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Develop an audio signal processing framework on the DSP for SDR kit TRX-305. The development language is GCC, using the TOPPERS/JSP for Blackfin as RTOS. This framework is named as "Hirado"

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Publicado: 2016-02-07 15:09
Hirado Framework Revision 0.9.2 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

What is this

This is the source tree of the "Hirado" framework. The Hirado framework is the SDR framework on the ADSP-BF533 of TRX-305 SDR sytem.

The framework contains the entire software to control the DSP which includes :

  • SPORT communication
  • DMA handling
  • Logging on UART
  • Performance measurement

Also, the programmer can modify the demodulator.h to implement his demodulation algorithm

How to get

The newest source code and documentations is placed on

How to build

To build it, run the installer on the development OS. The installer is also placed on the above WEB site. Once the tool is install it, run "configure_project" script in this directly. And then, run make.


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