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A WebKit-based browser implemented in Python and Qt, with some advanced configuration and a keyboard-driven interface.

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A fast, Python-based dynamic tiling window manager for X11 using XCB. Includes a pure Python implementation of the DBus message bus protocol.

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Peux OS
Last Update: 2021-01-22 13:45

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Peux OS is a beautiful, secure and minimal archlinux-distro. Currently three desktop editions are available: XFCE, LXQt and Gnome.

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Notary Stamp Manager
Last Update: 2021-01-21 02:06

Program for management of notary stamps of the state of Pernambuco

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オープンソースライセンスの使用 ライセンスはなるべく Open Source Initiative (OSI) が認めたライセンス(およびOSDNで確認済のいくつかのライセンス)を使用してください。もし、それら以外のライセンスの使用が必要な場合はライセンスの詳細を登録時に説明してください。Open Source Definition に合致するライセンス以外(オープンソース以外)のプロジェクトのホスティングは受け付けていません。

オープンソースデータやドキュメンテーションでの利用も歓迎 オープンソースデータやフォントのためのプロジェクトやオープンソースソフトウェアのための文書の翻訳や編集といった直接オープンソースを開発するためではない(オープンソース開発関連の)プロジェクトでの利用ももちろん歓迎します。ソフトウェア開発での登録申請とくらべて実際にそのプロジェクトがどういった目的のプロジェクト/なにをするプロジェクトなのかわかりづらい場合がありますので、申請時にOSDN管理側に十分伝わるように説明を加えていただけると助かります。

利用規約の順守 以下の利用規約を順守してください

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Pretty easy privacy is a tool for allowing encryption by default on smartphones and other devices.
It's essentially a wrapper for GnuPG

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Last Update: 2021-01-15 09:05

GUI Arch Linux Installer. Based on Calamares.

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x2-pixelexperience-ten_plus main trees(amost the same as official LOS device trees):





s2-pixelexperience-ten_plus main trees:




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I have created a few tools to allow for Debian SID to run with BTRFS and an updater utility that creates automated snapshots and mounts them in Grub. Im in the early stages of getting this thing on the net and recieving feedback. My Goal is to run 2 Iso's, one being the 'BlueJayLinux Desktop Edition', and the other being the 'Nestbuilder Edition' Everything should be function, but I havent done the Welcome Screens and Bootscreens yet.

DESKTOP EDITION - My vision of a "Desktop Operating System". LXQT+Marco with QT software suite and uniform theme. Custom software "Checkstate" detects first runs and automatically sets up the system apps and panel for things such as virtualbox/physical, with/without battery, with/without bluetooth. Wallpaper folder is in Userspace, and the wallpaper selector is already in thumbnail mode, making the LXQT features such as different wallpaper-per-monitor, and slideshow very easy to use and customize. Also a trick is used to preload the qterminal drop down F12 ability.

NESTBUILDER EDITION - A tool that users can use to build whatever they want out of Debian Sid, with our BTRFS Snapshot utilities as a safetey net. (ISO is just Lightdm + Fluxbox + Xterm + Calamares + BlueJayUpdater + BlueJayThemes + TaskDesktopInstaller)


Knowlege of what end users do: A lifetime of Windows Tech Support

Knowlege of Debian and Yadbashing: Pavroo of SparkyLinux fame

Idea for the BTRFS+GRUB from Garuda

Instructions for Live-Build from Eznix

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Monitoring osdn Account - leave a time-stamp - Tue Jan 12 2021 18:40:59 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische Normalzeit)
- read the Doc -

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