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[Incidencia] Add Comment on ticket #38532
psyncコマンドの使い方説明の psync.1 と、その設定ファイル ~/.psync.conf の書き方説明の psync.conf....
[SVN] Commit revision 28379
Adjust for SVN API changes.
[SVN] Commit revision 160
run-time check for stack-overflow
[File Release] Package 'tagalog-release' has been deleted
[File Release] New package 'tagalog-release' has been created
[SVN] Commit revision 159
compute & note memory-requirement of function-definitions
[SVN] Commit revision 158
rename & add missing file
[SVN] Commit revision 157
add test to verify global variables limit
[SVN] Commit revision 156
add tests to verify error detection