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Eclipse RCP
release application & plugin for Eclipse RCP

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Publicado: 2007-08-16 19:11
akJ Betas 0.6 (31 files Ocultar)

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from to has critical problem and hidden
fixed DropPotrace export vector file wrong.s
fixed fps 29.97 was 2997
changed DropPotrace potrace -t maximux from 10 to 300
text douga update to 0.3.3
add some setting for potrace
add back foward button on youtube-dl
text douga update to 0.3.4
keywordsearch move to youtube-dl
update youtube-dl.exe to
add spumux tool
fix drop mp3 and wav cant convert vp6 flv problem
add 2pass to drop ffmpeg
add max frame rate to drop ffmpeg
bug fix PSP zoomed
imporove singleImageto
fix max frame rate problem
add new setting
add time status

update progress

fix hq setting didn\'t work
fix thumbnail problem
fix 16:9->4:3 settings
fix text-douga size and fps wrong

add wavToMidi
add mplex gui
can multi download in youtube-dl

add psp picture import
add wav2midi
add wavviewer
psp picture import overwrite image problem fix
text-douga 0.4
fix wrong pure_ffmpeg error message
fix dropmp3 cant demuxed flv
fix dropmp3 didnt work
fix wavviewr cant load srt collectly
fix wav2midi is wrong.
add zoome(mp4) setting
fix text_douga fadein problem
just update youtube-dl.exe

because of mojibak ,after