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Bulk Crap Uninstaller (in short BCUninstaller or BCU) is a free (as in speech and beer) bulk program uninstaller with advanced automation. It excels at removing large amounts of applications with minimal to no user input, while requiring next to no technical knowledge.

It can detect most applications and games (even portable or not registered), clean up leftovers, force uninstall, automatically uninstall according to premade lists, and much more.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is licensed under Apache 2.0 open source license, and can be used in both private and commercial settings for free and with no obligations, as long as no conditions of the license are broken.

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Bulk Crap Uninstaller v3.7

Publicado: 2017-02-03 23:09
Bulk-Crap-Uninstaller Bulk Crap Uninstaller v3.7 (4 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Major code rewrite for application detection logic and loading UI, resulting in a speed-up and more applications being detected.


Main application - Rewrite of application detection: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. - Automatically detect where user installs apps, and look for orphans there. - Improved detection of missing app information. - UI is no longer blocked during loading: Can be dragged and is more stable. - Improved error handling in multiple locations. - Changed closed process detection too treat access denied as closed process. - Added checks to prevent unnecessary exceptions. - Removed some unnecessary file accesses. - Fixed automatization settings not being honored. - Fixed some directories not being blacklisted properly. - Fixed first start dialog not showing on top properly, and removed ability to maximize it.

Installer - Added options to not install extra languages to the installer. - Added option to show readme to installer. - Changed app name to BCUninstaller - Only copy CleanLogs.bat during portable install.

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