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News Help

You can put out news items for each project. When you create release files, when you create documents, and when you want help with your project you can post a "Help wanted" item.

Only the project administrator can post news. As well as appearing on the project summary page, on request, it can also be shown on OSDN's top page. The global project news published on the top page is distributed as the top page's RSS feed.

List news

You can list all news items released to date. As well as being able to check the contents by clicking on a news item you can also join in the discussion forum on that news.

Submit (Post new News Item) (Project Admin only)

The creation of news items is done from this menu. Write title and text. The entry form is plain text by default, but you can also use wiki formatting.

Publication date does not change on editing.

If you correct news items from the admin screen the publication date does not change. The first publication date is recorded. It is recommended to add a postscript and edit date to the text so that people know it has been changed.