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Revisiónad1f961695e50673bfebcfc77e1d142fbe24770b (tree)
Tiempo2015-04-02 05:06:31
AutorTakuo Yasunaga <yasunaga@bio....>
CommiterTakuo Yasunaga

Log Message

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CUDA install

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Diferencia incremental

--- a/bin/wish/Display2/tclIndex
+++ b/bin/wish/Display2/tclIndex
@@ -6,41 +6,38 @@
66 # element name is the name of a command and the value is
77 # a script that loads the command.
9-set auto_index(display2BindingSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Binding.wish]]
9+set auto_index(roiAreaRotateStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
10+set auto_index(roiAreaRotateMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
11+set auto_index(roiAreaRotateEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
12+set auto_index(rectangleRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
13+set auto_index(rectangleRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
14+set auto_index(lineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
15+set auto_index(lineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
16+set auto_index(splineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
17+set auto_index(splineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
18+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
19+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
20+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
21+set auto_index(roiAreaSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
1022 set auto_index(colormapChange) [list source [file join $dir Display2Colormap.wish]]
11-set auto_index(display2DesktopSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Desktop.wish]]
12-set auto_index(display2ETCSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2ETCSet.wish]]
13-set auto_index(fileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
14-set auto_index(fileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
15-set auto_index(seqFileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
16-set auto_index(seqFileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
17-set auto_index(fileOpen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
18-set auto_index(mainImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
19-set auto_index(overviewImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
20-set auto_index(histgramGraphCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
21-set auto_index(display2InformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
22-set auto_index(fileReopen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
23-set auto_index(mrcImageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
24-set auto_index(imageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
25-set auto_index(layerLineInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
26-set auto_index(projectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
27-set auto_index(sectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
28-set auto_index(ctfInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
29-set auto_index(unitCellInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
30-set auto_index(scaleInfoWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
31-set auto_index(roiInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
32-set auto_index(roiLineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
33-set auto_index(roiSplineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
34-set auto_index(roiRectangleInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
35-set auto_index(roiAnalysisFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
36-set auto_index(display2Init) [list source [file join $dir Display2Init.wish]]
37-set auto_index(display2MenuSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
38-set auto_index(menuFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
39-set auto_index(menuSeqFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
40-set auto_index(menuWindowCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
41-set auto_index(menuInfoCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
42-set auto_index(menuHelpCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
4323 set auto_index(display2MenuSet2) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu2.wish]]
24+set auto_index(fft2dCmd) [list source [file join $dir fft2dCmd.wish]]
25+set auto_index(display2BindingSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Binding.wish]]
26+set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
27+set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoLoad) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
28+set auto_index(roiAreaFileSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
29+set auto_index(roiAreaFFT) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
30+set auto_index(splineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
31+set auto_index(rectangleNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
32+set auto_index(lineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
33+set auto_index(pointDistance) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
34+set auto_index(pointDistance2) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
35+set auto_index(vectorAngle) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
36+set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
37+set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
38+set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
39+set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
40+set auto_index(pointSet) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
4441 set auto_index(roiRelatedObjectRecreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
4542 set auto_index(menuRoiCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
4643 set auto_index(menuRoiCancelCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
@@ -49,14 +46,38 @@ set auto_index(menuMultiRoiOKCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuR
4946 set auto_index(menuMultiRoiAllDeleteCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
5047 set auto_index(menuMultiRoiDeleteCommand) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
5148 set auto_index(menuEditCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2MenuROI.wish]]
49+set auto_index(display2Init) [list source [file join $dir Display2Init.wish]]
50+set auto_index(display2MenuSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
51+set auto_index(menuFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
52+set auto_index(menuSeqFileCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
53+set auto_index(menuWindowCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
54+set auto_index(menuInfoCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
55+set auto_index(menuHelpCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Menu.wish]]
56+set auto_index(roiAreaResizeStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
57+set auto_index(roiAreaResizeMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
58+set auto_index(roiAreaResizeEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
59+set auto_index(rectangleResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
60+set auto_index(rectangleResizeCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
61+set auto_index(lineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
62+set auto_index(splineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
5263 set auto_index(layerLineRecreate) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
5364 set auto_index(layerLineCreate) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
5465 set auto_index(layerLineClear) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
5566 set auto_index(layerLineChange) [list source [file join $dir LayerLineUtil.wish]]
56-set auto_index(projectionRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
57-set auto_index(projectionCreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
58-set auto_index(projectionClear) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
59-set auto_index(projectionChange) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
67+set auto_index(histgramGraphCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
68+set auto_index(display2InformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
69+set auto_index(fileReopen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
70+set auto_index(mrcImageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
71+set auto_index(imageInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
72+set auto_index(layerLineInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
73+set auto_index(projectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
74+set auto_index(sectionInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
75+set auto_index(ctfInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
76+set auto_index(unitCellInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
77+set auto_index(scaleInfoWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2Info.wish]]
78+set auto_index(roiAreaZoomIn) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
79+set auto_index(roiAreaZoomOut) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
80+set auto_index(roiAreaZoom) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
6081 set auto_index(roiAreaCreateStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
6182 set auto_index(roiAreaCreateMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
6283 set auto_index(roiAreaCreateEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
@@ -74,54 +95,29 @@ set auto_index(roiSplineEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
7495 set auto_index(splineCreate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
7596 set auto_index(knobShow) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
7697 set auto_index(knobHide) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaCreate.wish]]
77-set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
78-set auto_index(roiMultiAreaInfoLoad) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
79-set auto_index(roiAreaFileSave) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaFile.wish]]
98+set auto_index(fileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
99+set auto_index(fileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
100+set auto_index(seqFileOpenWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
101+set auto_index(seqFileNewWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2File.wish]]
102+set auto_index(ScaleRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
103+set auto_index(ScaleCreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
104+set auto_index(ScaleClear) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
105+set auto_index(ScaleChange) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
106+set auto_index(unitCellRecreate) [list source [file join $dir UnitCell.wish]]
107+set auto_index(fileOpen) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
108+set auto_index(mainImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
109+set auto_index(overviewImagePut) [list source [file join $dir Display2Image.wish]]
80110 set auto_index(roiAreaMoveStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
81111 set auto_index(roiAreaMoveMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
82112 set auto_index(roiAreaMoveEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
83113 set auto_index(rectangleMove) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
84114 set auto_index(lineMove) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
85115 set auto_index(splineMove) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaMove.wish]]
86-set auto_index(roiAreaResizeStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
87-set auto_index(roiAreaResizeMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
88-set auto_index(roiAreaResizeEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
89-set auto_index(rectangleResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
90-set auto_index(rectangleResizeCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
91-set auto_index(lineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
92-set auto_index(splineResize) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaResize.wish]]
93-set auto_index(roiAreaRotateStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
94-set auto_index(roiAreaRotateMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
95-set auto_index(roiAreaRotateEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
96-set auto_index(rectangleRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
97-set auto_index(rectangleRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
98-set auto_index(lineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
99-set auto_index(lineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
100-set auto_index(splineRotate) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
101-set auto_index(splineRotateCalc) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaRotate.wish]]
102-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectStart) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
103-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectMotion) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
104-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectEnd) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
105-set auto_index(roiAreaSelectOK) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaSelect.wish]]
106-set auto_index(roiAreaFFT) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
107-set auto_index(splineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
108-set auto_index(rectangleNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
109-set auto_index(lineNearPoint) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
110-set auto_index(pointDistance) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
111-set auto_index(pointDistance2) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
112-set auto_index(vectorAngle) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
113-set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
114-set auto_index(coordGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
115-set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToReal) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
116-set auto_index(dataGetInMainImageToCanvas) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
117-set auto_index(pointSet) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaUtil.wish]]
118-set auto_index(roiAreaZoomIn) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
119-set auto_index(roiAreaZoomOut) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
120-set auto_index(roiAreaZoom) [list source [file join $dir RoiAreaZoom.wish]]
121-set auto_index(ScaleRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
122-set auto_index(ScaleCreate) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
123-set auto_index(ScaleClear) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
124-set auto_index(ScaleChange) [list source [file join $dir ScaleUtil.wish]]
116+set auto_index(roiInformationWinCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
117+set auto_index(roiLineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
118+set auto_index(roiSplineInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
119+set auto_index(roiRectangleInfoFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
120+set auto_index(roiAnalysisFrameCreate) [list source [file join $dir Display2InfoROI.wish]]
125121 set auto_index(sectionInit) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
126122 set auto_index(sectionRecreateAll) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
127123 set auto_index(sectionRecreate) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
@@ -130,5 +126,9 @@ set auto_index(sectionCreate) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
130126 set auto_index(sectionClearAll) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
131127 set auto_index(sectionClear) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
132128 set auto_index(sectionChange) [list source [file join $dir SectionUtil.wish]]
133-set auto_index(unitCellRecreate) [list source [file join $dir UnitCell.wish]]
134-set auto_index(fft2dCmd) [list source [file join $dir fft2dCmd.wish]]
129+set auto_index(display2DesktopSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2Desktop.wish]]
130+set auto_index(display2ETCSet) [list source [file join $dir Display2ETCSet.wish]]
131+set auto_index(projectionRecreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
132+set auto_index(projectionCreate) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
133+set auto_index(projectionClear) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
134+set auto_index(projectionChange) [list source [file join $dir ProjectionUtil.wish]]
--- a/src/Tools/mrcImage/mrcImageBandPassFilter/src/test/Makefile
+++ b/src/Tools/mrcImage/mrcImageBandPassFilter/src/test/Makefile
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ help:
1212 exec:
1313 @echo "----- Execution Check -----"
14+ ../$(OSTYPE)/$(OBJECTNAME) -i data/test.shift -o data/test.filt -m 3 -hvl 0.1 -hvh 0.001 -wl 0.05 -wh 0.002
1515 @echo "----- Calc check -----"
1717 clean:
--- a/util/src/CUDA/Makefile
+++ b/util/src/CUDA/Makefile
@@ -1,15 +1,43 @@
1+include ${EOS_HOME}/src/Config/${EOS_HOST}.inc
9+ @echo "CUDA Installation"
10+ @echo " $ make check"
11+ @echo " $ make config"
12+ @echo " $ make all"
13+ @echo " $ make clean"
14+ @echo " $ make cleanAll"
16+check: CUDACheck
18+config: CUDAConfig
20+all: CUDAAll
22+clean: CUDAClean
24+cleanAll: CUDACleanAll
7- curl -L http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/6_5/rel/installers/cuda_6.5.14_linux_64.run > cuda_$(CUDA_VERSION).$(CUDA_VERSION_MINER)_linux_64.run
27+ curl -L http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/$(CUDA_VERSIONDIR)/rel/installers/cuda_$(CUDA_VERSION).$(CUDA_VERSION_MINER)_linux_64.run > cuda_$(CUDA_VERSION).$(CUDA_VERSION_MINER)_linux_64.run
30+ chmod +x cuda_$(CUDA_VERSION).$(CUDA_VERSION_MINER)_linux_64.run
33+ echo "Install a driver for CUDA (MUST be root or sudo)?"; read ans; \
34+ if [ $$ans == 'y' -o $$ans == 'Y' ] ; then \
35+ sudo ./cuda_$(CUDA_VERSION).$(CUDA_VERSION_MINER)_linux_64.run -toolkit -toolkitpath=$(EOS_HOME)/util/$(OSTYPE)/cuda -driver -samples -silent -verbose ; \
36+ else \
37+ ./cuda_$(CUDA_VERSION).$(CUDA_VERSION_MINER)_linux_64.run -toolkit -toolkitpath=$(EOS_HOME)/util/$(OSTYPE)/cuda -samples -samplespath=$(EOS_HOME)/util/$(OSTYPE)/cuda/samples -silent -verbose; \
38+ fi
43+ rm -f ./cuda_$(CUDA_VERSION).$(CUDA_VERSION_MINER)_linux_64.run