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AmaterasERD (1.0.9)2012-06-13 15:15
AmaterasERD Extension (1.0.0)2011-02-11 17:27
AmaterasIDEInstaller (2.0.6)2009-05-11 01:47
AmaterasUML (1.3.4)2012-07-16 23:52
BootJava (1.2)2004-08-30 09:13
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sns (3.12)2006-12-05 13:04
StepCounter (3.0.2)2013-06-15 12:10
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Translations (m2eclipse0.0.10)2007-05-18 06:23
XLSBeans (1.2.1)2011-07-05 14:54

Wiki Guide


AmaterasERD 1.0.7 New Features

H2 Support

You can choose H2 as a database type at the new ERD creation wizard.

Switching dialect after creating a diagram

Database dialect could be selected in only the diagram creation wizard. You can switch dialect after creating a diagram from the context menu in AmaterasERD 1.0.7.


Improved foreign key creation behavior

When you create foreign key, AmaterasERD select columns which have a same name as primary key columns of the target table. If AmaterasERD can't find them, it add columns which reference primary key columns automatically.

Improved HTML report

HTML report now contains referenced tables.


Convert table / column name

You can convert selected table or column name from the context menu of the diagram editor. AmaterasERD provides following conversion:

  • uppercase <-> lowercase
  • logical <-> physical


Logical <-> Physical converting is an experimental feature in this release. So it would be changed in the future release. For example, a dictionary that is used to translate would be customizable.

Show NOT NULL constraint in the diagram

You can configure AmaterasERD to show NOT NULL constraint in the Eclipse preference dialog.



Snap to grid

You can switch grid / snap to geometry in the Eclipse preference dialog. Adjustment of position becomes easy by enabling these features.


SQL Highlighting

SQL Highlighting in the SQL tab of the table editing dialog.


DB2 and MS SQLServer Dialect (

AmaterasERD 1.0.8 supports DB2 and MS SQLServer.