithPack) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
46-set auto_index(RadioButtonsCreateWithPack) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
47-set auto_index(RadioButtonsCreateWithPackWithCommand) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
48-set auto_index(RadioButtonsCreate) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
49-set auto_index(CheckButtonsCreate) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
50-set auto_index(CommandEntry) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
51-set auto_index(CommandEntryWithSelection) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
52-set auto_index(CommandEntryWithSelectionEntrySet) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
53-set auto_index(CommandEntryWithUpDown) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
54-set auto_index(CommandEntryWithUpDownUp) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
55-set auto_index(CommandEntryWithUpDownDown) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
56-set auto_index(bltResetBindings) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
57-set auto_index(bltActivateLegend) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
58-set auto_index(SetActiveLegend) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
59-set auto_index(SetCrosshairs) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
60-set auto_index(bltFindElement) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
61-set auto_index(bltFlashPoint) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
62-set auto_index(SetClosestPoint) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
63-set auto_index(bltGetCoords) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
64-set auto_index(bltGetAnchor) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
65-set auto_index(bltGetAnchorX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
66-set auto_index(bltBox) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
67-set auto_index(bltBoxX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
68-set auto_index(bltScan) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
69-set auto_index(bltScanX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
70-set auto_index(bltZoom) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
71-set auto_index(bltZoomX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
72-set auto_index(SetZoom) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
73-set auto_index(SetZoomX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
74-set auto_index(SetPrint) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
75-set auto_index(NotSupportedCommand) [list source [file join $dir tclUtil.wish]]
76-set auto_index(Canvas) [list source [file join $dir Canvas.wish]]
77-set auto_index(scrolledCanvas) [list source [file join $dir Canvas.wish]]
789 set auto_index(Blt_ActiveLegend) [list source [file join $dir bltGraph.wish]]
7910 set auto_index(Blt_Crosshairs) [list source [file join $dir bltGraph.wish]]
8011 set auto_index(Blt_ZoomStack) [list source [file join $dir bltGraph.wish]]
@@ -102,8 +33,16 @@ set auto_index(::blt::SetZoomPoint) [list source [file join $dir bltGraph.wish]]
10233 set auto_index(::blt::Box) [list source [file join $dir bltGraph.wish]]
10334 set auto_index(Blt_PostScriptDialog) [list source [file join $dir bltGraph.wish]]
10435 set auto_index(::blt::ResetPostScript) [list source [file join $dir bltGraph.wish]]
105-set auto_index(fileCanBeOverwritten) [list source [file join $dir fileUtil.wish]]
106-set auto_index(relativePathGet) [list source [file join $dir fileUtil.wish]]
36+set auto_index(Canvas) [list source [file join $dir Canvas.wish]]
37+set auto_index(scrolledCanvas) [list source [file join $dir Canvas.wish]]
38+set auto_index(colormapSet) [list source [file join $dir Colormap.wish]]
39+set auto_index(CommandEntry) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
40+set auto_index(CommandEntryWithSelection) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
41+set auto_index(CommandEntryWithSelectionEntrySet) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
42+set auto_index(CommandEntryWithUpDown) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
43+set auto_index(CommandEntryWithUpDownUp) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
44+set auto_index(CommandEntryWithUpDownDown) [list source [file join $dir CommandEntry.wish]]
45+set auto_index(eosCommandExecute) [list source [file join $dir commandUtil.wish]]
10746 set auto_index(::CTF::Init) [list source [file join $dir ctfInfo.wish]]
10847 set auto_index(::CTF::Win) [list source [file join $dir ctfInfo.wish]]
10948 set auto_index(::CTF::ctfInfoGraphInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir ctfInfo.wish]]
@@ -135,4 +74,65 @@ set auto_index(::CTF::ctfInfoCTFCalculation) [list source [file join $dir ctfInf
13574 set auto_index(::CTF::ctfInfoScatteringCalc) [list source [file join $dir ctfInfo.wish]]
13675 set auto_index(::CTF::ctfInfoListGet) [list source [file join $dir ctfInfo.wish]]
13776 set auto_index(::CTF::ctfInfoAppend) [list source [file join $dir ctfInfo.wish]]
138-set auto_index(eosCommandExecute) [list source [file join $dir commandUtil.wish]]
77+set auto_index(fileSaveSureWin) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
78+set auto_index(fileSaveSureOK) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
79+set auto_index(fileSaveSureCancel) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
80+set auto_index(fileSaveSureWinResources) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
81+set auto_index(fileSave) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
82+set auto_index(fileSaveResources) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
83+set auto_index(fileSaveBindings) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
84+set auto_index(fileSaveList) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
85+set auto_index(fileSaveOK) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
86+set auto_index(fileSaveCancel) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
87+set auto_index(fileSaveClick) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
88+set auto_index(fileSaveTake) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
89+set auto_index(fileSaveComplete) [list source [file join $dir fileSave.wish]]
90+set auto_index(fileSelect) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
91+set auto_index(fileSelectResources) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
92+set auto_index(fileSelectBindings) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
93+set auto_index(fileSelectList) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
94+set auto_index(fileSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
95+set auto_index(fileSelectCancel) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
96+set auto_index(fileSelectClick) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
97+set auto_index(fileSelectTake) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
98+set auto_index(fileSelectComplete) [list source [file join $dir fileSelect.wish]]
99+set auto_index(fileCanBeOverwritten) [list source [file join $dir fileUtil.wish]]
100+set auto_index(relativePathGet) [list source [file join $dir fileUtil.wish]]
101+set auto_index(bltResetBindings) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
102+set auto_index(bltActivateLegend) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
103+set auto_index(SetActiveLegend) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
104+set auto_index(SetCrosshairs) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
105+set auto_index(bltFindElement) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
106+set auto_index(bltFlashPoint) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
107+set auto_index(SetClosestPoint) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
108+set auto_index(bltGetCoords) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
109+set auto_index(bltGetAnchor) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
110+set auto_index(bltGetAnchorX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
111+set auto_index(bltBox) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
112+set auto_index(bltBoxX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
113+set auto_index(bltScan) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
114+set auto_index(bltScanX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
115+set auto_index(bltZoom) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
116+set auto_index(bltZoomX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
117+set auto_index(SetZoom) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
118+set auto_index(SetZoomX) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
119+set auto_index(SetPrint) [list source [file join $dir graphFeature.wish]]
120+set auto_index(seqFileTemplateChange) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
121+set auto_index(seqFileSelect) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
122+set auto_index(seqFileSelectBindings) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
123+set auto_index(seqFileSelectList) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
124+set auto_index(seqFileTemplateSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
125+set auto_index(seqFileTemplateSelectComplete) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
126+set auto_index(seqFileSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
127+set auto_index(seqFileSelectComplete) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
128+set auto_index(seqFileSelectPrev) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
129+set auto_index(seqFileSelectNext) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
130+set auto_index(seqFileSelectCancel) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
131+set auto_index(seqFileSelectClick) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
132+set auto_index(seqFileSelectTake) [list source [file join $dir seqFileSelect.wish]]
133+set auto_index(NotSupportedCommand) [list source [file join $dir tclUtil.wish]]
134+set auto_index(CheckButtonsCreateWithPack) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
135+set auto_index(RadioButtonsCreateWithPack) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
136+set auto_index(RadioButtonsCreateWithPackWithCommand) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
137+set auto_index(RadioButtonsCreate) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
138+set auto_index(CheckButtonsCreate) [list source [file join $dir VariousButton.wish]]
--- a/src/Objects/DataManip/mrcImage/src/lmrcImageShapePCA.c
+++ b/src/Objects/DataManip/mrcImage/src/lmrcImageShapePCA.c
@@ -97,6 +97,9 @@ lmrcImageShapePCAResultsPrint(FILE* fpt, lmrcImageShapePCAInfo* linfo, int mode)
9797 fprintf(fpt, "\n");
9999 fprintf(fpt, "logS(SphereIndex) : %15.6f\n", log10(1/(lambda[0]*lambda[1] + lambda[1]*lambda[2] +lambda[2]*lambda[0] )));
100+ fprintf(fpt, "exp(S-1)(SphereIndex) : %15.6f\n", exp(1/(lambda[0]*lambda[1] + lambda[1]*lambda[2] +lambda[2]*lambda[0] )-1));
101+ fprintf(fpt, "SphereIndex : %15.6f\n", SQR(lambda[0] - lambda[1]) + SQR(lambda[1]-lambda[2]) + SQR(lambda[2]-lambda[0]));
102+ fprintf(fpt, "Log(SphereIndex) : %15.6f\n", log10(SQR(lambda[0] - lambda[1]) + SQR(lambda[1]-lambda[2]) + SQR(lambda[2]-lambda[0])));
101104 return 0;
102105 }