Last Update: 2022-12-01 08:34

Project of the second version of the FCF framework. At the current moment, the code is being transferred, its structuring from the first version.

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e-Dokyumento is a web-based Document Management System that stores, organizes, indexes, routes, and tracks electronic documents. It automates the basic office document workflow such as receiving, filing, routing, and approving of hard-printed documents through capturing (scanning), digitizing (OCR Reading), storing, tagging, and electronically routing and approving (digital signature) of documents.

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ESP8266 version of Midbar utilizes the 3DES + AES + Blowfish + Serpent encryption algorithm alongside the ESP8266's built-in memory to store eight passwords and four credit cards in the encrypted form. It also utilizes the HMAC SHA-256 to verify the integrity of the stored logins.

ESP32 version of Midbar is a password, credit card, note, and phone number vault that utilizes a strong encryption algorithm (AES-256 + Serpent + AES-256) combined with a sophisticated embedded database (SQLite3) to keep your personal data safe.

The purpose of Midbar is to significantly increase the cost of unauthorized access to its user's personal data.

You can find the tutorial here:

ESP8266 Version: https://www.instructables.com/Midbar-ESP8266-Version/

ESP32 Version: https://www.instructables.com/Project-Midbar/

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This is a sound-playing utility for C++ apps that can asynchronously start and stop music loops, as well as initiate transient sounds, and allowing unlimited sound concurrency.

It plays WAV files, via OpenAL, and runs on Windows, OSX, and linux platforms. Nice examples for each O.S. are included.

It is suitable for any Cpp application that needs music, sound loops or transient sound effects; eg. games.

There are no software depencies; this utility is self-contained.

* I am currently using it for sound in my OpenGL slider-puzzles app RufasSlider (written in C++): https://sourceforge.net/projects/rufasslider/

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This is a soccer-themed, 3D sokoban puzzle game that includes 3 external solvers and 3 embedded solvers.

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Last Update: 2022-11-08 23:52

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This is an Ada utility that can play WAV files on Windows, OSX, and Linux, using
Ada tasking and OpenAL libraries. It includes a partial Ada binding to OpenAL.

It provides sound-playing capabilities for Ada apps to:

* asynchronously start and stop music/sound loops,
* initiate transient sounds,
* allow unlimited sound concurrency.

Examples for each O.S. are included.

* Suitable for any Ada application that requires background or transient sound effects; eg. games, simulations.
* There are no software dependencies; this package is self-contained.

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This is a commandline-terminal sokoban solver written in Ada. It is "generic" in the sense that it contains no domain specific strategies. It also provides a demonstration of the advantage in using the Hungarian Algorithm.


* no installation
* no dependencies
* simply unzip in your Downloads directory, and run.

Pre-built executables are provided in 3 variants:

* hbox4.exe (Win64)
* hbox4_gnu (linux)
* hbox4_osx (Mac/OSX)

Note that this solver may be run from a thumb drive: Simply unzip onto a USB flash drive formatted to match your system, and run.

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Last Update: 2022-10-21 02:04

A container running hgweb.fcgi via lighttpd. Allows LDAP and Kerberos. More AAA options to come.

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MIX Recipe - MIDIMixer (for CSHARP)
Last Update: 2022-10-23 17:25

https://osdn.net/projects/midimixer/ (Translating to CS)

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Mateusz' DOS Routines
Last Update: 2022-11-12 18:13

MDR stands for "Mateusz' DOS Routines", it is a collection of *.C files (mostly OpenWatcom-targeted) that contain a variety of routines helpful during the development of DOS application.

I am not calling this a "library" because my feeling is that library ought to be strictly organized, have a consistent, uniform API, etc. Here, we really deal with sets of C files.

The general focus of my routines is on 8086-class machines (real mode). My compiler of choice is OpenWatcom.

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